In the last few decades, there has been a significant reason to get a hosted PBX service. Companies are ditching traditional wired phone systems, and getting busing phone numbers to handle their communication needs.

Why are enterprise phone systems the buzzing trend in the corporate arena? What makes having a business phone number a must-have asset in current times?

According to a recent report, the sales of hosted PBX phone systems are 18.1% of the entire PBX market, and this figure is expected to rise further. The main benefit of implementing hosted phone systems is that it work well for small-medium enterprises is that they are flexible, affordable, and convenient.

Seamless communication is vital for organizations to gain a competitive edge in the market. Investing in a business phone number will ensure that your employees can stay connected with customers, team members, vendors, and stakeholders round the clock. There are no missed calls or line disturbances – all you get is apex audio voice quality and a host of novel features.


Here are six compelling reasons to invest in an enterprise phone system at the earliest:


1.Low Deployment Costs

One of the primary motivators for small business organizations to take the plunge and adopt hosted phone systems is that they do not require a heavy upfront investment.

Getting a business phone system is the ideal way to cut down on capital expenditure and infrastructure set-up. It still ensures that your organization has a reliable communication structure and that you accrue all the functionality of a modern phone network.

Top hosted PBX service providers are immensely customer focused. They do not require immediate upfront payment for deployment, and even let clients make calls as soon as they sign up – a good way to kick-start your cash inflow!


2. Flexible Pricing Plans

Small business enterprises generally run on a tight budget where it is important to save every penny for higher revenues. Pricing of the PBX system not only leads to initial savings due to low initial investment but also result in substantial long term savings due to flexible per-month pricing plans.

Most hosted PBX system vendors customize tailor-made service plans so that organizations only need to pay for what features they actually use for day-to-day functioning. Personalized pricing rates help in ensuring that companies meet their performance and cost requirements, without burning a hole in the annual budget – a win-win situation for all parties.


3. No In-House IT Personnel Required

One of the biggest challenges for small-medium enterprises is maintaining technical IT staff to handle all their communication issues. With enterprise phone systems, your organization can avoid all maintenance hassles, hence you do not need to hire IT personnel to maintain or upgrade your telephone lines.

Business phone systems ensure that the core data is stored in the cloud, and handled by the service provider. This eliminates the need to keep in-house experts for troubleshooting or maintaining equipment. There are no hassles or extra Labour requirements; just a simple setup to start making or receiving business calls.


4. High Scalability

It is normal for small businesses to experience phases of rapid growth and sudden decline. One of the biggest advantages of getting business phone systems is that they can be scaled up or down, according to business requirements.



5.Unified Communication Framework

New age organizations require an agile and unified communication structure. They need flexibility, as many employees work from home, or remote geographical locations.

Enterprise phone systems enable employees to work across multiple devices; all they need to do is connect to a high-speed Internet connection. Instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing, live chat, and CRM integration can all be handled by advanced business phone systems – they are a one-stop communication solution!

Analytical tools and reporting capability is another useful feature of business phone numbers. Managers can view essential metrics such as average call wait time, call duration, and agent performance. This facilitates better strategic decisions and promotes visibility in all key business operations.

6. Built-In Multi-Location Capability

Hosted VoIP Systems are a holistic solution for organizations that are operating from multiple geographical locations. It promotes better team collaboration, and data sharing.

Unified communication control means that remote teams can work seamlessly, and communicate as if on the same floor of an office building. It is the best way to boost accessibility, and build a positive work culture in a growing organization that is scattered across various international locations.

If your organization wants to carve a niche brand identity and forge meaningful relationships with customers, it definitely needs to invest in a business phone system.

Not only will you save lots of money, but you will also gain access to excellent features and a user-friendly phone network. It hardly takes a couple of minutes for a credible service provider to set up a business phone number, and it’s extremely easy to implement the system. 

Getting an enterprise phone system is a smart move, one that can have a long-term positive impact on your organization. So, do not hesitate any longer, adopt the futuristic VoIP technology by investing in an advanced enterprise phone system at the earliest!

Updated : July 26, 2021


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