Phone System is a valuable extension for any business. Keeping tied to landlines on a desk no longer fits in the way we work today. That’s because you cannot answer a desk phone if you are working remotely or are outside the office for a meeting. However, smartphones fixed this issue. Besides, businesses now have access to a myriad of phone systems than earlier. Thanks to the VoIP solutions!

VoIP is the future of telephony, and it offers far better features as compared to traditional phone systems at affordable prices. So, it’s time for businesses to move to the best cloud based systems and say goodbye to the analog phone systems.

FaceTime, Messenger, Google Voice, Whatsapp alternative, Skype, and hundreds of other apps have brought about a revolution in the way businesses make/receive calls. They don’t have to deal with the hassles of calling cards or paying high rates to reach their long-distance clientele.

If you are using Whatsapp or Skype alternative for your business, there’s a better option you might not be aware of. Undoubtedly, Skype and Whatsapp provide the best functionalities for personal use, but when it comes to working in teams, the Virtual Phone System accentuates the quality of communication. CallHippo, a leading virtual phone number service provider, enables businesses to buy local support numbers for over 50+ countries across the globe and implement cloud telephony.

Whether you are running a small business or a large enterprise, CallHippo’s virtual telephone system is the best option to meet your company’s communication needs. It boasts the ability to increase the control, access, and efficiency of your business. Moreover, your company no longer requires a full-time IT team to maintain your telephony.

Why choose CallHippo over Whatsapp and Skype Alternative?

Some of the striking features that will invoke you to use CallHippo instead of Skype and Whatsapp alternative include:

1) Global Numbers

For an organization, it is inevitable to have global numbers to represent itself as a local in a specific country. Let’s say, your client is in Bulgaria while you run your business in the US. When you or your team call him, there is a high probability that he won’t receive the call if he doesn’t find +359 as the country code. But, if you have an online phone number or local phone number of Bulgaria, you can easily convince the client that you are a local in Bulgaria.

Whatsapp does not offer such a feature while Skype does provide global numbers for 26 countries. On the contrary, CallHippo offers global numbers for more than 50 countries.

2) One Number, Multiple Users

Let’s consider an example. Suppose that you are dealing with a customer. Now, a situation arises such that you want one of your employees to deal with your customer. If you are using Whatsapp or Skype, it becomes difficult for your customer to jump to and fro between yours and your employee’s number.

CallHippo’s virtual phone number enables you to have multiple users with the same number. With its ‘Ring All’ feature, all the users associated with the number will receive a call simultaneously. Anyone of the users can start a conversation based on their availability and convenience.

3) Interactive Voice Response

When you have multiple departments in your organization, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) becomes an essential part of the calling process. For instance, your customer purchases a product from you and wants to track that product. When he calls your customer care, an IVR plays:

Press 1 to know your account details

Press 2 to track your order

Press 3 to talk to our support center executive

On pressing 2, the customer will be directed to a specific employee who can help him track his order.

CallHippo lets you set up an IVR system, unlike Skype and Whatsapp alternative. Moreover, it also enables you to setup multilingual IVR, i.e., provide services on a global platform in different languages.

CallHippo over Whatsapp & Skype

4) Call Analytics

When you have a phone-support team in your company, it is essential to maintain a track of the calling details. Disparate to Whatsapp and Skype, CallHippo offers the ‘Call analytics’ feature to measure your staff’s phone support performance. You can determine the call load of each team member, the percentage of missed calls, and more.

5) Call Barging

Call Barging is imperative when it comes to monitoring your support staff’s performance. A manager or supervisor can silently keep an eye on the calls that are received. When required, he can even enter the conference bridge. Besides, this feature is of utmost importance to train new employees as well as guide them in the correct direction. Unlike Whatsapp and Skype alternative, CallHippo leverages this feature.

6) Smart Call Forwarding

You can forward texts on Whatsapp but not calls. On the contrary, Skype lets you forward calls to another Skype contact. Skype enables you to add up to three phone numbers or your Skype contacts for forwarding your calls. With CallHippo’s online phone number, each user can choose to forward calls on several phones to always remain within customers’ reach.

7) Music on Hold

Usually, customers have to listen to the annoying beeps when their call is on hold – be it on a traditional phone system, Whatsapp, or Skype. But, it’s something different when it comes to CallHippo’s internet phone number. Thanks to its On-Hold Music feature.

Your business can benefit significantly from this aspect as it allows you to treat your customers on hold with a wave of lively music. This dissuades them from hanging up and urge them to wait for a longer time. Furthermore, you can customize this feature by adding music that fits your business or a message that promotes your services.

Now that we have seen what add-ons your business would get by choosing CallHippo over Skype and Whatsapp, below-listed are some factors that would ensure you to get a virtual phone number.

  • Reliability

The biggest concern with Skype and Whatsapp alternative is its dependence on local internet connection. When you are in a poor connectivity area, you can’t get through calls efficiently. Whereas, the virtual phone system can easily handle this issue as it operates via a controlled data center. These data centers safeguard themselves with backup plans for re-routing calls in case of an outage. If you have a virtual phone number and you are having bad internet connectivity or no connectivity, your call will be forwarded to a personal number.

  • Number Portability

With its internet calling service, CallHippo offers you to establish local, toll-free, and virtual phone numbers if you need to port your existing number to a new service. Depending on your needs, you can easily add or remove new numbers. On the contrary, Skype and Whatsapp services use stand-alone numbers that cannot be ported or transferred.

  • Security Safeguards

As Skype and Whatsapp use the public internet to route calls, there’s always a threat to the security aspects. On the other hand, virtual phone service providers use private data centers to enable calling.

  •   Price Points

Though these three options are cheaper than the traditional phone system, Whatsapp and Skype alternatives are a more expensive option amongst Skype, Whatsapp, and CallHippo. That’s because Skype requires some amount of Skype credit for using some of its features as it costs you when you need to call someone outside your Skype contact list.

When it comes to handling business processes, it is wise to understand the requirements better. Although Skype and Whatsapp share a lot of great features, they can be utilized more for personal uses. Whereas, virtual phone systems like CallHippo provide features that ease your business. So, make an informed decision.

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