The hype around 5G is brewing for more than a year. The early research and development in this field have finally started to bear fruits. The technology concentrates on changing our lives by connecting everything around us. It will connect us with the network that is 100 folds faster than our existing cellular connection and ten times faster than our present home broadband service.

You can certainly see a significant improvement in the field of cloud telephony and the internet phone system; once your enterprise adopts a 5G network. It will ensure increased network speeds and the success of your SMB. Not only that, but 5G will also upgrade the call quality and sustain constant connectivity. 

We moved from 3G to 4G LTE for faster connections, but stepping into the 5G era will be so much more. 5G will create a fusion of speed, receptiveness, and unleash the potential of other hot trends in technology like drones, self-driving cars, IoT, Virtual Reality, and many more. 

5G Beginning of a New Era

Let’s take a peek at how 5G technology will revivify the technology   

1. Enhanced Video Conferencing

The primary factor that defines the web and video conferencing are how fast the current networks can transmit data. Fortunately, innovations in 5G networks and Web Real-Time-Communications (WebRTC) will enhance the internet phone system. It will dispense stable and open streaming, as well as proffer sufficient data transfer speeds. It will enable the companies, despite its size, indulge higher-quality, even 4K and 8K resolution, videos.

2. Augmented Reality

With 5G network speeds, virtual Reality will no longer be a thing of the past. It will not only reinvent the technology but will also give a new meaning to the things around. 5G will completely blow past 4G’s Gbps limit, which is holding back the development, implementation, and adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) applications.

Augmented Reality devices demand more data processing because of the visuals they bestow to the users, and therefore it imposes an enormous strain on current mobile networks. 5G not only facilitates a smoother connection and prevents network delays but also improves the user experience and eliminates any factor that affects the bottom line. 

3. Mobile VoIP or Cloud telephony

VoIP calls entirely rely on the high-speed downlink and uplink connection. This cloud technology will impart stability to the internet phone system that will allow you and others to connect with your internet phone number uninterruptedly. For example, 4G provides its users with a very limited upload and download speed. It leads to unstable and poor call connectivity and clarity. This limitation tends to packet loss and network congestion because of which the transmitted data doesn’t reach its destination. Whereas, 5G overlap the pitfalls of 4G and widen to broader perspectives. 

5G: Beginning of a new era

 4. Stable Internet Connectivity

Latency is the time taken for communication to start, establish, and stop and then start again. You can experience the same whenever you load a webpage on a smartphone. Low latency means a faster network, and that is what 5G is all about. 

Suppose, If a 4G network takes around 40 milliseconds, 5G, on the other hand, will reduce that to just a single millisecond. 5G will make everything right from the local and international phone system to video conferencing, gaming to browsing instantaneous, and unwieldy. 

This tactile internet feature will kindle a revolution in various industries. The medical practitioner will be able to scan the entire body in real-time, examine a patient using a telepresence unit, and perhaps even remotely operate on patients using a surgical robot hand controlled with the internet. Robots will be receiving instructions in real-time and performing complex tasks without any communication differences.

5. Generating a Hi-Resolution Audio

Vague discussions around states that 5G is for video-based entertainment. But people have a minimal idea about the drastic changes 5G will imply in the music world. Today, we listen to music that is MP3 compressed or present as iTunes AAC files. Hi-Res Audio (HRA) is a lossless audio codec which can reproduce a full range of sound from recordings. It will proffer you with a sense of listening to a piece of music directly from the music recording studio. The massively large bandwidth coming with 5G is likely to popularize and normalize high-quality audio.

6. High-Speed Wireless Home Broadband

The general misconception about 5G is that it’s only for smartphones and mobile gadgets. But instead, consider it a wireless fiber, which speeds up and stabilizes the data connectivity for remote and easy accessibility. 

With 4G, the web pages take an age to load, video buffers, apps freeze, and photo uploads take forever. But the advent of the 5G-powered revolution will bring about a positive and productive change in the internet world. It will kick-start a new generation of real-time low-latency mobile gaming and more enthralling virtual reality experiences. Not only that, but the enterprises will also utilize 5G to improve in-house communication. It will upgrade the local phone system and internet phone system for optimizing daily interactions.

7. Internet of Things

One of the significant reasons behind 5G’s popularity is its network supporting feature. It can handle up to a million devices per square kilometer. Everything that we see is connected to the network. From headphones to mobiles to cars to bike, from equipment to robots to assets, everything is interlinked. 

Another aspect of low latency is the real-time cloud. Devices like phones, wearables, PCs, and laptops will link to cloud technology for everything – files, data, and artificial intelligence. 5G technology not only tends to comfort at an individual level but also upscale at the industrial extent.   

Benefits of 5G technology

  • Proficient in Nature

The most-discussed 5G facet is enhanced speed and broader bandwidth. With a high data rate of up to 10 Gbps, 5G will bring ten times to 100 times improvement over the existing 4G LTE technology. The low latency entailed by 5G makes the technology matchless. You can promptly connect to the network and interact seamlessly over it. Its high-density facet enables over a million people to connect and communicate without any discrepancies.  

  • Less Power Consumption

There will be an enormous reduction in power consumption for devices. Even though it means minor power savings at the smartphone level but, from an infrastructure perspective, especially for IoT devices, the power savings will be significant. Incorporating IoT devices with cellular 5G communication means lower power overhead in design. It will qualify the remote devices to run significantly longer on battery alone. 

  • Enterprise-grade Secure

Security is always a primary concern for mobile devices and IoT devices because the latter bide with the corporate network. With 5G, sturdy and uncompromised protection will be available for designers, including critical management service, hardware security modules, over the air security, and others. It will aid you to make sure that the data transmitted over the 5G network is secure while also strengthening the network endpoints.

Updated : October 18, 2021


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