‘Customer is God’, we have all heard that phrase isn’t it? For any business that hopes to scale and make its mark, customer service comes first. And customers do not like to be kept waiting! They want immediate responses and services in exchange for the money that they are paying. That being said, calling your prospects back within 5 minutes can go a long way in improving customer services.

Prospects do not like to be kept on hold for a long period of time. They have done their research, they know what they want and if you do not reach out to them as soon as possible, somebody else will. It has been proven that reaching out to a prospect within 5 minutes increases your chances of closing a sale by about 80% whereas failing to call them back for as long as an hour can dramatically reduce your chances of converting the prospect. 

The corporate world sure has seen days when it would be weeks before a sales rep got in touch with a prospect. However, times have changed and so have buyers. Customers now have more control over their buying experience and are also bombarded with numerous alternatives that they can fall back on. Your chances of closing a deal with a prospect decrease by the minute. 

If you aren’t already fully convinced to call your prospects back as soon as possible, then let me list out some more reasons for you:

1. Avert the risk of prospective customers losing interest in your business

In this fast-paced world of today, nobody likes to wait. People want good products and services, and they want it immediately. Calling a prospect within minutes shows your eagerness to work with them and provide a solution for their need. It goes to show that you value your customers and are at the top of your customer service game. Taking hours to call someone back makes your company come off as either inefficient or uninterested in taking on new customers. 

As I have already mentioned earlier, buyers today are spoilt with choice. They can afford to lose interest in something very quickly and move onto something new or better. Calling warm leads or strong prospects back within 5 minutes keeps their minds focused on the product or service that you are offering instead of the competition. It helps them maintain a certain level of interest in your business, ultimately helping you ramp up your numbers.

2. Show that you really care; be professional

Every company promises good customer service and state-of-the-art products. However, few deliver on their words. Calling prospects back immediately goes on to show that you fulfill your promises and are always on your toes to attend to customers. Getting in touch with potential buyers as soon as possible shows your eagerness to gain their business, which in turn shows that you value each of your customers equally.

Most prospects evaluate your business based on that one phone call they receive. This is why it is important to nail that phone call and make sure you start off on a good note with the customer. 

3. Got excellent customer service? Time to show it off!

That is right, the first call you make to a prospect is the best time to show off your customer service facilities. Customers obviously expect you to solve any issues or problems that they have with your product. But, more importantly, they expect you to help them out as soon as possible. No customer likes to be kept waiting while you take your own sweet time to attend to their issues. The amount of time you take to call them back as prospects goes a long way to show how fast you will respond to them later on. 

Claiming you have great customer service is not enough to convince buyers to purchase your product or service. The key to good customer service is the promptness with which the service is provided. Thus, the best way to convince prospects of the quality of the customer service you offer is to call them back within 5 minutes, at the most. 

4. Make sure to catch your prospects at a good time

When your prospects are on your website, enquiring about your product and reading up on your business profile, that is undoubtedly the best time to reach out to them. They are already in that headspace, researching about your product, and will be able to understand your pitch better. Additionally, they will also available at the time to attend to your call as opposed to a few hours later when they might be preoccupied with something else. Every salesman knows how important it is to catch the prospect at the right time. In fact, several software are also being developed to analyze call patterns and understand the best time to call a customer. However, you do not need complex software to help you out in this case. All you need is a prompt reply and some enthusiasm!


5. Let your prospects know that you mean business, serious business

Prospects who are serious about where and how they spend their money want equally serious suppliers who value and appreciate their customers. Calling your prospects back on time shows that you are serious about your work and that you are not lackadaisical or laid back when it comes to providing good customer service. It shows that you care for new and prospective clients as well as your old and regular ones. 

Being serious not only shows that you are sincere about your work but also that the company has good work ethics, values, and work culture. It has a positive impact on your business which goes a long way in converting prospects into clients.

6. Don’t miss out on any business opportunities!

There is a popular saying in the corporate world, “Every missed call is a missed opportunity.” Every prospect that you do not get back to in time is a lost opportunity. One call at the correct time is all it takes to convert a prospect, and possibly several referrals, into lifetime customers. 

People are extremely fickle minded when it comes to shopping; they see a lot of stuff online and get hooked on instantly. However, they move on as fast as they get hooked. This is why it is a huge mistake to keep them waiting. You could lose out on significant business opportunities due to a small time lag. Can you really afford to miss out on such opportunities? Good sales people are those who are enthusiastic and proactive about reaching out to the public. They are the ones who actually do what needs to be done and end up selling a huge amount of product.

7. The most fundamental yet most effective sales tip

People are always on the lookout for new and effective sales tip. They want to know how to close more sales and convert more leads. The answer, though it might seem obvious, is quite simple. The more people you reach out to, the more sales you will get. The first step to making any sales is reaching out to people and spreading awareness about your product. 

Calling back prospects on time is so very important because these people are already interested in your product. All you need to do is pursue their interest. It is literally that easy! 

Calling back prospects and leads is a very fundamental aspect of sales. If something so fundamental has the potential to improve your chances of closing a deal so monumentally, then you’d be just crazy not to do it, right? Looking at a bigger picture, if you do not call back your prospects on time and lose deal after deal, then your team might not just make the sales cut for the month. It ultimately results in a loss for you and also the company’s revenue. 

Call your prospects back, make money and dominate the market! 

Updated : February 16, 2021


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