The advancement of technology has completely changed the way we live today. It is not just our phones that are becoming smart, but also our homes. The usage of VoIP home phone service has brought about a revolutionary change in the way we make calls and communicate with one another. Earlier, home phones used to refer to handsets that could be used for making outgoing calls and receive incoming calls. But not anymore! By using VoIP for home phone service, one gains access to a wide variety of exciting features on his home phone that makes communication faster, better and more efficient.

Before I go on to tell you more about the benefits of using VoIP home phone service, let us understand what exactly is meant by it.

What is meant by VoIP home phone service?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system refers to a cloud based phone system that uses digital signals instead of the traditional analogue ones. Your phone system will be uploaded on the cloud and calls will be made through the internet. This essentially means that your home phone can now tap into your high-speed internet connection to provide a seamless, crystal clear calling solution that will help you cut down on your monthly budget.

Seems a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? To make it better, let me tell you more about some of the exciting features of the VoIP home phone service.

Features of VoIP home phone service

The extensive features that come with a cloud based home phone system are what make it special and easy to use. Here are some of those features:

  1. Call Transfer – Many a times it so happens that you get a call on your home phone for a family member who’s not home at the moment. The call transfer feature offers you a solution to this problem. Using this feature, you can transfer the call from your home phone to the personal phone of any family member – anytime, anywhere!
  2. Call conference – Want in on an ongoing conversation between your family members on your home phone? The call conference feature is all for three-way gossips and discussions!
  3. Local phone numbers for any country – Making international calls using your traditional home phone can be very expensive. The VoIP home phone service offers virtual phone numbers for any country around the globe at nominal rates.
  4. Ring all – Emergency family discussion? Call all family members associated with your VoIP home phone service simultaneously at one go using the ring all feature.
  5. Smart call forwarding – You don’t need to use the landline to answer your home phone anymore. With the smart call forwarding feature, forward your calls to multiple devices and answer your home phone from wherever you are.
  6. Call Analytics – Don’t know how to catch the culprit when the phone bill surges one month? Using the call analytics feature, you can now determine which family member has made the maximum number of calls along with other relevant statistics like the number of missed calls and so on.

The list doesn’t end here! These are just a few of the features that the VoIP home phone service has to offer. Sign up in just 3 minutes to try out all the exciting features that we have to offer.

Is VoIP home phone service actually useful?

Today, VoIP has become more of a trend and hype rather than just another phone service. It comes up in the headlines every now and then and it is being advertised like crazy. And with its features and affordable prices, it deserves the spotlight. Most of the large enterprises around the globe have already turned to the new digital method of making high quality calls. Tech freaks all over the world are mesmerized with the new cloud based phone systems and how they make communications so much easier. But what about the ordinary Joe who isn’t tech savvy at all? Most of us sitting at home are still wondering if the VoIP home phone service has any real time benefits or if it’s just unnecessary hype. To help out those of you who are still not sure about using the VoIP home phone service, let me tell you more about some of its benefits and advantages.

It is a myth that complex business phone systems are only fit for professional use while traditional phone systems are best suited for household purposes. Reality, however, is far from this. Despite all their efforts, traditional phone service providers are still stuck in the 20th century. No matter how hard they try, they cannot offer the same variety of features or lower prices as VoIP based home phone systems. It is every home owner’s pledge to run the house efficiently in as little money as possible. Switching to VoIP home phone service will help you save money by cutting down on some taxes, service charges and even some hidden charges occasionally. Why pay for the phone when you are already paying for the internet?

Working men and women seldom get to enjoy the benefits of a home phone as they are seldom at home to answer it. But the VoIP home phone service is for everyone! Features like ‘call forwarding’ and ‘call transfer’ facilitate you to answer your home phone from anywhere. The ‘call conference’ and ‘ring all’ features increase connectivity among family members. VoIP home phone service not only increases connectivity among friends and family members living close to you but also those living far away in other countries. International call costs are reduced to less than 50% with our state of the art cloud based phone system. CallHippo’s residential phone service helps you with connect with your loved ones in over 60 countries.

CallHippo offers you a scalable and flexible home phone service plan where you can choose the features that you require. Instead of paying for a ton of features, half of which you don’t even use, you can now pay for only that which you actually use! Using VoIP home phone service, you can turn your house into a fully integrated network. It is currently the smartest and most economical method of communicating with people all around the globe. Even multinational service provides like Jio have come to understand the benefits of VoIP as they attempt to implement the technology in their latest JioFiber phones.

VoIP home phone service

Use VoIP home phone service for your home-office

Can’t make it to the office every day? Are your home affairs keeping you from working? Well, working from home has never been easier! Communicating efficiently with customers, superiors and other team members is a challenge that most entrepreneurs and corporate employees working from home face today. Setting up a VoIP home phone service can provide a solution to all these problems. Using the latest cloud based business phone, you can now easily work from anywhere. And what’s more, an advanced phone system will even help you boost your business.

For those of you worried about setting up and maintaining a business phone system at home all by yourself – you can set it up in a just few simple steps and easily upgrade it whenever required! Experience all the features of your office phone system sitting at home and keep up your levels of productivity and efficiency. Our VoIP home phone service will make you feel like you’re present right there in your office, even when you are far away at home.

How to setup a home office VoIP phone system?

Setting up our CallHippo VoIP home phone service is easy and can be done in just 3 minutes! You just need to follow these simple steps to get a professional feel in your home office. Depending on the nature of your business, you can set up your personalized automated greeting, on-hold music, call forwarding, etc.

Let us go through the simple steps for setting up your very own home office phone system:

1. Choose your phone number

The first step to setting up any phone is getting a phone number. CallHippo offers you a choice between getting a local number, toll free number or both features in a single number. We also give you the choice of porting your old number so that your old customers and executives don’t face any hassle in reaching you. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for a vanity number.

2. Customize your automated greeting and on-hold music

Even if you can’t attend the call, your customers should always be greeted warmly. Customize the automated greeting to greet your callers whenever they call. When a customer is on hold and the line is absolutely silent, he has no way of knowing whether he is still on the line or not. Set up on-hold music or messages to keep people entertained and to let them know they are still on line when their call is put on hold.

3. Set up the IVR feature

Activating the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature instantly gives your callers a professional feel. Add an automated attendant to greet your customers and transfer their call to the right person depending on their needs. This feature makes sure the customers always reach the right person and hardly takes any time to set up!

4. Record your voicemail message

It may so happen that you are unable to attend an important call. In such cases, you can use the voicemail feature to record their message and get back to them later. All you need to do is record a greeting and tell the caller to leave a message for you. It will only take a few minutes of your time to set up this feature.

5. Set up the call forwarding feature

The call forwarding is one of the most exciting features of our VoIP home phone service. You simply need to link the devices on which you would like to forward your calls and you are good to go. This way, you can attend to important business calls even when you’re away from phone without giving away your personal cell number.

In the words of Mukesh Ambani, “Every Indian is used to ‘Gandhigiri’, now every Indian can do ‘datagiri’, which is an opportunity to do unlimited good things with unlimited data.” Switch to cloud telephony and move one step forward towards making your home a smart one. The benefits are unlimited and the price is affordable; so what are you waiting for? Sign up now and join us at CallHippo to experience the exciting features of our VoIP home phone service. Be a part of the revolutionary change in home communications; because we don’t just sell a phone number, we sell an integrated network of cloud based phone systems.

Updated : April 8, 2021


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