To succeed in a sales field, one needs a lot of empathy, grit, and driving force. You need to know your customers intimately in and out. It sounds a bit stalkerish, but it is necessary if you ask.

The importance of human touch will never go out of the market in the sales market, but nowadays, sales tools are taking the clients for a good spin.

Sales is hard, and with growing awareness and tech-savvy clients, it is getting harder. Owning sales tools that are unique and technocratic in nature helps an organization grow exponentially. So, if you are spending time, resources, or energy on marketing and sales, it will never go in vain if you are using sales tools. Unfortunately, there are many sales personnel who concentrate on the wrong side of the road, implying that they are way too much concerned about the sales funnel. Instead, they should be busy thinking about how to close the deal with the client.  

Thankfully, we have gathered a list of sales tools for you that will help your organization rescue from such situations.

Good to know facts about sales

  •  According to a survey, 73% of sales personnel think that colluding across offices is unquestionably crucial for their overall sales.
  •  More than 86% of sales employees and executives believe that if there is a lack of collaboration or communication, it leads to a no-sale. 
  •  According to research conducted by HubSpot, 88% of marketers use at least ten sales tools. 

We are here to help you select the tools and walk you through which sales and marketing tools are best suitable for your business style. This article will cover fundamental technology a marketing and sales team can use. 

By the end of the article, you will find the elixir to fuel your business needs.

What are sales tools?

In simple words, there are some tools that are used by sales personnel and organizations to make their job more comfortable and efficient. These tools include virtual phone systems, video conferencing, e-signature, marketing automation, and many more. 

What is the X-factor a company should keep in mind before making the deal?

Sales tools play a vital role in the success of a product or service as it helps the sales team to understand the possibilities of it being successful. These tools help save time and maintain focus on what matters most to the organization. It eventually provides value to people and businesses. It is also mandatory because it will save the time and effort of your employees, making them more productive. This means that if a company is using old-fashioned technology and tools, they are at risk of not only having bad sales but losing their best sales team due to a lack of useful tools. According to a survey by LinkedIn, in the year 2018 (State of Sales), around 73 percent of sales professionals used sales technology to make more sales.


Here are some of the tools which will make the edge in your business sales in the coming financial year-

Software for Video Conferencing

In the time and age where everything is global and digital, companies and their international clients don’t want to waste time on the physical meeting. It is impractical and costs a lot of money, to be honest. That is why everyday new sales organizations are moving online for conducting meetings. Having meetings via call is a bit dated and unprofessional. Besides, the level of trust and familiarity is high via face to face interaction.  

When the companies use video conferencing, it helps their remote employees, stakeholders, and tentative customers communicate seamlessly. You can get in touch with them via long & broad conference calls—external meetings or presentations. 

It has addicting useful features like file sharing, screen share, whiteboard, 

simple audio calling, and call recording as well. Due to the increase in competition in the market, there are advanced solutions like cloud or application-based. These can easily support hardware devices. You can get free trials as well before you opt for this tool.

In the past few years, video conferencing was content for a joke for salespeople due to unstable connectivity. But with time and huge investments, service providers are now successfully providing developed tools that match users’ standards. 

Virtual Phone System For Business

Every small business dreams about making it big in the market with their new ideas and hard work. But if that were enough, there would have been at least a hundred companies making it to Wall Street. The current scenario is such that every business school pass out is creating a startup. With so much competition in the market, every company needs to have a USP (unique selling price) that makes it different from the rest. This difference can be achieved by using a Virtual Business System. When you start a business filled with talent, most advanced tools, that help the company grow, there is nothing that can stop you. 

A virtual phone system can quickly take over the hassle of wiring and hardware with just an app. Instead of a devoted server and piles of wire, a virtual phone system will make your calls cloud-based. With the ability to stay mobile and low monthly charges, this system will follow your team wherever they go. 

Automation in Marketing Software

Sales can be made in either of the two ways- either you track the customer, or your customer will follow you. The marketing automation and lead generation tool will encourage the customers to find you. Such software helps the company to even out marketing workflow and optimize the marketing strategy by automating marketing tasks like social media posts, email marketing, and lead generation.

This tool can help build a rich database, especially when the client shares valuable information in exchange for the service of your company. 

The best thing about this tool is that it lets the user analyze and measure the impact of the campaign across channels.

Tools for customer service

The customer is God if you ask us in the sales field or, for that matter, any area. And taking care of them should be the prime goal of any organization.

Having this tool can help your business manage inbound and outbound calls across channels, smartly deliver your services and handle the issues. In this category, you have multiple options like social customer service, live chat, chatbots, help desk, and complaint management software. With the help of in-built analytics and this kind of similar technology, the user can easily track the customer’s needs and take action on it in a short span.

Talking about one of the essential tools that chatbot is, it aims to qualify new leads and helps book meetings for a salesperson. As these bots are working on machine learning, they are getting better with every passing day and helping collect useful data on the go.

Other trending sales tools are

  • Sales intelligence
  • Sales gamification

CRM tools

  • Video conferencing
  • Account-based marketing tools
  • e-signature and document tracking

Sales acceleration tools

Let’s cut to the chase and put it straight up that if there is technology in the market, then why should we waste time following up on emails or calls one by one? So, if the technology is giving you the chance to close more deals, take it. And that chance for you is the sales tools. Make sure you choose the best sales tools for your business and see it nurture day after day.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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