With the world moving on to adopting changes in the traditional methodologies, there is a clear transition in their operations as well. After globalization made an appearance, the constraints of international borders became almost minuscule. However, there were still barriers in the communication system, which gradually improved with the onset and acceptance of cloud based phone systems for communication.

A few decades back, companies largely depended upon traditional landline phones over cloud phone system, which not only required complicated and time-consuming setup but also retrained the businesses from indulging in the productive decisions with the overseas clients and teams due to extremely high international calling costs. This not only restricted the growth of the firm but also constrained them from gaining profitability.

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Virtual PBX phone system brought along a revolutionary change in business communication, which largely helped the business in:

  1. Making international presence
  2. Efficient utilization of the resources
  3. Growth and better productivity
  4. Analytical improvements
  5. Enabled them with better decision-making prowess

These days, there are list of business phone systems in the market that often confuses and misleads the buyers from buying the right technological office system for their business. These Cloud business phone systems have impeccable features, such as:

Browse the entire activity feed:

The activity feed is essential for every business in order to observe the pattern of your callings and make data-driven decisions. Your business phone system for small businesses is equipped with features that can track and store the entire activity feed on the dashboard, including call details, call duration, call status and also call recording.


It is nearly impossible for an employee to stick to his desk 24*7. So, when you’re away, using the voicemail feature on your Virtual business phone system, the customers can drop a message for you, which you can hear directly from the dashboard or from the registered email address. This way, not only do you save yourself from missing any important client calls, but also consider yourself a responsible company.

CRM Integrations:

The world’s becoming efficient and every task you do must be smartly managed. The CRM integrations help you to do just the same. By integrating CallHippo with your CRM, you can simply make a call by clicking on the number, rather than engaging in dialing the numbers every time. You neither have to leave the CRM nor is it time-consuming.

Call Recording:

Analyzing call performance has become a necessity these days. This can be done using a system that can store and be made available for later use. The call recording feature can help you to identify the root problems in your product and make mandatory improvements in the sales pitch.

Business Phone System - CallHippo

Number Portability:

As there are a number of competitors in the market, a customer now has multiple options available in the market. However, transferring the entire data from one Virtual business phone system to another can be a tad difficult. Therefore, the numbers that come with the portability feature allow you to keep the entire data intact as well as save yourself from the unnecessary headache of sharing the number with the entire clientele.

As technology today is capable of bringing a massive transformation in businesses, these features are what make the work even more efficient and effective. It encourages businesses to develop and compete head-on with the competitors in the market while expand their services in globally with cloud phone system. Apart from this, incorporating technology such as VoIP phone system in education system & business helps you in a number of ways, such as:

Cost Saving:

The Virtual PBX Phone Systems are highly cost-effective because they don’t require any heavy expenditure on hardware. In order to avail of the cloud-based virtual PBX services, all you require is a browser, smartphone, or tablet along with a good internet connection. Although you may find the traditional PBX’s expensive as they require high initial investment required in a lot of wiring and hardware, while in the case of the Cloud business phone system, there is no such vast investment required.

Fast Setup:

One of the best things about a virtual business phone system is that an entrepreneur doesn’t have to spend days into setting up these numbers nor does he require any dedicated space for it. The Cloud-Based Phone System is so easy, flexible, and fast to set up that you hardly require three minutes of your time in its entire setup. All you are required to do is simply create an account with CallHippo and within just a few minutes, it’s all done!

Ease of Usage:

The entire Virtual PBX Phone System is incredibly easy to use and can be taught to the teammates with just one simple training. All the features of virtual telephony make one’s job easier and more effective, resulting in the efficiency in the work as well as ensuring more productivity in the same hours.

Safety of Customer Data:

The theft and loss of personal customer data are one of the growing security concerns of every industry. In the case of a Cloud-Based Phone System, the clients can take a back seat because all the crucial call details and recordings in the case of this technology are saved on the cloud server, which makes the entire data safe. In fact, all of these recordings and call log history can be accessed at any given time.

There are many more benefits of the cloud business phone system. We all know that a business has to face many concerns in various departments, be it marketing, sales, finance, or legal issues while attending to new customers or retaining an old customer. But amidst all this, if you get stuck into managing the traditional PBX, then you know that it is time for you to take a leap and move on to a technology that can help you grow.

With CallHippo, you can get the Cloud business phone system for more than 50 countries starting from $6 only. With the robust interface and easy-to-use application, CallHippo believes that it can provide you with a smooth communication system that can help you accomplish your goals in the overseas market.

Note: Please check our updated pricing plans.

Updated : August 4, 2021


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