Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and a cultural mecca with more than 100 museums. It has more than 87000 people working in the fashion industry, 700000 people in health and medical activities and 190,000 in aerospace/Technology.  

Whether it’s the glamour and glitz of Hollywood,  the music industry, pop music or international shipping Los Angeles is a bustling and vibrant place, brimming with opportunities.

Get Los Angeles Second Phone Number Now !!

So are you also planning to go deeper into the LA market? Is the cost of establishing a brick and mortar structure troubling you? A Second Phone number will help you flourish in the city of angels.

Second Phone Numbers are a modern technological innovation that will help your small business easily stay in touch with International Customers. Regardless of where your head-office is situated, a Los Angeles Virtual Phone Number will make it convenient for you to maintain a good relationship with the client and customers in the land of opportunities. It’s so easy and so affordable that businesses from all over the world want to take advantage of this technology and want to get hooked to its services.


Why should you invest in Los Angeles Virtual Phone System?

Los Angeles hospitality industry is its biggest source of revenue. Other sectors like healthcare, real estate, construction, and technology are also booming and making big money along with increasing job opportunities.

No time can be better than this to invest money in starting a new business in Los Angeles. This is when a virtual phone system or a second Phone line will be no less than a boon. There are lots of flourishing sectors in Los Angeles so no matter which industry you choose you are sure to come out with flying colors. It can prove out to be a very cost-effective way to see how your business performs in the new market, are there enough customers, enough opportunities before investing big.

Virtual Phone Number-CallHippo

These US virtual Phone numbers are especially useful when maintaining a physical office is not possible for you in any other region of USA. By using Los Angeles Second Phone Number your company can route its call from LA to a physical Location anywhere in the world.


An example of how a Los Angeles Virtual Phone System number will work

Imagine that you are planning to expand your handicraft company into the markets of  Los Angeles but you don’t have enough capital to expand your company beyond its headquarters in Houston. What you can do here is buy a Los Angeles virtual phone number and list that number on your company’s website, with a Los Angeles Address. As soon as the customers in Houston start placing the order they will be routed to your office in Houston where your sales team will handle the new influx of customers. These will help you to sell your handicraft items in all the regions of Los Angeles such as Beverly Hills, Haywood, Hollywood, Long Beach, Santa Monica etc without having a physical presence.


A Los Angeles Virtual Phone Number will be used by

Businesses that use call forwarding services for an effective customer care. When you have a local number for any region you can even get them listed in the local business directories so that more visibility in the city can be established. Potential Customers looking for a business like yours can easily reach you through an online and offline search on these second Phone number and connect with you directly. Many businesses also prefer to use a toll-free number for customer service.


Business or Personal a Los Angeles second phone number has something for everyone

Keep your business and private life separate because with a second phone line all your communication will stay at one place making your life easier a little bit.

Easy customer interaction as the second Phone number will help you work smarter, respond quicker and build strong customer relationships.

Work as a team- Put one number on as many phones as you want so that you and your co-workers can share communication responsibilities and be more productive.


Bottom Line..!!

These US phone number comes with a wide range of features amongst which the call forwarding feature will enable you to route calls from Los Angeles to your office number, residence, mobile or PBX. You can also convert the voicemails and faxes to email. All you need to do is sign up with CallHippo, choose a number of your choice, do the payment and you will be all set to make and receive calls worldwide using the Los Angeles Virtual Phone System.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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