“Writing cold emails using mind-reading sounds difficult, but it’s not!” We’re not telling you this to make you read this blog. When done in the right way, cold emails work well for your business. 

If you read this blog till the end, you’ll be able to understand your customers better. This understanding will help you build trust among your customers. Needless to say, your customers will pay you ONLY when they trust you. 

Besides, if you think mind-reading consumes your time, try outsourcing it. Companies like OracleCMS have a dedicated contact center to run campaigns for you. They will take care of everything while you see the sales coming in.

Now, let’s learn how to read your customers’ minds. 

Understand the thinking patterns of your customer

Yes, this is the first step. Most marketing professionals get this wrong. They make assumptions of what their customers want and write a typical sales email.


Use data to your advantage instead of making assumptions. Create short customer surveys while you are pitching potential clients. This helps you understand how they think and what they are looking for. Even if your customers are happy with a product, they may want something more out of it. That’s your chance.

For example, you can send cold emails on the lines of – 

Hello [customer’s name], 

We recently launched a new [insert your product or service here]. We know that you are happy with your current vendor. But our [product or service] is different. [Write about the USP of your product or service]. 

By using the above template, you get your foot in the door. Even if people don’t buy from you, they will at least open the emails. This is a good thing from a marketing perspective.

Your customers will think about how your product or service is different. Those who are genuinely looking for something better will contact you. The number of leads may be small but it’s a stepping stone to success.

Tip: Let customers get in touch with you over a call if they have any queries. Include a link at the end of your email to help them do so.

cold emails technique

Work on the pitch

The pitch is all about how you present your product or service to buyers. Let’s understand this in more detail.

Your cold emails should have a solid introduction or opening statement. Then comes the actual pitch. Here is a sample pitch.

Our company has worked with many big brands just like yours. They have never looked back in business after switching to our [product or service]. [Mention the growth stats of your clients]. We can deliver the same results for you. [Offer them a free trial]. If a trial is not possible, at least give a free consultation session. 

One thing to remember is about offering value in the pitch. A free trial or consultation helps gain the trust of new customers. The pitch is followed by the CTA (Call to Action) button or link.

Here’s another good example of offering value to your potential customers:

Write cold emails like a human being

We are humans but we don’t write like one when it comes to email marketing campaign promotion. Most marketing emails fail because they sound like robots. The cold emails lack emotions. A generic email will look something like this:

Personalize your cold emails in the best way possible. Technology makes it easier to tailor the emails for customers. You can integrate email marketing with other business apps to personalize cold emails. 

One of the ways to personalize cold emails is by mentioning the customer’s name. Take this as an example of how you might grab the reader’s attention:

Hello [customer name],

We know that you receive countless emails every day from agencies like us. Before you press that DELETE button, I’m asking for a few more sentences. Then you can make your decision and move on. 

Do you get the difference between the above and most of the other emails?

We’ll look at one more technique before wrapping up this blog.

Keep your cold emails short and crisp

This is a no-brainer! Think about yourself. Do you have the time to read loads of content in a single email? 

Keep your email short yet informative. It should cover everything about the product. Use graphics if necessary. Work on the overall structure. Present important information in bullet points. You should also research the email techniques used by successful people or brands.


Sending cold emails should not be difficult for you now. Once you have got your customer’s needs right, there is no looking back. Your efforts will bring you sales like never before. 

However, mind-reading is not a day’s work. It requires consistency and detailed research from your end. The techniques mentioned in this blog are just the basics. Master the basics and take it further from there. 

Leave a comment below if our blog helped you write better cold emails. 

Updated : July 22, 2021


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