The Changing Times

Competitiveness is a fact that heavily influences the tech industry. Organizations that want to survive in this industry have to adapt to the fast-changing environment. Technologies like IoT, VoIP, Cloud Workplace, etc. have now become the trend to be followed. 

Industrial workplaces have now begun to adapt to Cloud Workplace technology. The benefits provided by Cloud Technology far outweigh traditional practices. The changes brought forth by Cloud Technology used in the workplace will be discussed more now in this article.

Why is Cloud Technology Preferable?

Cloud Technology has provided a lot of beneficial changes to the way the current technology industry functions. Companies no longer need to establish their own data centers and servers. They can rather employ the use of organizations that provide the required services through the cloud. This employment is on a requirement basis, which helps reduce the cost of unneeded services and resources.

Most organizations today move some or most of their system infrastructure to the cloud. This helps with the ability to upgrade the workplace when needed easily. The latest innovations to the technologies can be easily accessed and distributed through the use of Cloud Technology.

Benefits of the Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology has brought a lot of benefits with itself that makes it superior to the previous technologies and gives us an edge in today’s world.


1. Cloud Services allows everyone in the workplace to be continuously updated about the current progress in the work.
2. Employees are not constrained by the need to come to the office for reporting work progress or acquiring required work material.
3. All the files, tools, data, training materials, etc. required by the employee for their work are always available through the cloud


1. The ability to work whenever they please gives employees greater flexibility in managing their work.
2. Workers who are not able to conform to office hours can contribute more easily.
3. Enables promotion of BYOD (Bring your own device) policy that helps workers connect to their work with better efficiency.
4. Allows the employees not to be restricted through the need to connect to the internal network of the office


1. It is easier for multiple co-workers to collaborate on the project, regardless of time and place
2.Enables the entire group to keep track of changes in the file in real-time and also contribute when necessary
3. The use of cloud technology removes the hassle of saving as the work is continuously saved and updated in real-time. Past versions of the saved work can also be viewed when necessary.
4. Clients can be allowed to view the files easily by restricting their privileges while sharing the file with them.
5.Work progress can be shared publicly amongst the organization to promote motivation and competitiveness in the employees


1. Cloud has limitless capacity
2. It is only limited by the requirements of the client
3.The amount used can be flexibly scaled depending on the amount of usage

Cost Savings

1. Scalability of cloud technology helps save costs by using remove a flexible infrastructure
2. The organization only needs to pay for the data required
3.Removes pressure from in-house IT staff and allows them to focus on other tasks


1.Allows real-time update of all systems linked to cloud
2. Provides similar technologies to all companies regardless of their position
3. Allows to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and to compete successfully in the global market.
4.Enables access to new-age technologies like Cloud Phone System


1. It attracts capable employees through the high-tech perks provided by cloud technology.
2.Allows younger generation to adapt to the working environment more easily
3. Technologies like Cloud-based IoT and Cloud Phone System helps to establish a positive reputation for the company in the industry


1.Cloud technology is very secure despite not seeming so at first glance.
2. Restrictions can be placed on the level of access different people have depending on the levels of authorization 
3.Reduces data redundancy and promotes the application of proper security credentials
4. The file-management techniques employed through third party Cloud Services is much better than local and less-optimized versions
5. Easily allows correlations to be made among the files and saves the information in the metadata.


1.Allows to adapt to the rapidly changing business world
2. Enables quick adoption and application of new tools and processes
3. Enables to keep up with the latest innovations in the field

With the benefits and features of the Cloud Phone System and Hosted VoIP, it's no wonder that the younger generation all clamor to avail of this technology in their workplace. It helps with improving workplace atmosphere to keep up with the trending technology rather than being stuck with the old Office Phone System.

The emergence of VoIP and Cloud Phone System

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds every year. To be able to do the best you can in today’s world, it is necessary to adapt to changing times. Technology such as landline has already become outdated, and it is needed to adapt to newer technology such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Unlike traditional landline technology, VoIP uses the internet to connect with people.

The past few years have seen a technological revolution in the telephone industry. The first-world countries have already made their move to adopt newer technologies. The functionality of traditional landline technology is dying out in the face of newer technological advancements such as VoIP.

Why Cloud Phone System?

VoIP and its advancement through Cloud Phone System are slowly but surely replacing the use of the Office Phone System. This is because the Cloud Phone systems have allowed us to overcome the restrictions and troubles brought forth by the Office Phone System.


1. Office Phone System needed to rely upon the landline telephone communication systems that don’t allow for flexible usage irrespective of time and place.
2. Cloud Phone System enables the use of the business number to talk, text, and chat on your cell phone through the internet, removing the reliance upon a fixed landline system
3. It also helps to separate business and private communication, allowing a modicum of privacy in your lives.

Advanced Features

1. Cloud Phone System enables the use of Time-based routing. It helps the users to set restrictions upon the time of the day that they can be contacted. At other times the calls will be sent to voicemail.
2. Cloud Phone System allows the use of voicemail that can also be accessed through email. Through this, the user can constantly keep track of activities on the cloud phone system and attend only the calls they need to. Unnecessary voice messages can be ignored as the user will already know the subject of the voice message.
3. Cloud Phone System also allows for communication through video. Face to Face communication amongst the employees, regardless of time and place, helps to promote workplace unity and team cooperation.

With the benefits and features of the Cloud Phone Number and Hosted VoIP, it’s no wonder that the younger generation all clamor to avail of this technology in their workplace. It helps with improving the workplace atmosphere to keep up with the trending technology rather than being stuck with the old Office Phone System.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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