17 Inspiring Sales Statistics That Can Improve Your GamePlan

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Supriya Bajaj

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green tickPublished : December 30, 2020

Remember the good old days when sales were simple? Word-of-the-mouth techniques and cold calling ruled the day?

Well, that era is over! The Internet has changed the way sales teams function.

Today, the power lies in the hands of the customer! Social media influencers, omnichannel marketing, and automated self-service platforms can change your interaction with customers and have an impact on sales numbers.

Organizations need to move beyond traditional sales channels. Marketing campaigns need to show customers how a particular service or product can fulfill a need and add value to their lives.

In this blog, you will learn about 17 mind-blowing statistics that will inspire and improve your selling techniques.

So, read on to amplify your sales game!

What will you learn from this blog?

  • Get to know the importance of adopting new sales techniques to gain an edge over rival organizations.
  • Learn various sales follow up statistics and understand how they can impact your sales numbers.
  • Find out about the best sales practices and adapt them for better results.

17 Sales Statistics That You Need To Know 

1. Social Networking Matters

Never underestimate the power of social media platforms to forge genuine relationships with customers.

 Sales representatives who are active on social media channels create a whopping 45% more sales opportunities and are 51% more likely to achieve sales quotas. 

2. Customer Relationship Management Is Required

Many organizations have shifted to CRM tools. It is a great way to streamline workflows and automate routine sales tasks.

50% of sales teams have reported an increase in their productivity after adopting CRM software.

3. Get On The Phone

Do not believe the myth that cold calling is outdated. Phone conversations are still a powerful way to connect with your valued customers.

92% of interaction with customers happens through phone calls.

4. Cold Calling Requires Effort

Do not believe cold calling is easy! Sales agents need to persevere and make repetitive calls to convert a lead successfully. If you give up easily, you may lose out on many potential conversions. 

It takes around 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. 

5. Know When To Prospect

Use data-driven evidence to optimize your prospecting techniques. Choosing the right day of the week and time can have a positive impact on your sales numbers.

Thursday is the best day to prospect. Wednesday is the second-best day. Tuesday is the worst day. 

6. LinkedIn Is Good For Sales Prospecting

While all social media channels can have a positive impact on your sales conversions, LinkedIn has a substantial edge over others.

70% of sales representatives are more active on LinkedIn and feel it is helpful in prospecting.

7. Successful Sales Professionals Do Not Give Up

To close deals, you need to pursue prospects relentlessly! Good sales professionals use many tips and tricks to continue conversations and not give up after hearing a ‘no’!

44% of salespersons give up after the first no.

8. Referrals Are Powerful

Make sure to ask your customers for referrals. They are a smart way to enhance brand reputation and increase sales opportunities.

91% of customers say that they will happily give referrals. However, only 11% of sales professionals ask for referrals.

9. Prospecting Is Not Easy

Sales professionals should have a clear idea about what to expect while prospecting. It is certainly not a bed of roses. Sales agents should use tested tips to work on their prospecting and increase the chances of successful conversions.

More than 40% of salespeople find prospecting the most challenging part of the job.

10. Get To Your Customers First

Sales reps need to be responsive and connect with their customers at every chance. Your prospects are not going to wait for you; they may just move over to faster options.

30-50% of sales are closed by vendors who respond first.

11. Work on Customer Experience

Businesses need to provide an excellent call experience to customers to stay. Call tracking tools can help sales professionals provide customers with personalized service and improve satisfaction.

85% of customers remain dissatisfied with their phone call experience.

12. Know What Time Of The Day To Call

You do not want to catch your customers at the wrong time and miss out on opportunities! Research well to know when is the best time to make cold calls to get better responses.

The best time to make cold calls is 4.00-5.00 PM.

13. Do Not Ignore Follow-Ups

If you feel you can crack deals with the first conversation, you need to rethink your strategy. Follow up calls are important to forge a genuine connection with customers, so keep pursuing!

It takes 8 follow-up calls, on average, to connect with a prospect.

14. Sales Is A Growing Domain

The foundation of any business, sales, continues to be an important function. Sales professionals need to be agile and open to learning to survive in the current competitive sales environment.

Nearly 13% of jobs (1 in 8) in the United States are full-time sales positions.

15. Gain The Right Skills And Qualifications

You need to have innate talent and the right skills to make a mark in the sales domain. Keep learning from the best sales practices to improve your sales game and climb up the ladder!

55% of people in the sales field do not have the right skills to be successful.

16. Social Selling Is The Future Of Sales

There is nothing that works as social media marketing! Sales professionals need to think beyond conventional sales techniques and get onboard social media channels to increase revenues exponentially.

78% of sales representatives using social media perform better and outsell their peers.

17. Understand Your Customer’s Needs

Sales is all about placing the customer first. You can’t force a product or service on someone if it’s no good for them! Work on getting to know your customer profile so that you can sell them just what they need.

Only 13% of customers believe that salespeople understand their needs.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are new in the sales arena or an experienced sales professional with years of experience, you need to keep sharpening your skills! Salespeople need to develop a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude and keep persevering with grit and determination to maximize revenues.

These 17 eye-opening interesting sales facts can give you deep insight into how to develop sales objectives and increase bottom-line results. Do you have any more statistics to share? Which statistic did you find interesting? Do get in touch with us and share your thoughts!

Updated : April 28, 2022

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