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Smooth experience is what everyone one seeks in today’s time and age. Every experience needs to be perfect, whether it is talking to friends, doing grocery shopping, planning a trip, or contacting a brand for customer support. Today the world revolves around how good, or bad experience customers had while they interacted with your product or service. The experience you provide to the customer has the same weightage as the product or service you are trying to sell them. While we are talking about the way a business communicates with the customer, it is essential to choose the right channel at the right time, and that is in the proper context.

Gone are the days when companies could dictate how they interacted with the customer or vice versa. Today’s customer is smart and vigilant. You need to get in touch with them on their preferred channel at their preferred terms and conditions. 

In a recent Ovum paper called “Understanding the Complexity of Messaging Channels and Digital Engagement,” SAP Digital Interconnect said that customers prefer to be connected first via email, followed by an SMS and then voice calls. This definitely doesn’t mean that one channel is more effective than the other. It depends on personal preference and what the subject of their issue is. Like there are always two aspects of a coin, the same is with the series of channels you use for customer interactions. Each channel has its set of benefits and drawbacks, which depends on a few factors like the type of customer, urgency, data connectivity limitations, and so on.  

We have seen a few brand and customer interactions where customers are more comfortable with SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messengers. But we have also seen cases where the customer is private and restricts the communication to a voice call, email, or live chat.  

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS is short for the Communications Platform as a Service. It is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to combine real-time communication features to their application without having to build interfaces or backend infrastructure. A CPaaS service provider will give support and product documentation to assist developers in through the development process. 

The very first commercial SMS or Short Messaging Service was sent in the year 1993. It was after seven years that SMS was used as a marketing channel by the companies. If you ask us in current market SMS is considered as a globally respected and adapted mode of communication

All this praise is because of how simple it is to use. It is so popular because reportedly, around 5 billion people that is 65% of the world population uses it.  

SMS can be used as a private mode of communication, as transactional or for the marketing communication channel between an application and a mobile phone.

The different types of SMS communications are 


It is a private mode of communication where two people communicate with each other via SMS.


In this mode, a human initiates communication with an application or enterprise. 


This type of SMS lets you establish a channel for communication between enterprise and peer. This type of SMS is used for transactional and marketing communications. 

Why is Communication Platform As a Service most suitable for Enterprises?

An enterprise achieves its goal only when they have generated targeted revenue, and the customer they dealt with is fully satisfied with their product and service and is a hundred percent loyal to them. It is essential to understand the magnitude of A2P messaging reach and the fact that it is simple to use even when developing a communication platform to handle SMS transactions. This is what we call artwork. 

If we consider an enterprise as a whole, it includes a different segment, duties, targets, and phases. It is quite hard for an enterprise to maintain a seamless communication channel with its consumers, which is as essential as any of their preliminary duties. But SMS can make this possible in a fraction of seconds. 

Why is the Communication Platform as a Service an ultimate elixir for enterprises?


Here are a few of the pros of CPaaS that make it a mandatory use for any enterprise. 

i) High Security 

In the current times where there is data breach everywhere, a customer always wants to know, “how secure are my texts”? The SMS can have 160 characters that can have data that is not only personal but sensitive as well. To maintain goodwill in the market, enterprises do their best to safeguard this data at all costs. 

CPaaS have multi-layer data security that is provided in the form of access control, record deletion, firewalls, audit logs, and many such feature companies have started realizing how useful it is. Also, if you were concerned about the flexibility, it is incredibly flexible as it lets the super-user decide the access rights of their sub-users. Other than that, it will assure that the message content and recipient list of mobile numbers are data encrypted. You will be amazed to know that it provides you with features like two-factor authentication and IP whitelisting for the end consumer as an added security layer. 

ii) Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting have become the backbone of the industry due to their wide range of abilities. With a communication platform, you get extensive comprehensive options to investigate and examine the execution of message transactions. With the help of its in-depth mechanism, it lets the company dig deep into their campaign, which makes it more productive. 

There are a wide range of statistics that enterprise can access which are mentioned below:

  • MIS report
  • Summary Report
  • Daily Stats
  • Running Report
  • Administration Report

iii) Efficient Routing and Price-based System

CPaas is custom based and has a price-based mechanism that provides companies with prices based on their country and operator.

iv) User Management

In each company, different tasks are performed by various divisions. 

Once CPaaS is used, it facilitates a super-user to generate various sub-users that can later be assigned duties that are appropriate to their process. One of its notable features is that it will not only ease the lifecycle of sending a text message, but it will entirely annul the requirement to develop in different applications for the same purpose. This will help the company carry out its commitments independently while saving a decent amount of time and money. The USP of CPaaS is in the simplicity and level of usability to its customer.

v) Authentication and Verification

What do you consider as important as creating a new SMS campaign? You guessed it right, the authentication and verification of the same. The communication platform has a high technology spam filtering mechanism that provides a complete cycle of affirmation. Its authentication and verification cycle are so intense that it not only validates the content used in the message but will also authenticate the country and operator of all the numbers in the list. It all depends on the connectivity and coverage available at the time. It creates high-level content-verification by applying built-in countrywide keyword specification. If a content is violating the keyword specification, it has the power to discard it instantly.

vi) On-premise Solution

CPaaS gives direct enterprise connectivity with operators, which results in saving them a lot of time and money. Their data remains private and secure as all the rights are with super-user. Due to the level of flexibility, it also lets the enterprise cater to large volumes. 

vii) It has a scalable architecture

CPaaS is designed in a way to have a scalable architecture to fit the needs of an enterprise. It can be robust and customizable. This makes it easier to be scaled up vertically as well as horizontally manage load and TPS. What is most important is that it is a thoroughly tested platform that is competent to transmit more than ten thousand messages per second over multiple connectors. 

Now you can organize SMS marketing with the help of a robust, scalable, and reliable platform that lets you cater to the needs of your customer on the go. This is a cost-effective program and is engineered to supply a flexible and optimized ecosystem for the enterprise. CPaaS is the key to maintaining SMSs effectively as it is independent, customizable, and user-friendly.  

CPaaS is the best friend of your business phone system as it will accentuate its features better. In simple words, you can say that a business phone system can be more productive once CPaaS is being incorporated along with it. We suggest that you should definitely give CPaaS the platform a try. 

Updated : February 23, 2021


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