Whether you are an entrepreneur or an owner of an international company, lead generation will remain a consistent part of your business. But there is one important question that will remain constant in your mind – “How should I generate a lead? What tactics do you choose for sales?”

In this article, we will discuss the proven techniques that can be used to produce high-quality sales leads, turning out your business to be more influential in the year 2020.

What strategies will assist you in generating sales leads?

Of all the tactics, below are the top 9 proven techniques that will help your company to produce more leads by the end of the year.

1. Boosting up customer engagement

In sales, to stay in touch and maintain relationships with people, we must communicate with them. Blog posts, whitepapers, and several other contents are an easy way of drawing your consumers’ attention towards your company.

You might send your business links via cold emails, and ask them to connect with you. As your customers would like to receive information about every small detail of your company from you, sending emails would never be enough to drive quality sales leads. Thus, to grab their complete attention, arrange cold calls for your warm leads, and create your company’s rapport, without losing your customer.

2. Keep active and creative on social media platforms 

Staying active on different social media channels will be one of the simplest ways to bring customers into your sales funnel. Over social media platforms, you can plan long-term campaign strategies and be creative with it. You can hashtag keywords along with the content and request sales leads to join your social media groups. For growing the professional network of your business, you can also create a group on LinkedIn. Your company can mark its presence by consistently posting the right content and re-posting the links of the articles on the wall of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc.

3. Be constant with refreshing your email list regularly

An updated email list in the business realm would go a long way toward generating quality leads. This is because if you present the right content, your emails will be unfolded, clicked, and shared by your subscribers exponentially. This will lead to awareness of the product and expanded sales in the market.

If you do not clean your email database quite often, there will be a high chance that you would end up emailing the same consumer again and again, who is already a dead-end. So, to fix this up, just remember to update the email list relevant to the target audience. Remember that the list of subscribed people should be easy to filter, identify, and eliminate those that are already in your database.

4. Practice cold calling & emailing – Regular or New Leads

If you have nurtured your leads with the cold emails, and still the conversion is not as fruitful enough according to your target, then it’s time to make some cold calls to your warm leads. Personalize your emails and connect with the clients and customers consistently to help them reach a buying decision. Their decision to purchase the product will depend a lot on the way your company will interact with them.

5. Adopt marketing automation tools 

Businesses are competing every moment to gain more and more traffic as well as sales. With the revolution of technology, automated marketing tools are helping a lot to analyze your potential high-quality sales leads. These automated marketing tools will assist your company – 

  • To filter email lists and shoot personalized content
  • To send cold emails at large scale
  • To analyze the demographics and their choices
  • To notify you when a lead performs an action
  • To identify sales leads and move them to the sales team for conversion


6. Conduct Campaigns- Paid Ads & Affiliate Marketing

To build a worldwide presence of your products and services across the globe, you need to advertise. By running paid ads, you can build up a network of sales leads across various channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can select many techniques of ads – PPC, Display ads, Remarketing ads, Native ads, and Social Media ads.

Also, you can expand the company’s outreach by affiliate marketing programs. The sales lead generated by affiliate marketing will allow the collaborators to run your products on their social media programs. With this, your entire products and services will stay connected and build a strong foundation in the market. 

7. Share common Q & A on your website

To establish your reputation and expertise in the niche, you can post some FAQs on your website. When you begin to provide helpful answers to common questions, the traffic will get automatically diverted towards your business. This will not only clear out the doubts of the audience but let you create a platform to promote gated content via links. 

8. Offer auction coupons to your visitors 

Vouchers can be a great lead generation pillar to increase sales from new leads. Often we, as a customer, tend to buy certain services and products from a company that provides either a discount or “FREE samples.” Similarly, with regards to your business niche, you can grant your customers some compensation, and put up attractive offers on your products and services to gain their sales. This will increase the rate of frequent visitors to become regular customers consistently.

9. Engage the audience by live event and get online reviews

Live events or webinars have become popular tools to generate quality sales leads. Why Webinars? 

Corporates and students nowadays seek to learn ongoing subjects in a relaxed mode and at free of cost. In this case, if you choose some hours to present your products or services over the social platforms, your customers will respond and reciprocate to it eventually. Also, it will be more straightforward for your company to address your target market at large.


Lead generation might seem harsh right now due to the overall impact of COVID-19. Because of this, lead generation might get directly affected as consumers are scared to spend any amount of money on anything except essential needs. Hence, during this time, you can focus on some of the gated content spreading strategies to make the name of your business and also provide educational benefits to your potential customers.

Updated : July 22, 2021


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