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green tickDate: November 9, 2022

Is customer service important for your business? Is keeping your client base satisfied a major long term objective for your organization? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the best solution for your company is to invest in an automatic call distribution system.

We all know just how busy it can get handling customer calls. Most call agents get inundated with calls; hence they are not able to provide speedy service or adequate responses to customers. This leaves your customers highly frustrated and irritated, in fact, it may even lead them to look for other rival brands that will be able to provide better support and service.

So, the million-dollar question is how will automatic call distribution help you streamline your business communication and will it even help? Let’s understand what is automatic call distribution in-depth and take a look at how it can impact our call center communication processes.

What Is Meant By Automatic Call Distribution?

Automatic call distribution systems are also known as call routing platforms. They direct incoming calls to support agents or departments according to client requirements. An automatic call distribution tool basically works in collaboration with a computer telephony integration system or interactive voice response system to intelligent redirect calls to the most appropriate agent.

The calls are routed on the basis of certain pre-identified criteria. For example, Customers from Germany will be diverted to trained call agents who can speak the German language. Similarly, calls can also be diverted on the basis of the number that was dialed by the caller. For example: If a caller has dialed the technical assistance number, the call can be diverted to the support team or if the client has dialed a sales inquiry number, the call can be diverted to the sales team.

The basic idea behind automatic call distribution is simple – serve the customer fast and go the extra mile to ensure that your organization is responsive towards their queries or demands. This is the prime reason that companies all across the world are investing in acd phone system to will streamline their business communication processes


Advantages of Using Automatic Call Distribution:

Your call center needs to remain efficient and solve customer queries as fast as possible. A robust ACD system is a must-have asset that can help your organization appear professional, and keep your customer base happy by providing them an unparalleled experience. Here are six major advantages of using an automatic caller distribution system:

Efficient Routing of Calls:
Handling peak call traffic hours is definitely one of the biggest challenges for call centers. Very often, there is a shortage of staff members on duty, and this leads to the long average call wait times for customers. An automatic call distribution system enables calls to be routed through an efficient algorithm. Organizations can define certain criteria on the basis of which the calls will be diverted. Some important pre-defined parameters include phone number dialed by the caller, area code of the call, agent availability, and IVR configuration. This makes the entire call center function like well-oiled machinery and results in fewer errors, and dropped calls. Automated routing also greatly reduced the manual workload of team members, and increases the professionalism exponentially.

Faster Response Rates:
One of the biggest grievances of customers is that it makes them extremely long periods of time to receive technical support. Many customers even get frustrated waiting endlessly in telephone queues, hence abandon the line and do not make further calls. Automatic call distribution makes sure to divert calls to available agents, thus ensuring that clients spend the minimum time waiting for the queue. Another advantage of automatic call distribution is that it can identify VIP customers, and forward their calls to specialized agents immediately. This reduces the time spent in making support calls, and customers can also opt to be called back in times of heavy call traffic. This leads to the expedition of response time and delights customers as they are provided with speedy service for all their issues or problems.

Optimized Agent Productivity:
The human resource element of any call center is it’s greatest strength. An ACD ensures that agents are given calls that they are trained to receive; hence they can handle them with ease and confidence. Support representatives will not waste time in attending calls that are beyond their area of expertise. Automatic call distribution also provides call agents with complete information about the caller once the call is received. Team members will not have to open multiple databases or documents, as they will have all the data they require at their fingertips. Automatic call distribution leads to an increase in the number of calls an agent can handle –a vital performance indicator that enhances performance and efficiency.

Streamline Business Processes:
Automatic call distribution systems optimize all business processes to a large extent. ACDs integrates smoothly with all existing organizational tools such as customer relationship software, sales force automation solutions and analytical tools. This gives complete access to data to call agents; hence they have a clear picture of customer needs. Automatic call distribution systems can also integrate with social media pages, and keep track of all past interactions with customers. Team members will be able to view all previous calls made to the organization by a particular customer, hence they will be able to provide personalized and better service.

Connects To Right Agents:
One of the most difficult experiences for customers is when they are connected to the wrong call agents. Companies need to devise a method that ensures that clients are diverted to the right department or support representative to solve their problems. Automatic call distribution makes sure that calls are forwarded to the right person for the job. Hence, customers maybe diverted to agents who speak their native language, or to advanced technical experts that can solve recurring queries. If a customer wants to speak to the agent that they had consulted last time, automatic call distribution can facilitate that so that time is not wasted explaining the entire case history to a new support representative.

Accurate Call Queuing and Call Back Facility:
No customer wants to wait in endless lines to receive support from any call agent. Automatic call distribution ensures efficient queuing based on the priority of clients and order in which customers made the call. VIP agents can skip a long line of waiting customers and their call can directly be diverted to a specialized agent for faster service. There is another useful facility of call back in automatic call distribution systems. In times of heavy call traffic and long call queues, customers can be given the option of having an available support representative call them back in a while. This is extremely beneficial, as it does not waste the precious time of clients by keeping them waiting on hold. It gives valued customers complete control over the service experience and ensures that they receive speedy support without spending huge amounts of time.

Customer experience is super important in the current competitive business arena. If your customers are disappointed with the service that they receive, they will not hesitate to give bad reviews, post on social media, and recommend your organization negatively to others. Companies need to be agile and ensure that their clients receive responsive support as and when desired. Automatic call distribution tools can connect calls faster and solve customer issues effectively, thereby leading to a delightful experience that will keep clients coming back!

It is time to stop shying away from new technologies and harness the power of innovations to surge ahead of the competition. Implementing automatic call distribution is the need of the hour as it can lead to improved bottom-line results. Your customers will be satisfied and your organization will gain a positive reputation. So, boost your call center efficiency, productivity and invest in a call distribution system to witness a sea of transformation instantly and escalate all-important performance parameters!

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