The success of your sales team depends on one major factor – motivation!

A recent Gallup survey revealed that 68% of people are disengaged at their workplace. That is something you do not want happening with your salespeople.

You need to drive sales professionals’ performance by guiding them correctly and giving them bulletproof tips to increase their numbers.

No matter how stellar your training programs are, the chances are that your sales team may need an extra push. So, what are you doing to tackle the issue?

Read on to learn more about improving sales performance by using smart tricks of the trade. They can boost your sales numbers exponentially and lead to a dramatic increase in business revenues!

What will you learn from this blog? 

  • Understand the importance of training sales personnel effectively.
  • Know the various smart tips that can help your business improve sales productivity and bottom-line results.

If you want to succeed in the competitive business world, you need to innovate and stay ahead of the competition constantly. That is why it is important to commit to improving sales performance as the market dynamics change, and your customers’ expectations evolve.

This is where sales training comes into the picture

You want your sales training to be a continuous process, not a whirlwind of information thrown at the sales reps. It should serve as a foundation for sales professionals to build more knowledge and develop the required skill sets.

Help your salespeople look forward to customer calls instead of dreading them! Arm them with real-time information and instill confidence in their abilities to make conversions. Here are five insider secrets that can help in improving sales performance and revamp your training.

1. Build A Structured Sales Process

how to boost sales productivity

Did you know that 40% of sales teams do not have a playbook? If you want to be a high performer in the arena of sales, develop a structured process.

Set goals, create a sales template with sequential steps, and know how you are going to take the lead conversion journey forward. Here are some vital aspects to consider while developing your sales process:

  • Position your sales call at the best possible time for the prospect: Make sure to call at the best time of the day to maximize the chances of a positive conversion. Also, ask for permission before you dive into your sales pitch and receive a tepid response.
  • Talk Benefits Not Features: Get your prospect interested in your product or service. Talk about the value it will provide in the long run and make them realize what they are missing out on by not taking your proposition.
  • Find Out Who Will Take The Final Decision: You do not want to spend time on a call only to find out that the person you are speaking to cannot take the final decision. Get in touch with the prime decision-maker for better chances of closing the deal.
  • Have A Contract Ready: Do not shy away from talking about price and let your prospect know that your product or service is worth every penny. If they are willing to go ahead, offer them a contract to close the deal right away!

2. Engage With Customers

Engage With Customers

We cannot emphasize this enough! It is amazing how many seasoned sales professionals forget to forge genuine connections with their customers due to a lack of engagement. Here are some quick tips:

  • Make sure to smile through the call and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Establish an emotional connection and work on building a rapport with your prospects. Listen to their concerns and empathize, rather than just selling.
  • Share personal stories to show how your product or service has helped other happy customers.
  • Give customers time to come to a decision. Do not make the call all about closing the deal by pressurizing prospects into a sale.

3. Record And Make Notes On Every Interaction

Record And Make Notes On Every Interaction

You do not want to miss out on important points that you may have covered during customer conversations! Make sure to take detailed noted of every interaction that you have with your customers. 

Jot down their observations, personal details, and their purchase preferences to sketch a mental profile. Call tracking systems can help you record all customer calls to access them at a later stage. This will enable your sales agents to personalize conversations and cater to their requirements better.

Train your sales representatives to go through notes after every sales call. Ensure that they make a list of action points and polish sales techniques to avoid any mistakes. Also, document all notes in an orderly manner so that team members can collaborate and share information to perfect their sales drill.

4. Believe And Display Conviction

One of the biggest secrets to improving sales performance is to believe in yourself and what you are selling! Your tone, body language, and gestures need to instill confidence in the prospect and motivate them to close the sale. After all, if you do not believe in your product, how can you convince others to jump aboard?

Gaining expertise in your field can help you display conviction. Read many industry blogs, network with professionals in your domain, and never exhaust the quest to learn more! 

Make sure you know the nitty-gritty details about your product or service so that your customers never catch you off guard! With confidence and conviction in your sales pitch, you will win and close more sales than ever!

5. Drill Your Sales Script

Practice, practice, and practice some more! Make sure to spend some time every day researching your sales script and making improvements. It is imperative to review previous phone calls, work on shaky areas, and hone your selling skills. 

Ditch an orchestrated sales pitch and try to steer real-life conversations. Learn how to listen to customers before you wind into a never-ending sales pitch. Let your data speak for itself – don’t try too hard, or you may push customers away with your persistence.

And last but not least, keep calling! View each call as a training opportunity where you can learn more about how to tackle challenging prospects. Build and maintain a loyal customer base. Happy customers will not only endorse your products but also give you tons of word-of-mouth publicity!

Final Words

The sales domain has changed, and if you don’t perfect your gameplan, you will get left behind! Stay motivated and inspire your sales team with these fail-proof tips to gain loyal clients and improve revenues.

Do you have any other sales tips to share with us? Do share your ideas with us to collaborate and create a win-win situation for all parties involved!

Updated : December 13, 2021

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