When it comes to internet usage, security is the factor that matters the most. This is something that you should not overlook at any cost, considering the growing incidents of privacy breaches. Using a Virtual Private Network is one of the best measures to manage your security and privacy as an internet user. Essentially, a VPN is a service that facilitates a secure internet connection with the use of private servers in remote locations. Your internet traffic, thus, is encrypted and routed through the VPN so that your data is secure from prying eyes. What’s more, your computer has a virtual IP address, which means that no one, not even your ISP, knows your identity and location. 

Typically, you may use a VPN while working on a computer for connecting it to a specific private network. But the question is whether the use of a VPN service is only limited to desktops and laptops? Wouldn’t you want the data and information on your phone to be encrypted and protected as well? Considering the increasing use of smartphones for browsing the internet, using a VPN for your mobile is equally crucial. Here are some reasons why you must not have second thoughts about it.

Secures your confidential data

These days, smartphones are always connected to the internet. They are used for browsing websites, exchanging data, accessing social media accounts and syncing the emails. Obviously, there would be loads of confidential and important information on your mobile phone. You would not want it to fall in the wrong hands. What if a hacker intercepts your mobile traffic and manages to get your credit card details, confidential emails, passwords and browsing history? 

This can happen, particularly if you use unsecured public WiFi networks. A VPN is the best solution to fortify your device against such a malicious attack. The best part is that these virtual networks are available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Also, they are capable of protecting your privacy for both web and mobile, which means that you are covered on all fronts if you opt for a VPN. So even if you need to go the extra mile to get a mobile device protected with a VPN, you must absolutely do it.

Enables you to unlock restricted content via smartphone

There are certain streaming channels such as YouTube and Netflix that geo-restrict their content for some locations. Simply speaking, you will not be able to access your favorite content when you travel to one of the restricted areas of the world. What if you still want to see a movie, watch a web series or a live match while traveling abroad? Is it possible for you to access such content on your mobile phone?

The good news is that you can do it by using a VPN service for mobile. It allows you to connect with a server in the location where the content can be accessed irrespective of your physical location at present.  For example, if you are traveling to China and cannot access a streaming channel there, the best way to do it is by selecting a US server with your VPN. You will be able to access the shows right there on your smartphone. So you miss out on nothing and can check out your favorites, wherever you are! 

Provides access to corporate files for remote working

The benefits of VPN for mobile extend beyond security and entertainment as it can serve professional value as well. If you work remotely, having a VPN for a mobile device is a great idea as it lets you access corporate files from anywhere. For example, you may have to attach confidential documents such as a presentation or a worksheet with a professional mail. This requires you to access the company’s online drive and you would not want to do it without a secure connection.

By using a VPN on your device, you can be sure that the connection is fully secure. There is hardly a threat of any potential leaks, a risk that you cannot take for your corporate documents at any cost. At the same time, a VPN gets you the documents at lightning-fast speeds, which matters a lot in the professional context. 

Offers high bandwidth for calls and live streaming

With mobile a VPN is a service, in which you can leverage multiple Internet connections at once. This gives you the benefits of higher bandwidth and lower latency. Both go a long way in preventing buffering for video streaming and disconnections for business calls. Moreover, you can also get high-quality experiences with a live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube

These features can be extremely useful for people who use their devices for business purposes though they are great for entertainment as well. However, you need to make sure that you avail only reliable mobile VPN services to get thee benefits. 

Protects your device from ransomware attacks

Beyond ensuring the security and privacy of your data, you also need to protect your device from ransomware attacks. These attacks have become commonplace these days- the ransomware locks your device and demands a virtual payment (such as with Bitcoin) to restore the device to the original state. Not only computers but mobile phones are at high risk. So it becomes essential to have a protection plan in place.

The best way to keep yourself protected is by nor being visible to the hackers out there. Getting a VPN for your mobile makes you practically undetectable and keeps your device safe from ransomware. So this is something that you must not ignore because such an attack can cause a good deal of trouble. 

Now that you understand the benefits of having a VPN for your mobile, you must absolutely implement it. The protection of all your devices should be your first priority and smartphones are as important as computers. In fact, the increasing usage of the internet on mobile devices makes protection even more important for them. Whether you use your phone for personal or business purposes, you must absolutely run it on a VPN.

Stephen Brown | Editor, Outreach Monks

Stephen Brown, the seniormost editor at Outreach Monks, has worked with some of the most influential blogs and websites. He has gained his expertise in the field of technology and industrial automation over a decade long interaction with the industry insiders.

Updated : March 18, 2021


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