Virtual reality is a rapidly growing medium used by many businesses to improve processes and bolster employee education through training programs. As compared to standard training methods, VR-based training has many benefits for the enterprise. It can be conducted anywhere, anytime, which saves time and money for the company and its employees.

With the rising interest in this technology, several numbers of questions arise in everyone’s mind, which includes how an organization can use VR for training, what type of topics and results will VR be an effective solution for, how much will it cost or what kind of setup will be required. In this post, we have discussed how VR-based learning can reshape the training process across the corporate landscape. 

What is Virtual Reality

It is the use of computer technology for creating a simulated environment. Users are immersed and can interact with their surroundings. By simulating various senses like hearing, vision, touch, even smell, the computer system is transformed into a gatekeeper to an artificial world.

Virtual Reality is Safe:

With industries having risky jobs, training with VR is invaluable as it provides a safe environment for the employees to practice. Imagine a team member on first-day performing surgery on a patient or handling difficult machinery in the factory. A single mistake can cost lives, and hence they need to learn. Using VR learning solutions enables the learner to navigate the environment that mimics working conditions where they can make numerous mistakes and learn from them.

Virtual Reality is Cost Efficient

As compared to an ordinary audio/video material, VR scenarios offer you precisely what you are missing, at lower costs than face-to-face training. There are multiple ways of creating virtual reality content. The app Viar360, for instance, enables you to quickly stitch videos together, create hotspots for dialogues, and change them later on. Apart from an employee getting a chance to create his own client interaction experience, it gives you a scope to change it in the future and stay updated with trends.

Virtual Reality Resolves Complex Problems

VR-based training is enjoyable for learners from all learning styles. It is essential because the more engaged the learners are, the better they understand and remember the content. The simulations are built in such a way that even the most complex problem is simplified for the learners. It enables those experiencing VR training to discover intricate details in a system based on their learning style, which may not be possible in a traditional training format.

Virtual Reality Saves Money on Training

VR has immense potential to make an impact on saving companies significant amounts of money in training. With training expenses being very costly, the use of a VR headset can eliminate the necessity to pay for travelling, expensive accommodation, or pay for several workshops. Irrespective of the sector, this method can be used in large amounts of training. It is a useful method of training, especially in dangerous, life-threatening simulation.

Virtual Reality Increases Engagement For Remote Learners

For a distributed workforce, travelling to a centralized training location can be expensive; however, a remote training can cause a disconnect with engagement from the remote trainees. VR-based training allows participation while enabling learners to learn from anywhere in the world. For instance, AGL Energy Limited uses VR for inducting recruits from anywhere in the country. They immerse the employees into a stand-up meeting and show the company headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

In Conclusion

Constructing a new world that includes VR technology in every corporate learning strategy is right around the corner. The technology has now become a tangible real-world option to deliver immersive and real-time experiences anytime, anywhere. Leading companies are already implementing VR as a tool for corporate training. With expectations for the VR industry to grow more, training in VR will become commonplace.

Updated : February 23, 2021


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