Looking for a disposable number? Or an effective way to jump between work and personal life? With CallHippo it’s now going to be cheaper and a way too easier than you might have ever imagined.

If you are one of them who has juggled between two mobile phones, you better know what that torture is. TWO PHONES, TWO CHARGERS TO CARRY AND ONE SMALL POCKET..!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can have two phone lines on one phone? Seems like it is going to be with Virtual Phone numbers.

But before going there let us first understand what is all this fuss about having a second business phone number.

Why should you buy a second Phone line?

Doing this will get you features like custom business hours, a separate and customizable voicemail and a lot more. With the business hours set already, all the business-related calls will go directly to your voicemail for you to review it your convenience. In addition to this when you are calling from your second phone line, the receiver sees your business number on their caller id. Second Phone numbers are the most trending thing in the market today especially for small business entrepreneurs, startups and the people who prefer working from home and handling their business as a one-man army.

The best form of a second Phone line is Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone System work differently than your sim card or landline numbers. It is a standard telephone number that is not tied up with a specific phone or a specific location. All the additional maintenance as well the software upgrades are all taken care of by service providers.

 You don’t have to worry about buying or installing the software as it can be easily deployed with your mobile phone thus eliminating the need for desk phones and local phone service.

It is a lot of time also referred to as Direct inward dialing (DID) or a direct dial-in line (DDI). It is like a connection bridge between the customer’s traditional telephone system and a business VOIP solution.

So let’s put some light on why getting a second Phone line from CallHippo is a good decision

Look more professional

With a second phone number, you can easily set up advanced call handling. It will enable an auto attendant, setup queues and most importantly do call forwarding.

Filters the incoming calls

The ability to filter incoming calls is no less than a blessing. Answer the phone in a different way or not pick it up at all depending on who is calling you. With CallHippo you can set up your caller id in a way that it displays your Callhippo number when someone is trying to connect with you through a business line. This way you can immediately recognize that it’s a business phone number and prepare yourself in advance to handle it professionally. 

Less stress

With a second Phone line, you can make a clear demarcation between your personal and professional life. With Callhippo you can create after the hour set to alert your clients and customer about different messaging options when your business working hours are complete. This brings a little relief after a big hectic day at the office thus decreasing the stress levels.

A second line means Privacy

You will be now saved from sharing your personal information with everyone while expanding your business.

From now onwards your teammates will have to no longer make use of the personal number for a business. CallHippo will help you add second lines as and when needed. All the numbers will be then managed from a single account

Go international

Work from anywhere and anytime and maintain your business presence in the country you like without any need to buy a SIM card or paying for high international roaming charges.

Call Forwarding without wasting a single penny.

With your sim card number, it is likely that you have to pay some extra fees to forward your calls to some other number. But with CallHippo call forwarding to any phone type be it landline, mobile or VOIP number is included in your account.

Register your second Phone number in business directories

You can list your second phone number in all major business directories, and when searched it will appear as any business phone number.


You can set up your second Phone line such that it will route calls to a specific number during official working hours and to a different number on nights and weekends. There are options using that rings series of numbers one by one until someone answers it or it reaches the end of the dial list. Once the entire list is over the calls go to an automated system for follow up later.

With a second business phone number, you get the following advanced features

Call Analytics

Call Analytics can tack the duration of calls, route incoming and outgoing calls, recognize the sources of incoming calls, give you insights on customer behaviors, real-time phone tracking, etc.

Advanced Call Distribution

It will route your calls to the right executives at the right time.

3 ways in which you can distribute your call with CallHippo

  • Simultaneously: This will route the call to the members of your team at the same time.
  • Fixed order: Pre-define the order in which to route the calls to your team members.
  • Round-Robin: This will equally distribute your call among your executives in the round-robin order.

Multilevel IVRS

It is a technology where the recorded voice is used to track customer responses and then take the actions accordingly. IVR system is mostly used by the customer support team to drive them to the right person who can resolve their queries.

Second Phone Apps

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that nowadays a lot of mobile apps are available on the market that can get them a second phone number. CallHippo is one such superb app that will get you a second business phone number on your device in a snap. CallHippo Second Phone App is available on both IOS as well as Android platforms. The process is very simple. All you need to do is go to an Apple or Android play store and download the Callhippo mobile App. Complete the signup procedure, select a virtual phone number which will work as your second phone number and make the payment. You are all set to make and receive calls like you did on the browser.

Who needs a Second business line or second Phone Apps?

  • Entrepreneurs and solo Entrepreneurs
  • Multinational Companies that are situated in multiple cities or have employees who are working remotely
  • Agile and lean startups who are tight on budget and extremely professional
  • Small Businesses

Wrapping up..!!

Second phone numbers come with a variety of advantages for companies and individuals looking for a more convenient calling solution. Technology keeps shaping the communication world with each going day and the second Phone number is the true example of it.

Updated : July 2, 2021


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