Great salespersons are not born, rather made!

A good sales representative makes the whole process of selling seem easy, but the fact remains that it takes a lot to hone your skills. Since sales agents sell products or services on behalf of the company, they are the face of the brand and really need to up their game.

So, what’s the winning strategy? How should sales reps plan for success?

Well, if you are a first-timer, there is a long road ahead. Novice salespersons need to brush up all the sales tactics to surge ahead of rivals and sell effectively.

While there’s no magic formula, these 8 smart tips can help first-timers increase their sales figures and close deals with positive outcomes:

Keep Your Goals In Sight:

If you have just entered the sales domain, the best thing to do is start backward. Know your end goals and targets. This will help you plan your sales strategy and measure your performance against objectives. 

How many leads do you need to convert? What is the time frame that you are looking at? How many sales revenue do you need to generate? 

Make sure your goals are specific and measurable. First-time sales representatives need to know these goals to get started with a smart plan and achieve their targets.

Focus on The Entire:

Sales is not an art, rather it can be viewed as a science!

One common mistake made by first-time sales reps is that they look at sales as a one-time activity. It is important to understand that a sale is a long process. To close deals successfully, you will need to identify customer needs, develop a pitch, overcome obstacles, and determine a deadline.

Try to view the entire sales funnel from the top. Work at positioning your product and developing rapport with clients. Going through the steps of the sales process in a structured manner will help you close more deals successfully.

Identify Problem Areas:

A good sales rep always thinks from a customer’s point of view; hence, it can proactively identify danger signals. You need to know the potential pain points that trouble prospects so that you can address them effectively.

Your potential customers may have a problem with the cost, quality, delivery terms, service, or packaging of your product. If you want to sell effectively, be prepared to answer questions and showcase the value proposition of your product, despite their hesitations.

Let your customers know that your organization will eliminate their concerns, and they cannot afford to not buy your product. This is a sure-shot way of boosting your sales figures and establishing a strong rapport with clients!

Sell To Your Target Audience:

The golden key principle for a successful inbound sales strategy is to sell to the right people.

Connect with members of your target audience. Do not waste time getting in touch with people who are clearly not interested in your product or service – you won’t be able to convince them, and will waste tons of precious time in the bargain!

Create quality content that will attract your potential prospects and have them showcase genuine interest. First-time sales reps may find it a bit difficult at first, but once they learn to identify interesting targets, they will definitely get more positive outcomes.


Collaborate With Your Team:

First-time sales reps are ambitious and strive to make a name in the organization. That’s all good, but remember the sales function is a team game.

Collaborate with your sales team and discuss common goals. Learn from their expertise, and never shy away from gaining smart hacks that can help you save time.

Do not focus on individual glory as you can’t do it without the backing of your team. Remember the old adage – Unity is Strength and follow it to the core.

Shadow Successful Peers:

Not only do first-time sales representatives need to embrace team selling, but they also need to identify peers who are playing the field well and shadow their activities.

First-time sales agents are raw and can do a lot of personal homework to enhance their selling techniques. They need to take out time every day or week to listen to their peers communicating with clients so that they can learn the tricks of the trade.

Shadowing peers or seniors will help new representatives pick up phrases, relationship-building techniques, and closing lines that are powerful and strong.

Find A Coach:

Your peers and teammates are the best people to hone your day-to-day skills and keep you abreast of the competition level. However, finding a senior mentor or coach in the organization can really help first-time sales representatives enhance their long-term vision.

A mentor will ask the right questions and empower new sales agents to visualize where they see themselves five or ten years down the line. A good mentor works as a partner, provides career guidance, and accomplishes certain milestones for newcomers to achieve – serves as a perfect motivator, friend, and counselor.

Keep Asking The Right Questions:

Sometimes, the monotony of meeting sales targets kills the curiosity and inquisitiveness of new representatives. The golden key to being successful in the field lies in asking the right questions and enhancing your skillset.

Asking questions is an art that is improved over time. Sales agents need to set personal goals and ask themselves whether they are exceeding expectations. They also need to think like a prospect and introspect about the various questions that a potential customer may have about the product that they are selling. Asking the right questions will encourage self-probing and lead to better performance in the long run.

An exceptional sales representative just doesn’t hit the target – they exceed it by miles! Keep up with the latest sales tactics to hit bull’s eye, and close all your deals successfully.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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