Irrespective of the choice of location, vacations are something that almost everyone fantasizes about. However, data suggests that even the workers who are entitled to paid vacation time, often don’t take it. In 2016, American workers left as many as eight vacation days per employee and a total of  662 million vacation days unused. America is the only country in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development that does not even mandate paid vacation.

In contrast to the above findings, research consistently shows that there are various health benefits of taking vacation time regularly. Among these include less stress, improved productivity, and better mental health.

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What Stops Executives From Taking Vacations?

One of the top reasons that stop employees from taking the much-deserved break is the fear of piling work and loss of valuable business communication in their absence.  

As per a survey was done by Glassdoor in 2017, below are some of the other reasons why workers don’t take vacations often-

  1. Fear of falling behind in their work
  2. Worry of missing out on important client meetings, projects, and decisions
  3. The guilt of not contributing to the work in their absence

However, what they fail to realize is that taking a vacation can be extremely useful for their personal growth as well as for the business that they are part of. To be able to get these benefits, managers should encourage their employees to utilize their vacation days fully and make sure that the employees will not face extra work upon their return.   

What are The Benefits of Taking Vacations?

Among the main benefits of taking vacations at regular intervals include-

Reduces stress

As per the American Psychological Association study, taking leaves from work on a timely basis help in reducing stress. Traveling to new places allow people to dissociate themselves from the harmful environment that can lead to stress and anxiety. The time-off not only alleviates job stress but also lower the instances of various stress-related ailments such as heart diseases, backaches, headaches, etc.

Offer new perspective and inspiration

Breaking the monotony of the routine, visiting a new place allows you to get a fresh outlook on life. Seeing new places, eating different food, and meeting a new set of people can be an entirely life-changing experience in many ways. It won’t be wrong to say that traveling is both therapeutic and inspirational and it can allow you to bring back new and fresh ideas to the workplace.

Helps to recharge and rejuvenate

Vacations can allow people to unwind and renew themselves. It helps in getting away from the day-to-day stresses of work-life. There are several studies that show that managers and employers who regularly make time for traveling experience a substantial increase in their work productivity which in turn has a spiraling positive impact on the other employees as well.

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How to Enjoy your Vacations Without Worrying About Office Communications?

If you’re worried about missed communication or loss of customers while on vacation, CallHippo offers an excellent solution in the form of a Norway virtual phone number for the business that let you enjoy your time without worrying about the work.  

Having a VoIP technology-based virtual phone system allows you to stay connected all the time with your business happenings while you enjoy some quality personal time away from the office.

Getting the best virtual phone number not only allows you to enjoy your vacations but also turns out to be the best business decision ever. It helps your company achieve enhanced productivity and reap amazing benefits in the long run. More than 60% of customers (as per recent research) have a positive and favorable image of businesses that have quality and responsive VoIP system-based business phone numbers.

Are you wondering what benefits a virtual phone system can provide to your business? Read on-

Always stay connected: Buying a virtual phone number from CallHippo gives you the benefit of complete accessibility all the time. So irrespective of the location you’re holidaying in, if you want to stay connected with your business in Norway, all you need to stay connected with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders is a Norway virtual phone number along with a fast internet connection.

Less expensive: With a virtual phone system, you can cut down the cost substantially on international calls and enjoy significant savings. It is a perfect solution for businesses that need to make a high volume of calls on a day-to-day basis.  

Enhanced mobility: A  best business phone number is a great tool that provides businesses with enhanced mobility. You can work at any geographical location of the world (wherever you are vacationing) to ensure excellent operational efficiency.

Parting Thoughts

Many a time, companies focus on achieving their goals by pressuring employees to put work ahead of everything else. Not only this adds to workers’ stress but also sends the harmful message that personal lives are unimportant. This can eventually lead to resentment among the employees and decrease their efficiency.  

It is therefore imperative that managers encourage the employees to take time off and go on vacations as new experiences can make them much better contributors to work which is a boon to any workplace culture.  

With CallHippo’s business phone number system in place, your employees can now freely enjoy their holidays without missing out on any of their work commitments.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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