Mobile applications have changed the way business is conducted across the world! 

Gone are the days when customers have to wait for long hours or even a couple of days before their email is answered by an organization. Speedy service is the golden key to success.

A mobile application is a must-have tool for any business organization nowadays. But why is it a must-have tool?

Well, they can revolutionize your marketing strategy and empower your sales team to make quicker decisions. Mobile apps for businesses provide a unified and structured platform that makes it easy to share data and process information.

The fact remains that for organizations that have to make a heavy volume of international calls daily, getting an International calling app is a holistic solution.

What’s The Buzz About Getting A Mobile App For Sales Teams?

While mobile applications are useful for all business domains, one area that they are super beneficial is the sales function. Sales are the nerve center of any business organization, and it’s important for managers to use the latest technologies to maximize deals and gain a competitive edge over rivals. 

A well-curated sales app can help your sales team by providing them with real-time data and ensure better collaboration between members. Here are seven reasons that your organizations need to use mobile applications to enhance their performance:

1. Instant Gratification For The Consumer

We live in a super-connected and fast era – the modern consumer certainly does not want to wait for ages before making a purchase!
Customers are impatient in the current age and do not want to wait endlessly for something that they want.  People want things quickly, and very often they just want to browse through options before making the right decision.
Mobile apps are convenient and handy since your valued customer base can easily access their favorite products or services. They can buy right about everything through a mobile app, right from groceries to medicines or even services such as booking restaurant appointments or movie tickets. Many times customers can also make impulse purchases through a mobile app and this helps to enhance sales greatly.

2. Better Customer Relationships

Customer is king, and if businesses do not work hard at keeping their clients happy, they will surely lose them out to rivals.
A mobile app can help organizations create a better relationship with customers as they can directly communicate with sales agents or service representatives. Clients can engage with a brand, get to know their long term objectives, and browse through product offerings through a mobile application.
Since many apps use business intelligence tools, they intuitively cater to client preferences and this keeps customers delighted with the entire shopping experience. Increasing the involvement of clients by enabling them to choose orders and complete transactions through an automated mobile app is a smart way to enhance closeness, trust, and gain a credible reputation.


3. Real-Time Accurate Information

Data is power – businesses need to leverage the power of information to make a mark in the competitive business ecosystem.
Being able to provide real-time information to your customers is always a plus point. However, maintaining product catalogs and keeping them up-to-date is very tiresome for organizations. Mobile apps are a blessing as they are the perfect platform through which organizations can keep their clients informed and engaged. They facilitate the smooth sharing of data and promote effective communication with interested customers or prospects.
Sales teams can showcase the latest product collections, provide information on discounts, and also solve queries through mobile apps. There is no miscommunication with customers and mobile apps decrease the scope of giving any kind of erroneous information.

4. Better Remote Working Capabilities

If your sales team has access to a mobile application, they can sell from anyplace in the world. No restriction on mobility and opens up a world of exciting opportunities.
Your sales representatives do not remain chained to their physical work desks, rather they can communicate with customers from any part of the world. All your sales team members have to do is keep their devices charged as some mobile applications can even work in offline mode.
Since most companies are consciously trying to move away from a rigid work structure, an increase in remote job capabilities can be a big asset for a sales team. It gives employees the freedom to attend client meetings, business conferences or conduct field jobs while remaining in touch with their customers and continue selling products to them, even on the move!

5. Increased Productivity

Investing in a mobile application will definitely lead to the higher efficiency of your sales teams. Mobile apps enable customers to view products or services and place the order immediately.
This makes life easier for sales teams as they can close deals quickly without wasting too much time on customer persuasion or negotiation. Since mobile apps automate many simple tasks, sales agents can save precious time that can be diverted for strategic planning or decision-making.
Most apps also have advanced integrated analytical abilities, hence your sales team members will be able to monitor all vital performance indicators and take proactive action to prevent poor performance. A mobile application is the need of the hour for the sales department of any growing organization, as it will result in better bottom-line results and cost-efficiency.

6. Team Cohesiveness and Collaboration

Many sales teams do not function from one unified office space, rather they are scattered in different geographical locations. Remote work is a buzzing new trend, however, it means multiple locations from where your agents operate, rather than one centralized office site.

This makes it very challenging for them to share data and communicate with each other. However, investing in a mobile application gives teams the opportunity to discuss important sales tips, strategies and exchange advice. It is a user-friendly platform that allows users to develop a strong sense of cohesiveness and bonding.
Some mobile apps also have facilities such as gamification to promote healthy competition amongst team members. A team that is engaged and cohesive has a higher chance of achieving business success and reaching a high sales figure!

7. Make your brand and its image stronger

The prime aim of launching a mobile app is for the company and consumer to spread awareness and communication quickly. This regular awareness and interaction with the consumer base will promote trust in them once you gain the confidence of your customer. They will listen and believe your sales pitches and become loyal to your brand. By showing the consumer what your brand stands for, you can show them why to trust your service and the organization. 

Usually, the companies do this by giving away goodies like a fridge magnet, calendars, and other stuff with your company logo. This clearly shows that mobile apps are capable of strengthening the brand image and educating customers. This is why so many companies from different sectors are developing strategies for mobile applications. 


8. Customer Management Capabilities

Managing a large database of diverse customers is one of the most daunting and difficult tasks for business organizations. It is difficult for agents to make real-time updates, and maintain accurate information such as contact details or email IDs.
However, advancement in technology has made it possible for businesses to include customer relationship management capabilities in mobile applications. This means that a mobile app developed for a sales team will actually be able to store all important customer details such as demographic information, past purchase history, and personal preferences.
Mobile apps are also highly compatible; hence they facilitate the smooth inflow and outflow of data with existing organizational systems. Having a single interface to handle all sales associated functions and managing CRM at the same time is highly beneficial and convenient for organizations.

9.  Boost the profits

The formula is simple: if you have a satisfied customer, your sales graph will go high. According to SalesForce, around 70% of the customer’s buying experience is dependent on how they were treated in their last trip. The only way to raise consumer demand is to keep them on the hook by making them feel pleased at all times. You will surely get a serious return 

After all the papering, your customers won’t be able to keep their hands off the new products lined up for launch. And that high demand is sure to give your company some serious returns. This is the time when mobile apps come in handy. But don’t forget to keep the costs decent while the app is under development. 

According to a popular website, around 35% of Black Friday sales in 2019 were done via mobile devices. And a few years ago, that percentage was half that, according to the 2012 IBM Holiday Benchmark Reports.

10. Give Customers Value That They Deserve

Reciprocation is the ultimate rule of business. , you launch a product, and the market is ready with their demands, right? You must have already started strategies with your team to boost wallet-opening engagement from your buyers. At the same time, you need to provide customers with incomparable value that won’t let them go to your competitors. The first step to gain customer loyalty is to create a loyalty program within your app. 

The higher the interaction level of the customer with your product and service, the more points they gain. They can later redeem those points and get an offer on your products they are willing to buy. 

For instance, a renowned coffee shop Starbucks uses their app for its benefit by giving reward points only to the app subscribers. This strategy motivates them to become regular customers and buy coffee from them. To top it all off, they also have a payment feature that allows consumers to make bill payments via the app itself directly. 

11. Stay connected with the customer 

Gone are the days when customer service was limited to face-to-face communication in-between fake smiling sales associates and nervous customers anymore. More than 2.6 billion people have access to high-tech mobile devices at all times, making mobile apps a game-changer in the field of customer service. 

You know why this is the best decision because having a well-designed app is very different from a representative who is a human being that is subjected to mood swings or poor performance. Your app will be the face of the company that is always smiling. The majority of marketers believe that having a mobile app has improved their company’s customer service by a notch. 

You will understand one of the most common reasons by a simple example. Say there is a user who wants to get some crucial information related to your company in the middle of the night what can he do? Just download the app and bam! Everything is sorted. Another plus point will be that even if the user wants to buy the product at that instant itself, they won’t have to wait for the business hours. It’s high time to make customer service your prime priority, and the easiest way to get customer satisfaction is through mobile apps.

12. Stay in the sight of the customer all the time

There is a reason they say out of sight is out of mind, and we think this quote must be for companies selling products and services. The world is under a pandemic threat, which has taken a toll on the economy. But at no point in time should a company stop what they were doing before. Stay focused and work even harder to stay in the mind of the customer. But how would you do that with a staff shortage? Mobile apps. If they have your brand’s mobile app, there are many chances they will buy from you once everything gets back to normal. 

13. Have a USP that beats the competitor

However, using a mobile app for presence and brand awareness is an old marketing formula, but not for small businesses. This is the point where you can get a step ahead of all the competitors. The customers appreciate the brand that puts effort into being different from the herd. 


14. Massive reach across broad demographics

If you have a brand that is doing well in the local market, you must have thought once or twice to take it international. If you are selling handmade art, that is one of its kind, and there is a chance that this art thing will be a big hit in Europe. How will you keep track of that? By using a mobile app, you will be able to keep the foreign user engaged, but they will get a chance to know more about the story behind that art. 

15. Never run out of customers

Managing things manually is a thing of the past because it is challenging to keep enormous data in place without making a mistake. Suppose you have a massive clientage across the globe who buys your perfume once a year and that’s the only time they connect with you. And what if during that time they try your competitor’s product and like it? The whole effort will go in vain. But if you have a mobile app, you can keep the user’s email, name, and social media accounts in place and then connect with them.

If your business has not yet implemented a mobile app for your sales team, you are surely lagging behind your rivals. Armed with a mobile app that they can use from their smartphone, your sales team will be able to perform dramatically better and productivity levels will increase exponentially. 

The best part about mobile applications is that they are highly personalized; hence you can customize the perfect app that is tailor-made to suit all your diverse business requirements.

A mobile app can provide sales team members with relevant real-time data at their fingertips so that they can make informed decisions. They have changed the way businesses interact with their customers by providing responses in a jiffy and keeping all organizational stakeholders connected in the fast-paced corporate world.

Your sales representatives are the prime touch points of your company and help in forging long-lasting relationships with your customers. Giving them access to a mobile application is sure to enhance their performance and make them even more productive at work.

So move over using primitive methods, and usher in revolutionary platforms such as mobile applications to witness a dramatic positive change in all bottom-line results.

Updated : February 16, 2021


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