What are inbound sales?
Inbound sales is a personalized, helpful, modern sales methodology. Inbound salespeople focus on their prospect’s pain points, act as a trusted consultant, and adapt their sales process to the buyer journey.

This post outlines six tactical steps to get you started.

Inbound Sales Techniques:
1. Define your buyer’s journey.
2. Develop a sales process that supports the buyer’s journey.
3. Identify your ideal buyer persona.
4. Lead with a helpful, customized prospecting message.
5. Craft customized questions to uncover the prospect’s pain.
6. Give a tailored presentation.

Sales are the lifeblood of any organization and it’s super important to keep your sales numbers running sky high to make a mark in the current competitive business arena! However, most modern organizations fail to follow effective communication processes which leads to a dip in their sales performance.

In fact, research has proven that a failure to communicate with customers, employees, and shareholders is the prime reason for a business disaster. It is definitely very essential to keep the lines of communication flowing in an efficient and speedy manner – or you can be sure that your sales will take a huge fall!

So, is there any simple answer to this monumental problem? Can any platform help your organization increase inbound sales through a smooth and streamlined communication policy? Investing in an intelligent phone system is the golden key to success and can surely help your organization enhance all its performance parameters.

CallHippo’s virtual telephony solutions have helped organizations in India and across the globe to increase their bottom line results in a cost-effective and productive way. Companies operating in different parts of the world have benefitted from Germany’s virtual phone number, UK virtual phone numbers, US phone numbers or an Australian local phone number by strengthening their customer base and ensuring 100% accessibility to clients.

Virtual phone systems come charged with a host of unique and customized features that are tailor-made for any organization. If your organization decides to invest in a virtual phone system, make sure to choose a reliable and trustworthy service provider like CallHippo to make sure that all your communication requirements are met and handled with ease.

Getting a virtual phone will be the best thing for your business as all your vital output measures will rocket sky-high! Here are some amazing features of intelligent phone systems that will prove to be advantageous to your organization:


If you want to make sure to automate your communication services and enable your customers to serve themselves by connecting to an extension number of choice, an auto/virtual attendant is a must-have facility! It makes sure that your organization is available for valued clients round the clock, and does not keep them waiting in long telephonic queues – providing world-class service and support to keep your customers happy.

Call Forwarding

Make sure that your team members do not remain restricted to the office premises – call forwarding is a great facility in virtual phones that boosts mobility by forwarding business calls on any personal or mobile number. So no more missing out on important calls as all you have to do is activate the call forwarding service to remain connected in any corner of the world.

Personalized Greetings

In today’s competitive business space, it is necessary to forge a genuine and warm rapport with your customers. Virtual phone numbers make it possible for your organization to create personalized business greetings, so as to put forth a professional image and also form a good bond with customers – it is definitely a great way to enhance the quality of customer relationships in the long run!

Call Analytics

If you need to record business calls to identify problem areas and improve customer service, your organization certainly needs an intelligent phone system as it comes power-packed with call analytics features. You can record business calls to store important customer data, and it can prove to be a useful platform to train customer support representatives – enhancing the efficiency of your company to great heights!

Multilingual IVR

Virtual phones have an option that allows organizations to make their interactive voice response more friendly and customized. Multilingual IVR contains a number of automatically fed languages so that global clients can easily navigate the system in their native language. It helps to penetrate a larger international audience, and keeps your organization connected to the world by eliminating language barriers!

There is no doubt that getting a virtual phone number for your company will be the best decision and will lead to a revolutionary increase in overall bottom line profits! So if you want to dramatically upscale your sales figures and bring about a wave of transformation in your organization, make sure to get CallHippo’s virtual telephone services right now!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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