In the current fast-paced lifestyle, there is no room for any communication failure. If you are part of a small business or a budding entrepreneur, the chances are high that you have realized the importance of structured communication. A recent survey revealed that poor communication policies, on average, cost $62.4 million per company per year.

There’s no denying that in this hyper-digital age, business owners must remain in touch with vendors, clients, and stakeholders at all times. However, this is also adding to tremendous stress. Juggling two phones – one for business, and one for personal usage is a difficult task. There is no time for work-life balance, and this causes dissatisfaction.

So, what are the options? Well, for starters, it is possible to keep one smartphone and maintain two distinct lines. You can keep your previous phone number and get an exclusive second phone line for business purposes. An online phone number is powered by VoIP technology, which is growing very fast worldwide.

A second phone line gives your business a high amount of flexibility. It thrusts up responsiveness and helps clients know that they can reach out to your support department round the clock. 

You can move anywhere in the world, yet remain in touch with your clients. For example, if your organization is expanding operations in Australia, you can purchase an Australia virtual phone number. This will enable your team members to maintain two-way communication with local Australian customers. You can put a local area code of any region such as Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth – this will make sure that your customers know that your brand is reliable and established in the region. Business phone numbers are a beneficial corporate asset. They make sure that your business appears professional and give a sharp edge over rivals.

What’s The Purpose Of The Second Phone Line?

Most organizations still rely heavily on traditional phone systems with copper wiring for their official communication. It is familiar, and they are not ready to shift to new technology without cogent reasons. So, why is there so much talk about the second phone line? Is it even required? How is it different from the existing communication network?

Getting a second phone line is a revolutionary decision. It helps in streamlining communication and has a number of advanced features. Users can make audio calls, send instant messages, and conduct video conferences at any time, even on the move! It has many automated options that save time, money, and effort in the long run. In fact, since VoIP will power your second phone number, you will also end up saving a huge amount of money. Most credible VoIP service providers customize special packages where they provide a second phone line with economical calling prices. This is ideal for companies that need to make many calls to clients on a daily basis as they can save money and reduce their communication expenses.

Why Is Getting A Second Phone Line A Smart Move?

Isn’t the main aim of every business to capture the maximum number of customers and keep them happy? That is the prime reason that you need an online phone number. Suppose you keep travelling to the United States for business purposes, just go ahead and get a US virtual phone number. You don’t need to separate your personal and business phones – you can conduct all communication through just one device, yet two distinct phone lines.

Needs A Second Phone Line

Investing in a second phone line is not too heavy on the pocket either. Most vendors have excellent pricing plans that allow for the addition of a new phone line to an existing number at a meager cost. Here are some vital advantages that come with getting a second phone number for your business:

  • Better Work-Life Balance: You need to demarcate and set clear boundaries for business and pleasure. Having a second phone line enables users to put different settings for after office hours. So, if you receive calls after a particular time, they can automatically go to voicemail or get forwarded to another agent on duty. This reduces employee burnout due to overwork and stress. Happier and engaged workers deliver better results, thereby leading to higher profitability parameters.
  • Increased Work Productivity: Every organization is on the constant lookout for new technologies to boost productivity. Getting a second phone line is key to improving output. It’s the ideal work tool for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and owners of small business organizations. They can take their office phone with themselves wherever they are travelling. It doesn’t matter where you are out for a business conference, field visit, or a well-deserved holiday break in some exotic location – you can attend to essential client calls and ensure that work continues at a smooth pace. There are no wires or cords required; in fact, all that is needed is a high-speed internet connection. So, if you feel that your team members are lagging at the workplace, invest in a second phone line to witness a surge inefficiency.
  • Stringent Security: Companies need to be very cautious while dealing with sensitive business information. They cannot allow miscreants, hackers, or unauthorized people to access sensitive customer data. Similarly, employees also have privacy concerns and do not want to give out their personal phone numbers for official purposes. A second phone line can help your team members gain anonymity and give them a higher degree of privacy. They will not be disturbed by client calls at odd hours as their personal number is not divulged – only the second business phone number remains accessible. An online phone number keeps personal contact information safe and secure; thus, it gives much-needed space to your employee base.
  • Professional Call Handling: Customers want to deal with professional organizations that take their business seriously. Second phone lines help your business gain a credible image and deliver better quality service to clients. You can set up customized voice greetings on virtual phone numbers. For example, if you have a Brazil virtual phone number, you can put up greeting messages in Brazilian to strike a strong personal connection with local clients. You can also play birthday greetings for customers so that they feel valued and stay with your organization in the long run. Investing in a business phone number allows your small business to show a professional face to the world. So, get the best second phone line for your company to gain an advantage and make a mark in the cut-throat market competition.
  • Great Business Features: VoIP phone lines have an impressive range of corporate communication features. Interactive voice response technology provides automated drop-down phone menus to clients so that they can self-direct themselves to the required extension number or concerned department. Call forwarding is another great feature that makes sure that you do not miss a single call. If you are not available, you can simply forward the call to any available support representative on their mobile or landline number. Call Planner is a smart feature that enables global multinational businesses to schedule their calls and conferences at a time that is mutually acceptable to both parties. This prevents managers from making mistakes about international time-zones and enhances professionalism.

Whether you are running a small business or you are part of a giant corporation, there is tons of communication at the workplace. Don’t succumb to the temptation of keeping just a single phone line. It will give you no personal time and result in chaotic communication.

Make a clean switch to virtual telephony. Do not delay getting a second phone line anymore. Get a business phone number to lower job stress, tighten privacy, and build a reliable brand image instantly!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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