Where there is a VoIP connection there is a way! To quote the American Internet entrepreneur Jeff Pulver, “We are in the midst of a VoIP communications revolution.’ Biz tycoons and entrepreneurs bid adieu to all your communication woes with an in-depth analysis of the hottest, sassiest, most efficient, and cost-effective softphone systems on the market.


1) Nextiva

Nextiva offers a gamut of features in its VoIP phone service package, such as free domestic calling, live chat, call routing, transfer voicemails to emails, along with sales & CRM software. The plans from Nextiva can be dissected into two main categories: small business and enterprise. An affordable solution which appeals to small business holders, it boasts of a user friendly, web-based panel to effectively manage your calls, voicemails, and faxes. It’s USP lies in the fact that it provides you with a registered toll-free number which implies that your users can connect with you free of cost. 


Some of the top features of Nextiva are;

    • Nextiva Desktop and Mobile application
    • Text Messaging
    • Auto Attendant
    • Voicemail to email
    • Unlimited Calling
    • Call queuing 

Endorsed and used by a plethora of brands to reckon with such as Taco Bell, Stanley  Steamer, and DirectBuy, and Ashley HomeStore, it makes for an apt choice for small businesses and enterprises alike.


a) Pricing

The rates vary based on the number of users you have and the length of your contract. Nextiva has monthly and annual rates. Starting from an affordable $19.95/month with no setup fees, the deal just gets better!


2) CallHippo

The freemium power-packed performer is one of the most popular virtual phone systems in the world. Equipped with the regular VoIP features like a virtual phone number, caller ID, call forwarding facility, etc. it also offers a whole range of super cool features like call analytics, call recordings, status report, choice of new local numbers for 50+ countries, unique numbers for each department, ability to define and customize your working hours according to your availability, and direct the caller to your voicemail when unavailable. 

CallHippo integrates with a plethora of popular tools and technologies such as Zoho, Pipedrive, Freshdesk, Zendesk, HubSpot, Groove, Slack, and the likes of it. 

We would all concur on the fact that seamless team collaboration is what rules the roost when it comes to being on top of your biz game. Ensure that no calls are missed by team members by allocating a number to each teammate. This cool feature allows you to set up smart call forwarding directly to their cell phone when unavailable.


Here is a peek into the goodie bag of features offered by Team Awesome@CallHippo,

      • Call Transfer
      • Call Conference
      • Call Queuing
      • Call Barging 
      • Option to avail local phone numbers of 50+ countries
      • Smart Call Forwarding
      • Seamless Team Collaboration
      • Smart Call Forwarding, stay connected even when on the go!
      • Ring All users associated with a particular number

Endorsed by top corporate honchos of the likes of Volvo, Microsoft, Airtel, Infosys, Philips, etc. it is pretty safe to say, that you would be placing your trust in the industry’s best by choosing CallHippo.


a) Pricing

With simple and transparent pricing you can take your pick between monthly and annual plans. Choose from a plethora of plans namely, bronze ($14 per user/month), silver ($18 per user/month), platinum ($30 per user/month), & customized enterprise solutions.


3) Google Voice

A free of cost & flexible business phone service that lets you initiate calls by just typing any contact name or number. It makes phone numbers on websites callable via Google Voice by just clicking on them. Equipped with a free US-based number, voicemail service, call recording feature, and more, it makes for an apt choice for smartphone users and biz holders using devices that support Google products. 

Google Voice call

Even though it has fewer options when compared to a fully virtual phone system, it nevertheless proves to be a cool option for smooth communication between business owners and consumers.


4) Grasshopper

A good choice for those who need a business VoIP system for making calls on the go, Grasshopper doesn’t disappoint! Amongst a market flooded by business VoIP phone services providing mobile apps, Grasshopper has managed to carve a niche for itself. 

With an extremely easy setup and lack of any special device upgradations (yes, you read that right!), this one’s a piece of cake. Take your pick between Grasshopper or Grasshopper Connect based on your business needs and download the application on your device. You may then start calling or texting right away.

grasshopper feature

a) Pricing

No credit card? No issue! Try using Grasshopper for free for the first 7 days and then if you wish to continue, you may choose from the following paid plans; Grasshopper Solo ($26 with annual contract), Grasshopper Partner ($44 with annual contract), Grasshopper Small Business  ($80 with annual contract), and Grasshopper Connect ($35 with annual contract).


5) Vonage

When it comes to providing unmatched flexibility and a wide range of product offerings, Vonage is second to none. Check out the list of communication services offered by them;

      • Business Phone Systems
      • Contact Centre Solutions
      • Office Phone Systems
      • Mobility
      • Call Conferencing
      • Marketing Automation 
      • Phones, Accessories and other Hardware

Their USP lies in the fact that the brand offers industry-specific bespoke solutions based on the particular needs of a business. For instance, they have tools for accounting, real estate, retail, healthcare, and more. Vonage also integrates with popular platforms and technologies such as G Suite, Salesforce, Office 365, Slack, and HubSpot.


a) Pricing:

For VoIP phone plans, Vonage offers the following 3 major plans; Mobile, Premium, and Advanced. The prices are dependent on the number of lines you need. To gain an idea, check out the rates of each plan for businesses who need 20+ lines;

      • Mobile- $14.99 per month per line
      • Premium- $24.99 per month per line
      • Advanced- $34.99 per month per line

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a VoIP Phone System?

Best VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and instead of a traditional PSTN phone line, VoIP systems use the internet for communication.
Equipped with a ton of cool features that facilitate greater flexibility, mobility, and ease of use at minimal cost, one can also receive incoming calls from a non-VoIP number which can be converted to a VoIP line.


Q2. How to choose the perfect VoIP phone service for furthering your business?

With a lot of fish in the VoIP ocean, it often gets a bit of a task to segregate the best amongst the rest. Even though we have made the task at hand simpler by narrowing down the list to the top 5 contenders, it helps to have a checklist of requirements to make a perfect choice.


a) Hardware Requirements

Every VoIP service provider has a different apple pie to offer and as a customer, you need to choose one that suits your business needs best. 

While some providers allow you to use your existing hardware, others may require you to get specific devices. You would also come across VoIP business plans with no hardware requirements. One can simply make and receive calls directly from the mobile app. 

It ultimately boils down to catering to the needs of your business. A solo entrepreneur and an enterprise-grade calling center will understandably have different hardware preferences.


b) Pricing Plans

Usually, VoIP business plans are priced based on the number of users or lines you have. Higher the number of lines you need, the lower will the per-user cost turns out to be. Some service providers charge you per-user, some give you unlimited minutes, while others provide minute restrictions based on your plan.

It is basically an interplay of finding the perfect price point which meets your needs whilst fitting in your budget boundaries. If you’re a low-volume caller that only makes and receives two or three calls per day, you probably won’t need an unlimited plan.

You should also consider the length of your contract. Some companies would require you to sign an annual contract to get the best rate, while others bill on a monthly basis.


c) Features

Some may reckon that you should settle for the software that provides maximum bang for the minimum buck. However, that rule isn’t really the best to go by. Simply because you might need every feature on offer and could do without some. So why end up paying for something you might not even use?! Chalk out the features that are needed for your business and then find the perfect software that offers the feature concoction you are looking for.


d) Setup & Ease to Use

Before zeroing in on any particular VoIP read the customer reviews thoroughly and request a demo or free trial to assist you in making an informed decision. 

Theoretically, VoIP phone services are supposed to be easier than traditional options. Ensure that you choose the one that comes with an easy setup process and user friendly interface. 

On a conclusive note, we would like to sign off by saying that no matter how big or small your business may currently be, it could benefit a lot by choosing the perfect communication softphone partner. Need further assistance? Help is just a text or a comment away! 

Updated : April 15, 2021


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