Have you ever had one of those days when you were just frustrated with selling?

You might have thought to yourself, “Man! If I had only, years ago, picked up a different career path.”

If so, you are not in this alone!

Everyone in sales at some point or the other has been in that situation once, and they all would have one moment where they were frustrated with sales. And, do you know, often that frustration with sales stems from what? Well, it is from the fact that either

  • You really do not have enough clients; or
  • You aren’t getting enough sales;

Experts say that there are a couple of different areas that lead to that frustration around not having enough sales. Why? Because the world of selling is changing dramatically. What you were doing even a few years ago, simply is no longer working now.

So, in this article, we’ll walk you through 5 easy ways to get more clients.

5 Easy Ways To Get More Clients & Increase Sales

While you will find hundreds and thousands of sales tactics on Google that teach you how to succeed in sales, here are 7 of the easiest, trustworthy, and Sureshot techniques that will help you increase your sales.

1. Have a Prospecting System

The biggest frustration around sales is that you don’t have enough leads coming into your world. If you would be able to get more leads, many things would kind of self-correct and fall in place, isn’t it?

Salespeople are often haphazard about how they are generating those new leads. So, every salesperson must have a prospecting system. By prospecting system, we mean to have a systematic approach for generating new opportunities. How does this help? Well, you don’t need to wake up every morning thinking about how to get more leads daily. It just happens consistently. 

You have a CRM that tells you exactly what to do – how many calls you have to make and to whom, how many emails you have to send and to whom, how many LinkedIn invitations you need to send, how many packages you need to share, and much more. Thus, your prospecting system has the whole piece to let you know what you need to do daily. When you follow it, you will find much less frustration around generating new business.

2. Focus on Introductions

Now, this is something that leads to blocking and tackling the sales and lead generation process. At times, we get so focused on cold opportunities that we start finding ways how to sell our products/services to the folks that we don’t even have a connection to. On the contrary, we must lean on our existing network of people to get introductions to other folks just like them whom we could serve better.

According to some recent statistics, 83% of customers would be happy to provide a referral after a positive experience, and 9 out of 10 buying decisions are made with peer recommendations.

So, what you require doing is come up with an introduction strategy, where you can ask for introductions to new businesses. But remember, you need to be proactive, consistent, and intentional about driving introductions. If done correctly, it is one of the easiest ways to generate some of the best businesses out there.

If you are into selling for years, this sales tactic is the most beneficial as you already have a whole network of people to lean on. Nevertheless, even if you have sold for a few months, there are chances that people you can be reaching out right now can introduce you to other folks; ultimately, leading you to a new business.


3. Target Your Top 20

It’s observed that salespeople are quite indiscriminate about the types of prospects they are reaching out to. One day, they reach out to small prospects, who even if they sold could bring in a very little business, whereas, on the other day, they reach out to big ones. This is simply mixing up all with little to no thought of who are the absolute ideal prospects, and how to target each of them individually.

If you are doing so, stop right away!

What can you do then?

Think big! Now you would wonder, “how do I think big?”

Well, if you could identify a prospect selling to whom would be game-changing to your sales numbers, the ball is in your court!

Let’s say; you need to identify the top 20 prospects as such. How will you do that? It’s simple – analyze and collect all the possible information you could think about them. Be it from the specific Press Releases that their organization has put out, something that they have tweeted, or whatever it is, get as much information as you can on those top 20 prospects. Then, target them in a systematic and consistent approach.

In a way, you can call it a nurture campaign, where you reach out to them, provide them some value, and offer them some useful stuff. Ultimately, you develop relationships slowly with those top 20 prospects so that when it’s time you connect with them over a call, they know who you are.

4. Stop “Needing” The Business

When sales representatives are at some level of frustration, they start to emanate neediness. Well, the thought of this takes us to those dating days!

For instance, have you ever seen your friend in a position where he’s dating and meet a person who so obviously is just willing to do anything to start or continue the relationship? So, they come off being so needy. At such a point of time, what happens in your friend’s head is – “Ah, I’m good like this!” Isn’t it?

As you see, that neediness can lead to immediately off-putting things. Similar is the case for your prospects. It happens that when you badly need to close a sale, you do anything for it – offer a discount or anything else, your prospects instantly turn off. At the least, it may happen that they’ll sense your need and take advantage of it. They might beat you up on the price or all that you have been trying to avoid.

So, ensure that you don’t show up as needing that business. Instead, show that you are a true expert. You don’t want the business, but want to determine whether there’s a fit. When you do this, your prospect immediately puts you up in the category of high-value individuals. Once you get listed in that category, your prospects start talking to you differently; they answer your questions even more thoughtfully.

5. Establish Authority Up Front

This is really a big catch! Successful sales strategists believe that the more authority you can establish at the beginning of an interaction, the more likely that prospect is to see you as an expert. Thus, they will be more willing to answer your questions and to engage in a conversation with you.

By showing,

  • that authority at the beginning of an interaction;
  • making them believe that you are well-aware of what’s going on in their world;
  • showing that you also know what’s going on in other companies in their marketplace;

you change the way your prospect perceives you.

This will, in the end, lead to more sales.

Final Words

While often you might beat your head against the wall trying to generate new business, the lesser you realize is that there’s so much out there with the people you are already connected to. It’s easier; it’s less confrontational, and ultimately, it’s going to make a lot more income.

So, these are the 5 easy ways, or you can say sales tips that can help you get more clients.

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