Sales Call, if made gratifyingly can do wonders by getting your clients onboard. Ever wondered why few sales calls from your colleagues/competitors are able to bang on the prospects converting them into buyers. A few tips and techniques to be adhered by you and you are also all set to become stupendous sales call maker, making mind-boggling outgoing calls to potential clients.

The key is “Keep yourself in client’s shoes and jot down what you would admire to hear and what would drag you off from your callers”.

A smile can improve your customer service experience

  1. “Greeting Differently” Gives An Effectual Kickoff
    A simple “Hello” and straight away jumping into the discussion about your product will definitely not be good enough to make an impact on any of your clients.Being different yet professional will help you gain your clients confidence and create interest in them for further conversation. Start with “Greetings of the day”, follow with “Mr./ Mrs. /Ms <name of the person>”. Wait for the client’s response and then gradually involve them in further discussion.
  1. Tactful Introduction
    Greetings should be followed by a short and crisp introduction, introducing your name and company giving them a hint about the product. Do not disclose the product at this very point of time, use words and phrases to induce some curiosity about the product. State the benefits they are going to derive from your product.
    For instance, if you deal with beauty products say “ We can help you discover the most beautiful  side of yours .”
  1. Affirmative approach
    Keeping patient and handling things positively is the best policy you can administer. Once you are done with the introduction part, wait for their reaction. Hear what they are willing to say. It will help you plan your further conversation with them. For instance, if they say they are not interested in your product. You can thank them for talking to you and say “sorry” for utilizing their precious time.  State how you will be happy to serve them in future. This will help you make their first choice over your competitors, whenever they are in need of your product in future.
    On the contrary, if their response is positive, you are the half way your venture of cracking your deal, few more below stated point to be prepended and you will definitely be the conqueror.

“Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us. “

  1. Believing like a rock in yourself and the product
    “Confidence” counts. To gain the confidence of your clients you need to have firm confidence in yourself and the product you are dealing in. Believing in your own values and the profit your clients will derive from the product will facilitate you convince better.
  2. Bullheaded daily goals for new prospects
    Set up your own affirmative goals regarding contacting new prospects each day. Target 2-3 or more contacts each day, depending on the type of business you are associated with. If a specified number of new prospects are contacted daily there are much more positive chances of converting them into real buyers.
  3. Choose your clients over yourself
    Clients always admire if you make them feel special by using a client-focused script. Usage of terms like “we”, “us”, etc. should be incorporated rather than “me”. Make your business norms a bit moldable. Ask the clients how your product can suit their needs/ requirements.
    For instance, convince them by saying, “ We would like to make adjustments regarding the product pricing for you.”
  4. Keeping on trackin’ follow-ups
    It has been rightly said,” if you don’t succeed at first try and try again until you succeed.”
    Follow-ups to be done strategically based on your product and response from your clients. Try to line up follow ups while ending your conversation. Phrases like, “ When would you prefer me to call you again”, “ Hope will not waste your time by calling you on <specified date>”, etc. does wonder.
    It is advisable to do follow-ups thrice a week in the early stage. And then you should do it once a week. Try for few weeks. This practice will lead you to 90% positive response. If yet there is some failure do not get disheartened. Line up new prospects and get ready for cracking new venture with them.
  5. Do not knife your competitors
    While mentioning about competitors it does happens that you seem to talk loosely about them. Beware, by doing so you are lowering your own goodwill before your clients. It is always a good practice to use phrases like “no comments”, “ sorry, no idea”, etc. whenever there is any discussion about your competitors during the sales call.

Bonus tips – Standing and letting your hands also do the talking adds more energy to your voice helping you convey better making more impact.

Keep rocking with the above dos and don’t for the sales call. You and your clients will definitely cherish every moment spent on sales call by you. Gear up for cracking more deals and rendering more satisfying services. Happy sales- calling !!

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Updated : February 15, 2021


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