Introduction to Intelligent Call Distribution

Intelligent Call Distribution (ICD) system is an automatic system that allows the distribution and routing of the incoming calls to the right executive at the receiving end. With the help of a predetermined mechanism, the Advance Call Distribution (ACD) system, allows you to manage the incoming calls on your Virtual phone number. It allows you to select the order in which you want to distribute the calls and route the calls in the same order, making it easier for you to handle the numerous incoming calls.

For call centers, enterprises and big institutions with in-house Virtual Phone Systems,  Intelligent Call Distribution can be very beneficial. It not only allows you to manage the calls efficiently but also saves the time of the different executives.

Different mechanisms used for Advance Call Distribution

The ACD works with the help of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and interactive voice responses (IVR) to route the incoming calls to the appropriate executive. These two techniques, working together, make the ACD an Intelligent Call Distribution system over your virtual phone number.

Below we are defining some of the methods that are used to establish the Virtual Phone System. These techniques help you to set the order in which the calls will be routed and how the executives will respond to them.

A fixed order

It will allow you to route the call in a fixed order. Now the order depends on the different responses given on the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) such as giving priority to a VIP customer, directing the call to the technical team for technical queries or sales team for sales related queries and so on. The same order will be followed every time a call is received and based on that it will be transferred to the next executive in case the very first executive is busy.

Simultaneously or Ring all

In this feature, the call will be routed to every member of the team and whoever is free will be able to respond. It makes the response time quick and helps customer satisfaction.

Based on the talk time of the executive

The time taken by the executive to finish the call is the base of this mechanism. Here we can have three different scenarios:

  • Fewest call received: The incoming call will be routed to the executive with the fewest received calls.
  • Smallest Talk Time: Here, the executive with the smallest talk time gets the next incoming call.
  • Longest Idle: Here, the executive who is free for the longest working hours receives the next incoming call.  

Round Robin Technique

Here you can fix and automate the incoming call to different executives. In case the executive is busy, the call will remain on hold for some time and then it will route to another executive. The same procedure will happen until an executive answers the call. The time of hold will be predefined and fixed for every executive.

Using all the above techniques, different call centers can skillfully manage the virtual phone system.

Benefits and Functions of Advance Call Distribution system

Once we have understood the different methods that are used to order and route the incoming calls, below we will understand the different benefits of ACD in the Virtual Phone System:

Better Manageability

Instead of a single call executive, the calls will now be handled by the team. It helps in the proper management of not only the calls but also of the executives working for the Virtual Phone number.

Improving productivity and Higher Return on Investment

Now the response time has improved and even at a smaller time, the executives can handle more customers. Thus with the help of ICD, the productivity of the company can be improved. Not only there will be new customers, but also the customer acquisition cost will be lower due to good responses and effective problem resolutions.

Equal call distribution

The routing order helps to route the calls to almost every customer executive in the team. Thus, the call burden will not be on one person, but on the whole team. Thus ACD helps in reducing the call burden and also helps in the equal involvement of everyone in the team.

Data Acquisition

With the help of the virtual phone system and the integration of CTI and IVR, you can record the calls; calculate the total number of calls coming in a day, the average length of each call and the time taken by the executive to solve the issue. This data helps in improving the strategies and also helps in understanding the performance of the company and the performance of the individual working.

Call Monitoring, reporting, and coaching

With the help of ACD, the managers can be engaged in call monitoring, call conferencing, call barging and whisper coaching. It helps in enhancing the managerial coaching and data acquisition based on real-time and historical reporting.

Moreover, with the help of Advance Call Distribution, there can be automatic callbacks, multiple call queues, and auto-attend. The geographically dispersed companies can function as one using ACD and companies with numerous carries can use one Virtual Phone System using the ACD.


Based on all the benefits and different mechanisms stated above, ACD for the virtual phone number of a company is a turning point. With the help of ACD, one can manage, route and attend the numerous calls in a hassle-free manner. It not only helps in routing the incoming calls but also helps in personnel management.

From attending the calls to the data acquisition of the incoming call, a company can enhance its Virtual Phone System using the Intelligent Call Distribution on the Virtual phone number. With the numerous functionalities provided by the Intelligent Call Distribution, the company can not only handle the call burden but also work in a cohesive, efficient and professional manner.

For any call center or a big company with the in-house Virtual Phone System, ICD is a vital component for the hassle-free functioning and higher productivity.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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