There is no scarcity of sales and support teams in the world. Organizations, companies, and corporations regardless of their size,  which is involved in the sale of any commodity/service are helpless without sales teams. And once a product is sold, there comes the inevitable need for customer support. If your customers have trouble using your product and your company does not have a proper customer support system in place, then all the effort put into selling is pointless. How important is this? Enough that 33% of Americans would ditch your company based on a single instance of poor customer support! The stakes remain higher than ever.

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Either way, it’s imperative to understand that both of these functions are equally important for a company.  Which is why, companies are eternally looking to make these departments, their staff, and processes smarter and more effective.

Over the years, there have been technological developments in leaps and bounds, innovations that directly affect sales and customer support. It’s remarkable to note that these are both ultimately largely dependent on communication between the parties. So of course, the telephone has been a vital part of both sales and customer support for decades now. Today, even though sales techniques such as cold-calling have become outdated, the basic mechanism of calling for sales,  business development, and customer support has not fundamentally changed. Telephone systems have adapted and transformed in order to keep up with the changing trends. Cloud telephony has been one such enormous and significant development in phone systems. It has gained popularity with businesses of all sizes due to its multifaceted capabilities and how light it is on the pockets.

But, more than anything else, a cloud telephone system helps businesses to strengthen both their sales and customer support functions, helping you to enhance the customer experience across all fronts.

Here’s how:

1. Leave No Call Unattended

No matter how big or small your organization is and how dedicated your sales and support teams are, the chance that a call will be missed is very likely. But when customers are calling a virtual phone number, this will never happen. A virtual phone system simply forwards the call to the next available sales/support rep and if literally, no one is available, it will store the information for a relevant representative to handle the next day. As such, the rep can handle the customer’s query as soon as he is able to, so the customer can rest assured that his troubles will not go unanswered. If your virtual phone system also provides integration with a CRM, say Zendesk, you can convert missed calls to tickets, in order to ensure that proper follow-up is taken care of.

2. Track How Successful Your Teams Are

Data analytics has been the thing in tech for the last few years, Needless to say, it has made its way into cloud-based virtual telephone system as well. Call analytics is a feature that more and more virtual phone providers are incorporating into their product because of the increased applicability it has found in the business. The calls of your sales and support representatives are first recorded, then analyzed. For example, the number of minutes spent per call, the content and intonations of both the customer and the representative, the percentage of calls that lead to a confirmed deal/successful resolution of the customer’s query, and so on. Detailed analyses into these metrics will give you useful insight into where the strengths and weaknesses of your teams lie. You can train them to avoid their mistakes and become better sales/support representatives.

3. Unify Your Sales Teams

A virtual phone system makes it possible to unify your entire sales process across multiple locations, even internationally. With a cloud-based virtual phone system, the world is your oyster. There’s no location you can’t reach with an efficient virtual phone number. Your sales team could be scattered all over the world: it could be out of necessity if most of the team members are remote workers/international freelancers, or it could be a chance occurrence, or it could just be that this is your sales strategy and you have offices worldwide. Whatever the case may be, a virtual phone system will keep your team members connected and help them convert leads without a hitch.

4. Build Rapport with Your Customers

This is one of the most touted advantages of virtual phone numbers. And it’s rooted in truth. Even today, in the world of emails, instant messages, and video calling, a simple phone call comfortably occupies a soft spot in people’s hearts. Someone facing a problem with a new product or software would be much more reassured by an actual customer support  representative guiding him through the problem to a solution, rather than having a chatbot do it or having to look it up on the internet (although, yes, there are some who would prefer either of those options better). Getting a vanity number or toll-free number would increase your recognition among customers worldwide, while also making it easier for them to reach out to you, be it for a sales or support inquiry, that too at zero costs.
Moreover, if you want to expand your business to the USA, you can Get US virtual phone number with the area code of that specific region! It makes connecting with customers and earning their trust that much easier.

If ever there was a technology you needed to invest in in order to enhance your company’s sales and support facilities, it’s this one. A cloud-based virtual phone system can be your ticket to an enhanced, sophisticated version of your sales and support teams which helps your company and its brand reputation to grow, wherever you are. Its multitude of innovative and awesome features is sure to be of use to organizations of all size: large enterprises, small or medium businesses, there is something for everyone. If you want a powerful, specialized, but easy-to-use alternative to traditional phone systems which could do wonders for both your sales and customer support strategies, your search ends here.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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