There are two cases where Sales reps have to use a script:

  1. When prospects make an inquiry to your website.
  2. When you’re strictly going for cold calling.

In the first case, there is no hassle of convincing your prospect to buy your product/service because you know they are interested. But in the second case, there’s an equal room for success and failure.

Let’s talk about the second case. There have been a lot of theories about the cold calling script, and there are many articles you can find over the internet.

Here are some important points which will help you increase your Sales calls success:

1. Gain in-depth knowledge on The Recent Development of Your Prospect’s Industry:

It’s important to know the industry of your prospect. It creates a good first impression on your prospect. I love how one of my colleagues – Dhruv uses this thing in his sales script. He says:

“Hey, Good Morning. This is Dhruv from CallHippo. It’s a Virtual Phone System for Businesses. I believe you belong to Import & Export business, and I read the government is putting a lot of effort in this business. May I know if you have any need for a VoIP for your business?”

By mentioning the industry, your prospect will realize that you’ve made enough research for this call. It creates a good first impression and the prospect will be open to listening.

2. Spend a Few Minutes on Your Prospect’s Social Media:

How would you feel if some stranger congratulates you on your recent promotion? There’s a shot connection! How about, you as a sales rep congratulate your prospect about his recent success? For example:

“Hello. Am I talking to Mr. Ralph? First of all, congratulation for your huge success in the Paris fashion week. I’m Jey calling from DEF, and we provide the finest services for the fashion industry. Would you like to know more about our services?”

Check out your prospect’s LinkedIn profile or search him on Charlie App or check out his social media. Make sure you find something about him that is interesting. That creates a good first impression, and it’s a strong start for your cold call.

3. Keep Current Customer Feedback Handy (Preferably from Your Prospect’s Industry):

Ask your happy customers for feedback, and note them down. You can use those happy feedbacks to impress your prospects who are falling under the same industry. For example:

“Hello Ma’am, This is John from XYZ. I believe you belong to the Manufacturing Industry. One of the greatest companies in this sector – ABC, has very positive feedback about our product. Would you like to know more about our product?”

4. Search for News/ Articles / Reports on Your Prospect’s Business:

“Hello. Am I talking to Walden Schmidt? This Bob calling from EFG Org. I recently analyzed your company’s production report for the last five years, and I found it increasing at a constant pace. With the increasing production, I believe you must be needing more raw material as well. Can we discuss what our company has to offer?”

When someone finds that you’ve made an ample amount of research on his company, it creates an iron bond. That person will be willing to listen to you and your product.

5. A/B testing:

Recently, we made a test where we tried two sales scripts, each for a week. Script A had an average conversation time of 52 seconds. On the other hand, Script B had an average conversation time of 1.09 minutes. Script B has converted 32% more prospect than Script A.

The reason being, Script A was a cliche-old fashioned designed speech on the other hand Script B was modified based on the given tips above.

The point is, we tried out our own script, and it gave us amazing results. As a company, you should follow the trial and error method, and make your own script that is best suited for you.

Final Say:

Be Mindful! Listen to each and every word the prospect says. Analyze the reaction, and decide whether this strategy fits here or not. If you have tried something new in your script and find a happy reaction, make that as your permanent move!

Apparently, there are many ways sales reps can impress prospects. It can be a use of strong grip on language, your accent, wit, humor, etc. That depends on your individual personality. So, note down your strongest points and use them!

Let us know what do you feel about this article. Also, let us know if you have any innovative methods for this subject.

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