If you are a bootstrapping startup, software invoices can hurt you really bad. There are many economical software available which can help you reduce your software expenses. Here are the 6 economical software for startups which helped in bootstrapping.

Let’s start the list with a SaaS which is managing our task beautifully with pocket-friendly cost.

Sorry, It’s free!


Producteev is a SaaS based task management software which can create unlimited tasks for your teams. You can create groups and assign tasks to the relevant person. Have a look at the major features that Producteev provides:

  1. Allows you to create networks under which you can add tasks or employees.
  2. Create an entire project with multiple tasks and process tree.
  3. Create Labels to give the particular activity a specific tag.
  4. Add comments on the tasks and attach reference files

It helped us manage our tasks wonderfully, and it’s still doing it!

Second on the list is basically a Customer Messaging Platform but our marketing heads use it for an amazing task!


The thing with intercom is, its entire package is quite expensive ($144/month), and it doesn’t fit in a startup fixed cost list. BUT, it’s free version can be used for an amazing task.

When a potential customer signs up on our website, all the details are automatically fetched in the intercom. So, we use intercom as our Lead Management CRM! It is a costly choice when it comes to using all its features and services, but it is an excellent choice if you use it this way!

With intercom, live chat and customer support was way too expensive for us, so we chose a better option!



Crisp was founded in 2015, but the way this company has grown is, outstanding! We use the Unlimited package of Crisp which provides unlimited support agents, unlimited conversations per month, etc. Integrations with Slack, Telegram, and Zendesk keep the workflow smooth.

The unlimited package of crisp costs you $95/month.

Fourth on the list we have is an Email Verifying Software which has been a great helping hand for our bulk data.

Atomic Email Verifier

Atomic email verifier is a domain verifier which is quite important when it comes to bulk emails or email campaigns. When you have researched and gathered tons of email Ids, you are not sure whether the domains of the email IDs are still alive.

Basically, Atomic Email Hunter gives you tons of data from the internet according to your requirements, and Atomic email verifier filters that data. Verifier clears the domains from the list that don’t exist or not in use.

The combination of Atomic Hunter and Atomic Verifier will cost you around $110.

Next, on the list we have is a combination of two tools.

Sendy + Amazon SES


As we can see, Amazon SES is a clear winner here, and it is an idol for a startup. Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is created to provide cost effective email services where the user will pay as he uses the service.

Sendy is a platform through which you can send bulk emails and shoot campaigns. Using Sendy as a platform, and SES as a service you can send 1000 emails at $0.10 only which is extremely affordable compared to other services in the market. Hence, a great choice for startups, without a doubt!

Next is, a SaaS CRM which is a good Lead management solution for a startup because it’s FREE!

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM offers many great services like managing your pipeline, log sales activity, lead management etc. without a penny! It is a clear choice for startup where there’s a diehard need of CRM and you have to act thrifty when it comes to money. Indeed, it’s a smart choice for startups!

Share your views in the comments below. Also, let us know if you’re using such economical software which can be a great choice for startups!

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Updated : February 23, 2021


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