Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is enabling operators to offer cheaper communication services. Businesses, irrespective of any size, can avail benefits by leveraging this technology. With a seamless blend of voice and data functions by VoIP, companies can take advantage of innovative communication features while leaving the hassles of hosting, troubleshooting, and updating on their VoIP service providers.

According to Future Marketing Insights (FMI), the VoIP market has registered 98.9 billion subscribers in 2012, which is forecasted to increase to 204.8 billion users by 2020.

When it comes to businesses, hosted VoIP plays a predominant role in streamlining communications. If used cleverly, it can have an adverse effect on a business’ marketing strategy.

With ever-changing marketing platforms and the shifting customer behavior, it becomes difficult for businesses to thrive in the market. But, with tools like hosted VoIP or virtual phone numbers, you can make sure that you are investing your efforts in the proper direction.

Here, we will have a look at some of the sure-shot tactics that hosted VoIP enables you to adapt to create value for your business.

Increase your Conversions

As per a study, telephone-based outreach delivered about 8.2% response rate as compared to 0.03% response rate by email-based awareness. So, businesses need to incorporate tools like hosted VoIP. You will achieve a far higher success using such technologies to connect with your potential clients.

Today, most of the small businesses operate internationally. So, if you are worried about the cost, you don’t need to. It is one of the most significant benefits that hosted VoIP offers. One more advantage of VoIP is that it allows you to choose a phone number of another country. For example, you can avail an Australia virtual phone number from service providers like CallHippo in just $8, no matter where you are located. This helps your business build a rapport and layer of trust within your clients. Further, it enhances the professionalism of your company and encourages your audience to stay actively engaged with your brand.

Enhance your accessibility

Nowadays, customer demands services and products to get delivered at the speed of their needs. Therefore, it has become part of an effective marketing strategy. Customers prefer convenience. So, a brand’s credibility depends on how accessible it is for the customers. It includes, how much time a company takes to respond to customers’ queries, how quickly they answer their calls, and how efficiently they suffice customers’ requirements.

With a hosted VoIP, you can improve your customer’s overall experience by enabling them to connect you directly with a robust set of voice features. You can also utilize some prime benefits of hosted VoIP by getting a business phone number or toll-free phone number. Your customers can use it to call you free of cost or at minimal charges. Hence, your global customers can reach you while eliminating the fuss of expensive long-distance calling charges.

Hosted VoIP impacts your Marketing Strategy

Augment Customer Satisfaction

Modern customers love to e treated as individuals. Offering them with choices, keep them returning to you for more.

According to a survey, 34% of the times, customers switch brands because they are dissatisfied with the service from the previous brand. Thus, it is of utmost importance for companies to deliver the supreme quality of service for customer retention and availing customer loyalty.

Customers want to feel special. Not everyone looks forward to communicating via emails. Some customers prefer to get instant solutions or response, while some want to understand the products in depth. So, customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Provide them different ways to reach you and delight them the way they like you to treat them.

Build a Professional Image

A multitude of features by hosted VoIP helps build your brand professionalism. Features like call routing offer a sense of able customer service by connecting the clients to the right representative at the right time. Attributes such as call forwarding enable you to forward calls to your team members while you are traveling or busy to attend the meeting. Moreover, you can connect with your team or potential clients regardless of where you are in the world.

One exciting thing about hosted VoIP is that it lets you create a global presence. For instance, you are located in the US and run the business in Australia. Getting an Australia virtual phone number will make your customers feel that you are a local, and thus, they will develop trust for your brand. Further, they will never hesitate in reaching you via call as your number will have a local presence.

Accumulate Data

The thing without which any top-notch marketing strategy can fail is data. It is a supplement for your marketing strategy. Let’s say; you require determining the efficiency of your marketing plan. How will you accomplish it? Simple! Track the amount of traffic you received through your campaign. You can sort out this traffic to use it further for different marketing campaigns.

It helps you understand which marketing activity enables you to make more sales. You can use different VoIP phone numbers to target various marketing campaigns. No matter how many virtual phone numbers you set up, all will get directed to the same place. But, you can determine which customer approached from which campaign. Your company can save time, money, and efforts via hosted VoIP.

Wrapping up…

On examining closely, we understand that hosted VoIP helps monitor the success of your efforts and drive marketing strategies towards your business’ growth. Additionally, deploying technologies like hosted VoIP bestows you the power of a multi-national company at a fraction of the cost invested in traditional phone systems.

Hosted VoIP gives a lot of features at an affordable price and doubles your business revenue. Moreover, it is easily scalable to fit your business’ needs. Employ hosted VoIP tools in your company and let your marketing strategies yield the desired business magnification.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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