Communication is such an integral part of the business process. We might not perceive the importance it holds since we’re so accustomed to making use of communication systems day in and day out. Face-to-face communication will never lose its value. In fact, 95% of people believe that face-to-face meetings are essential for building successful long-term business relationships. cloud-based phone systems are a great tool available to businesses of all sizes and growth rates and improve to make communications scalable and affordable. 

This, of course, does not discount the fact that nearly 83% of them prefer to work remotely.  

With the gig economy clearly on the rise, and with alternate modes of work gaining popularity by the day, maybe it is time to evaluate exactly how much communication systems really matter. More importantly, how the newer modes of communication, especially cloud-based phone systems are helping to usher in a new kind of effectiveness in business communication. Here are some crucial reasons as to why a virtual phone system is a must-have for your business organization:

  • Cost Control

The first consideration for any business-related investment: the cost. Traditionally, communication systems have been costly to install because of the hardware and subscription costs involved. Over time, the cost has certainly fallen, an in some cases has become relatively free as in the case of email. However, nothing beats a good telephonic conversation, not even email. In fact, certain departments or a business organization such as sales, hospitality sector, support, recruiting and etc find that telephonic conversations are inevitable and indispensable. So, doing away with phone calls is not an option. What you can and should do is invest in a cloud-based virtual phone system. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish with a phone number that costs as little as $6 per month. There are certainly going to be no complaints in the cost department because a virtual phone system will actually contribute to improving your bottom line!

  • Intra-Organization Collaboration

Phone lines are not relevant just for the outside world. They are crucial for interdepartmental and intra organizational communication as well. Both of which are crucial for a company to achieve its objectives. If the communication channels within the company are faulty, then the faults are likely to carry over to the outside world too. Your employees and teams will certainly benefit from the myriad features and functionalities that a cloud based virtual phone system imparts: you will have a smoother channel, make specific call groups for projects, and so much more. It will help your employees to work and collaborate better and faster.

  • Effective Team Management

As mentioned before, alternative modes of work such as remote work, telecommuting, and freelancing are increasing in popularity. In 2017, 53.7 million people freelanced in the United States alone. A virtual phone number can be a boon to businesses handling all these different varieties of workers. It’s a medium that can connect different members of a team no matter where they are in the world. A cloud-based virtual phone number is also great for collaborating with freelance workers, who might not have a dedicated company email or phone number. Working remotely or telecommuting is already known to increase employee productivity, with a communication tool as efficient as a virtual phone system, you can only expect to see a bigger spark in your employees.

Virtual Phone System-CallHippo

  • Gauge Employee Performance

Applicable for any departments that rely heavily on calling and speaking to customers, a virtual phone system has features that will enable you to actually gauge how well they’re doing at their job. These features include call tracking, call recording,  call analytics and etc. So for employees in sales and customer support especially, every word they say can be monitored and recorded. What this does is the help to point out mistakes in their approach to communicating with customers. They can listen to recordings of other employees who close more sales or resolve customer problems quickly, in order to improve and fine-tune their own strategies. Similarly, call analytics enables employees and managers to see their performance in numbers: average conversion rate, number of minutes that the salesperson is able to successfully engage a customer, the average time taken to resolve a query, and etc. These will help your sales and customer support employees to ascertain where they truly stand and how much more they need to grow.

  • Get your Customers to reach out to your Business

We’ve talked about how virtual phone numbers can help support teams become better at their jobs. But an added benefit of virtual phone systems, more specifically toll-free phone numbers, is that it becomes that much easier for the customer to reach out to your company when they actually need support. Toll free numbers or vanity numbers are memorable and striking. They are easy to remember for the customers, and therefore, customers can ask for help as soon as they need it. These toll-free number lines are what your customers can turn to in case they have any dilemma, query, grievance, or complaint regarding your product. Additionally, with features such as automatic call routing and forwarding, your customer will never have to put the phone down until their problem/query has been resolved satisfactorily. Most importantly, they are free for the customer, which goes to show that your company truly values the customer’s time, feedback, and money.

  • Reach out to Customers Worldwide

This is one of the biggest reasons why companies are making a beeline to invest in virtual phone systems. Providers such as CallHippo will equip your company with virtual phone numbers that have specific area codes for whichever place in the world you’re looking to target. Your target market is in Phoenix, AZ? Well, you can get a phone number with a specific Phoenix area code and connect to customers there. They will not be hesitant to receive your call because of their familiarity with the area code. The rest depends on how skilled your sales team is. But rest assured that a cloud-based virtual phone number will go a long way towards building a genuine rapport with your international customers, which is ultimately what will enable you to cultivate an international market for your products.

It is pretty evident that a cloud-based phone system might just be the missing element that your business needs. If you feel like nothing’s missing, you can still use it to enhance all of your existing communication systems used to connect your business internally as well as externally. Invest in a virtual phone system and see the difference for yourself.

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Updated : May 6, 2021


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