Almost all software companies send the welcome email to the new signups, and we also have one at CallHippo. This is a story of how we changed our welcome email format and what changes it brought to us.

At the earlier stage of CallHippo, we had adopted the standard cliche welcome email format that industry uses from ages. Here is what our welcome email used to look like:


The issue with our old welcome email was that almost every SaaS product had the similar format, and users had stopped reading or replying to such emails. These emails had become ineffective as it did not give any additional information to the users. And most users know that such emails are sent via an automation software!

In mid-May, one of our marketing teammates read this article by KiSSFLOW and suggested that we should work on our welcome email. She pointed out

“Welcome email is the first point of establishing contact with our leads, and the team needs to spend more time on making is better.”

This is why we decided to change the format of our welcome email. We wanted to differentiate our welcome email and at the same time make it useful for our sign ups. Here is how our new email started looking like:

callhippo-new-welcome email

Even though the email was a little longer, we added some of the most important aspects one should consider before buying a virtual phone system, and hence made the email worth our users’ time.

We suggested the customers to also evaluate our competitor like aircall and talkdesk before buying CallHippo’s services as it would help them make a better decision. Some business heads may also argue that this is a great way to lose business, but our marketing team has a different perspective:

“Suppose, we sell our product to the customer who doesn’t fit into our product, he will use the product for a month or two, but will definitely leave with a bad impression. But, what if we tell him that one of the competitors is the right fit for him, instead of CallHippo? We will be able to build long-term trust with the user.”

We also received many good feedbacks from our sign ups. Have a look at one of the feedbacks from our customer.


Major benefits we got from changing our Welcome Email:

  1. Our reply rate increased by 14.3%
  2. Our email opening rate increased by 19.5% just by changing the Subject line.

To Conclude, we didn’t lose out customers because they have gone through all the details and aspects of the VoIP phone system and virtual phone number before joining hands with us. We share a trust factor with all our clients because they know we will give them the right advice at any point in time.

Share your views in the comments below. We will be happy to revert if you have any query.

Updated : September 10, 2021


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