Communication over IP

Every computer or device which is part of a network has a designated Internet Protocol (IP). It is a unique identifier or an address for a particular computer or device. A port number is a unique number that identifies the unique connection between two devices having specific IP addresses. Each IP address, or device, can communicate with as many as 65535 other IP addresses, and a TCP/IP port identifies the unique connection which connects two such devices. Instead of being a physical port that you see on your laptops, this protocol creates a virtual port that helps to connect two different devices remotely, and then this ‘connection’ is used to make those two devices ‘talk’ to each other. This is referred to as communication using IP.

At the core of this communication is the world’s largest network, the World Wide Web. The IP of a device can be used to transmit different types of communication over the internet, where it is received by the IP of the accepting/receiving device. One of the simplest examples of such communication is IP telephony. 

Let us begin with the example of Canada. The use of IP to communicate first became available in 1997. Since then, the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) has put in place several definitions, guidelines, and protocols to ensure seamless communication using IP. 

South Africa also saw a spurt in IP based communication in 1997, with the privatization of Telkom. Now, all private operators are allowed to build and operate their own fixed-line networks. South African users usually get speeds of almost 8 Mbps. 

Another relevant example is that of Brazil, which is considered by experts worldwide to have one of the most progressive communications protocols for IP telephony and other examples of communication using IP. Strangely, the year this began was again 1997, when the General Telecommunication Law was passed. The government’s involvement has ended completely since, and the private players are regulated by Anatel (Agencia Nacional de Telecommunicacoes). 

If one takes the example of the Global System of Mobile communications (GSM), they are a trade body that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide through the GSMA. They are firmly committed to an all-IP world. They have a footprint in 222 countries and reach 83% of the population in these countries. So, if you are using an international telephone number, it is very likely you are being covered by them.

Over the years, the use of IP for communication has changed irrevocably. Communication over IP is now no longer limited to just IP telephony. Although mobile-first is a very common principle today, yet the consolidation of different systems on IP has become more and more common. A number of discrete and disparate systems have now been migrated to and consolidated in a common TCP/IP backbone. From video surveillance to access control, and even the set of online telephone numbers of an organization – these are just a few examples of multiple systems being consolidated in a single communication system over IP.

Our features and advantages

CallHippo is a global leader in intelligent phone systems. We can help set up your communication systems in a very convenient manner. You start off by buying a set of domestic and international phone numbers from around the world. On each of these numbers, you must add on the multiple users who are tagged to that number. As soon as these two steps are completed, your employees and other users are ready to make calls to all parts of the world. But it is not enough for you to consolidate your communication channels into one IP based workflow. You will also have to get a grip on what exactly is happening over those communication channels. When you use our services, these are a few of the distinct advantages we can offer you:

  • We do appreciate that you would be keen to extract the most you can from every dollar spent on acquiring new customers. We will provide robust analytics regarding the volume and expense of calls made to every prospect, to give you a realistic and real-time idea of your customer acquisition costs.
  • We can also slice and dice your calling data to show you the status of calls made by each of your sales reps. This would help you get a comparative idea of which employees are the most efficient. That will help you highlight best practices, and also benchmark the expenses employees should be aspiring to hit.
  • In case you have a set sales script that your callers follow, we will help you understand the efficacy of those scripts by comparing the acquisition efficiency for each of your scripts. In case your reps are not adhering to any set sales script, our call record analysis will help you develop the most effective sales script for future use.
  • Assuming you have to deal with a lot of customer calls to your online phone numbers, we would be able to get those calls recorded, analyzed, and derive useful insights from them to sharpen your customer satisfaction indices.

When you work with us at CallHippo, you get all these advantages listed above. Additionally, you also get the benefits of aligning with some of the biggest names like Hubspot, Freshdesk, Intercom, Zoho, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Zapier just to name a few. You get all the benefits of all these useful integrations when you employ our services. You can easily download our Android and iOS apps from Google Play and App Store, respectively. What’s more, there is a convenient Chrome extension that you can install with just a click. If you don’t wish to miss out on this great deal from us, write to us or call us today. We can also have one of our representatives call you or visit you and explain how best you can utilize our services to streamline your multi-system communications. 

Solve Your Multi-system Communications Problems

Solve big problems with simple telephony features

A jaw-dropping survey by Hanover Research recently found that in spite of the widespread modern communication systems like email, video calling, social media, or chatbots, a staggering 74% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still rely primarily on voice communication for their business needs.

One of the most common issues we see in most companies is that they pay scant attention to their existing hardware and support. In a world where new technology grows obsolete before the end of the year, it is suicidal to continue with outdated equipment. A simple example is network security. Most obsolete hardware related to telephony and other communication needs is entirely ill-equipped to ensure data security. That is why there is an urgent and pressing need to upgrade from limited voice communication and replace that hardware with multi-channel hardware, which can ensure robust security as well.

Another simple need that often goes ignored is the requirement of scalability. As a company grows in its business reach and geographical spread, its communication setup must be able to keep pace with higher customer volume and wider employee spread. With an IP enabled communication architecture, adding nodes is a very easy job. On the flip side, if your company is going through a rough patch in these difficult times, you can very easily remove unused lines and keep paying only for the bandwidth you actually use.

Another reality that many business users fail to appreciate is that in the current business scenario, their business has a lot more expectations from their communication systems. Unless there are additional features and functionalities, the costs might actually spiral higher instead of saving money for the business.

Like we explained in the previous section, a modern business doesn’t just need robust communication. It also needs to be able to extract useful information from the communication and convert that to real-time data, which can provide useful insights for an overall improvement of operations. These are some of the simple solutions we can offer for your major problems. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you, so don’t lose this opportunity to upgrade your business in partnership with us.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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