Research shows that 97% of employees feel that communication has an impact on everyday tasks.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Communication matters! With businesses competing across borders, it is imperative to spotlight communication strategies to drive efficiency.

Organizations with informed and connected employees can derive transformational benefits such as (Source: SlideShare)


Effective communication can make or break your organization’s reputation! Companies need to focus on both internal and external communication technologies. It helps in creating an ideal working environment that fosters positivity and employee engagement.

Despite knowing about these advantages, the ground reality is starkly different. Most organizations grapple with communication challenges that lower employee morale and lead to loss of productivity.

Let’s dive deeper. Here discuss some significant communication problems and understand how investing in a holistic uCaaS solution can help your organization.

1. Silos Between Regional Offices And Locations

Remote work is the latest buzzing trend. As organizations transition towards flexible job arrangements, it sometimes becomes difficult for employees in different locations to communicate effectively.

Since every region has its requirements, most companies subscribe to the services local telecom service provides. This may result in a lack of collaboration at a wider level and lead to information silos between people in different geographical locations.

The need of the hour is a unified system that provides an excellent user experience. It should be able to streamline communication processes across individual home offices and corporate workspaces.

Employees should use a network of uCaaS technologies for phone calls, instant messaging, and video conferencing. This will help in getting things done easily and keeping your scattered workforce engaged in the right spirit!

2. Providing An Impactful Local Customer Experience

86% of buyers are ready to pay more for a better customer experience!

A local customer experience can help in forging genuine relationships and delivering personalized service. This remains a huge communication challenge for most organizations operating in the global marketplace!

Companies need to empower their employees with sophisticated business phone systems with local numbers to provide familiar experiences. In today’s competitive ecosystem, it should not matter where your agents or company offices are located – you need to walk the extra mile to connect with local customers!

Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to use the local area code to provide better customer service. Your customers do not need to worry about paying high international call costs – they just need to dial a local phone number or toll-free number to resolve queries or problems in a jiffy!

3. Inefficient On-Premise Infrastructure

Organizations often implement on-premise PBX platforms at all business locations without realizing their drawbacks. First, you run up a higher per-user cost due to dedicated office premises and IT support. Also, international calling rates burn a massive hole in your communication budget.

Moving to the cloud is an intelligent decision for modern organizations looking to revamp their communication strategy. It allows your call agents to remain accessible round-the-clock and ensures that you never miss a single call or lose out on business opportunities!

Invest in a credible cloud-based business phone system to eliminate maintenance and software updates. Decrease calling costs and get apex voice quality – a win-win situation for all parties involved!

4. Lack Of Vendor Support

Having to choose between different uCaaS service providers in the market is a huge challenge for organizations. It demotivates decision-makers and leads to extra expenditures and complexity at every stage of the process.

It is imperative to partner with a reliable business phone system vendor to get the best deal and a quick return on investment! You should negotiate with your service provider to provide complete after-sales support in system training and implementation.

Billing is another crucial aspect that should not be overlooked. Make sure to discuss all payment options with your business phone vendor to reach a mutually agreeable decision. Sign a formal business contract to prevent any future conflicts and increase operational transparency!

5. Handling Downtime And IT Support

One of the biggest communication challenges for modern organizations is managing the downtime of business phone systems. It brings all work to a grinding halt and leads to customer dissatisfaction.

With cloud-based Voice-over-Intenet Protocol infrastructure, the entire onus of maintaining the UCaaS platform remains with the service provider. Hence, it is necessary to collaborate with reliable vendors who will provide excellent customer support.

Service providers should aid in troubleshooting any technical issues that may result in line disturbances or downtime. They should have a network of skilled technicians to resolve IT problems at the easiest and remain responsive round-the-clock!

6. Expanding Business Operations

Opening regional offices or expanding existing business operations into new geographical locations can be complex and shake up your communication systems. Navigating new telecom requirements and onboarding local vendors can be tricky, especially when your organization tries to establish a foothold in a new market.

Team up with the best UCaaS service provider to streamline business expansion and get a scalable business phone system. You get access to international phone numbers with a local area code – this ensures you do not have to change your number as that may have a negative business impact.

Break global borders and transcend into international markets with an advanced VoIP service provider. It will provide you with compliant hardware to manage phone infrastructure and complete support for installation, making life much easier!

A strong communication strategy mobilizes your workforce into staying happy and connected. It establishes a transparent office culture – one that ensures clients, vendors, top management, and employees are productively engaged.

The Final Word

Do not lose focus if you feel your existing PBX communication system cannot take on your workload. Make the transition to a unified communications model to transform all your bottom-line results instantly!

With CallHippo, you get an all-inclusive cloud-based intelligent virtual phone system. Advanced features, smart analytics, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface make it a must-have business tool.

Has your organization faced any unique communication challenges? We would love to hear about your stories. Please do share them in the comments section below!

Updated : June 17, 2021


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