If you are a new entrepreneur or part of a growing small business, the chances are high that you know the value of marketing well. In the current digital era, if you don’t promote your product and get in touch with your target audience, you will be left behind in the competitive game. A recent survey revealed that 63% of marketers find generating traffic and leads a huge challenge – this makes it a top priority among-st modern organizations.

So, what exactly are the essential tools for your marketing team? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution if you get your communication strategy right, many things will fall in place. Having a fabulous and unified business communication strategy can do wonders for your long-term growth. It is hence no wonder that organizations are investing tons of money and effort in finding out the best phone solution.

Here’s a surprising fact – over 60% of customers prefer to connect with small businesses over the phone. So your valued customers are going to look beyond your company’s website, a social media page, and mail account. They don’t want to chat through text messages and wait for long duration’s to seek support. What they do want is instant service. They want a personal touch. Organizations need to go beyond the call of duty and show clients that they will always have service representatives to attend to their immediate problems.

Now, this is not a simple task, but with the advent of virtual telephony, it’s not impossible either. Virtual phone solutions are the new raging trend in the corporate sector. The VoIP global market will reach USD 55 billion by the year 2025. This clearly shows the large scale adoption of virtual phone systems.

Get A Potent Phone Solution

Now that it’s caught your attention let’s delve deeper and find out how VoIP phone tools can prove to be a marketer’s best friend. A unified business phone number can surely be the best phone solution for any kind of business – a start-up, a mid-sized firm, and even a huge multinational. Here are some benefits that your marketing team can accrue by getting a virtual phone number:

Better Team Collaboration:

Marketing is a concerted activity that requires all team members to work together. A virtual phone system is a comprehensive platform that allows sales members to collaborate better. It enables instant sharing of important documents and seamless departmental communication. Most virtual phone systems are cloud-based; hence, they give continuous access of real-time data to marketing personnel. This helps them get to know their clients at a personal level so that they can cater to anticipated demands better. 

If your organization has multiple product divisions, departments or phone service lines, a VoIP phone number can facilitate better co-ordination and ensure that not even a single call is missed. Your organization needs to invest in getting essential tools for your marketing team – a virtual phone system is definitely the starting point and will lead to transformational benefits!

CRM Integrations:

Getting a virtual phone solution can help businesses improve their customer relationship management. Most business phone systems have integrations with modern CRM tools such as Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Slack, and Google Analytics. Marketers can store all vital customer information, such as demographics, past purchases history, and buying behavior. Detailed call analytics can help in understanding customer intent, and call center representatives can mold their behavior for better results.

 After all, if you don’t focus on building long lasting bonds with your customers, there’s a high chance that you will lose them to business rivals. So don’t hold back, get an advanced VoIP phone platform to serve customers better, convert more leads, and increase sales to the maximum level.

Expanded Global Presence:

Globalization has made the world a border-less mass of land – it is super easy to conduct business in any cosmopolitan market. However, local customers of a region always prefer to trust local brands that have been established in the community. In such cases, investing in a virtual phone number can be the wisest decision. You can purchase a virtual phone number for any country such as United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, France and many more global destinations. 

Depending on the area where you commence business operations, your clients will just need to add the local area code and they can instantly get in touch with your call agents. Local phone numbers can expand your business presence in overseas markets, give your organization a credible reputation, and increase customer engagement!

Faster Response Rate:

Your customers want service at their fingertips! In fact, 96% of customers will disconnect service calls if they are made to wait for a long time, and 91% will not even return the call later. This means that if you don’t provide speedy service, your customers will surely remain dissatisfied and may also give you negative word-of-mouth publicity.

Virtual phone solutions are a great way to ensure that your customers receive service at the earliest. They forward calls to available support agents, and facilities such as personalized greeting messages and call queuing provide a faster response rate. This means that your customers do not need to get bored or frustrated, waiting in endless telephone queues. As soon as they face any problem or inconvenience, they can call up support representatives and receive quick redressal of their issues or complaints.

Innovative Features:

Your marketing department can benefit from VoIP phone solutions as they have a range of impressive features. Apex HD voice quality, document sharing, and smooth task flow management are sure to make life easier for sales and marketing staff members. They can have constant access to real-time customer data that will help them understand buyer trends better and improve the quality of strategic decisions. Voicemail makes sure that employees can redirect calls to their email inbox and access the information at a later time. Call planner is a great facility for businesses that constantly deal with clients in different time zones as it helps them schedules meetings or conferences at an appropriate time. Call recording allows your managers to go through agent conversations and provide them better training if they are not dealing politely with customers.

Lower Operational Costs:

Marketing communication can burn a heavy hole in any organization’s overall budget. Many companies need to make a high volume of daily cold calls, and this mounts up phone bills. In such cases, having a traditional wired phone network will prove to be quite detrimental as they have high rates for incoming and outgoing calls. Setting up a VoIP call center will be highly beneficial as your support representatives can remain accessible round the clock to provide superior service. All calls can be diverted to available agents, and customers will be delighted with superior service levels. The best part is that your organization will be able to keep clients happy at just a fraction of the previous costs as VoIP technology is very affordable.

Marketing your products and services smartly is crucial if you want to gain a competitive edge in the market. Investing in the best phone solution is a must as it will increase the potency of your marketing efforts. Virtual phone systems are holistic tools that can help your marketing team members make audio/video calls, send instant messages, mail clients, record conversations and send voicemails.

Leverage the power of VoIP phone lines to witness a positive change in your profitability and business revenues. You will never miss important business calls, and your customers will be super happy as they will have multiple channels of effective two-way communication. So, research all the possible options in the market and choose a reliable VoIP service provider for a high escalation in key performance metrics.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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