Good deals are supposed to bring value to both parties, right?

While closing a deal, it’s important to create a win-win situation. But the million-dollar question remains how to make sure that every time you approach a prospect they sign the dotted line.

Here’s where the art of persuasion comes in.

Zig Ziglar, a top salesman and motivator once said –“For every sale, you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.”

Persuasion is a critical quality for success in sales techniques. It is a method of communication where you are able to influence the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes of others.

If you are tired of not acquiring new clients and getting negative outcomes, it’s time to up your persuasion game with these smart seven tactics:

1) Adopt A Personalized Approach:

There is nothing more boring for prospects than a generic pre-prepared script. It’s important to get the human touch factor right, rather than sounding like a well-rehearsed tape recorder.

A great way to persuade prospects is to personalize your message and storytelling. Keep it fresh, simple and innovative. Try to give prospects examples from their personal life, and show them how the product or service that you are selling will contribute to their requirements.

If you want to be effective in closing deals, go with the flow, rather than adopting a rigid approach. Adopt a fluid approach to steer the conversation in an appropriate direction, and make sure to deliver a personalized message for a stronger impact!

2) Be A Problem Solver:

According to a survey conducted by Forrester, only 13% of customers believe that salespersons understand their challenges and ways to overcome them.

You need to be part of solving your prospect’s problems and issues, rather than just concentrating on selling a product. Instead of stressing on all the reasons that they need to close the deal and coming across as pushy, try to discuss how your product can solve their difficulties.


A problem-solving approach is more focused and empathetic towards prospect requirements. You need to work upon delivering your offering as a holistic solution. For example: If you are trying to sell accounting software to a small business owner, you need to throw light on how it will reduce dependency on manual staff, eliminate errors, and enhance productivity. 

Highlight the value proposition of your product – don’t just talk big words and technical jargon!

3) Give Proof of Social Success Stories:

Weave magic through your stories and close deals on a positive note. People retain 65-70% information relayed through stories, instead of dry presentations and business statistics.

Past customers can help in acquiring new clients. There is nothing like a positive review or success story to persuade prospects faster. While a salesperson’s words may be regarded as big talk, prospective buyers are regarded as trustworthy; hence their stories evoke logical responses.

Storytelling is a must-have skill to persuade customers and add weight to your selling arguments. If you ever encounter resistance, just add a success story to clear the path of obstacles and win over your prospect instantly!

4) Anticipate Challenging Questions:

Remember your path will never be a bed of roses! The modern customer is digital-savvy and well researched. They will ask challenging queries, and the way you respond will have a major impact on the end result.

Prepare for your conversations with prospects by anticipating all the tough questions that they may ask. Do not dodge curveballs, take them head-on and try to provide candid responses. Though you may be tempted to lie, avoid this, as it is a major shortcoming that will reduce brand credibility.

Take difficult questions head-on, and be practical in your responses. Let your product do the talking, you just need to give the right answers and focus on the good!

5) Allow Prospects To Make Decisions:

At the end of the day, however persuasive you may be, you have to yield the final decision power to the prospect. Your customers should buy because they want to, not because you have forced, negotiated, or coerced them to close a deal.

As a sales representative, your main focus area is to present facts and advantages logically, so that prospects should internally feel that choosing your product or service is a no-brainer!

Do not play power games, and make sure to keep reminding the prospect that the final choice is in their hands. Accept their decision with grace, and at no point, try to create an unpleasant atmosphere through excessively forceful selling.

6) Establish Close Connections:

One golden rule that can help you in successful deal closures is to connect with prospects on a personal level. People are more likely to engage with personalities that they like, and extend interactions.

Know your small details about your prospects such as their name, and what they are looking for in a product. Keep the tone pleasant and complimentary at all times. Find common ground so that prospects can relate to your pitch, and establish a close bond.

Remember, as a sales representative, you are the human connection between your company and the prospective buyer. Make it count by nurturing life long connections that thrive on mutual respect and trust!

7) Keep it Slow:

One grave error that is committed by even the most professional salespersons is to rush a deal. While it is important to reach your targets, the last thing that you want to do is scare off prospects by appearing to be too eager to finish the process.

Take your time. Do not talk about closing a deal until you are convinced that the buyer is mentally ready. Be prepared to follow up at a later stage if they are still not persuaded. It’s not a race; hence go with a slow and steady approach!

Implementing these sales techniques can help you feel more confident walking into your next sales conversation with potential buyers. Keep learning from your mistakes, and prepare as much to avoid any unexpected pitfalls – you will definitely clinch the deals easily!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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