Having a strong communication game plan is essential for modern age organizations. It can make or break businesses as communication practices have a strong impact on profitability and revenues. This is why most organizations are choosing virtual phone numbers as a medium of business communication for better efficiency and team collaboration.

Cloud-based phone systems have made a huge foray in the corporate world. In fact, cloud technology has proliferated all major business functions. It is predicted that 83% of the enterprise workloads will be cloud-based by the year 2020. Cloud is the future of telecommunications and has surely brought about a dynamic change in the way organizations communicate. Get a comparison between cloud & traditional telephony.

Business phone numbers are a real asset for any kind of organization. Their demand and usage have risen sky-high in recent years. In fact, the revenue from the VoIP market is expected to reach $204 billion by the year 2020. The advent of artificial intelligence and 5G technology has led to huge changes in the VoIP sector and led to massive disruption. We can expect a quick and dramatic increase in the adoption of VoIP solutions in the next few decades due to its tremendous advantages.

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Why Your Organization Needs An Office Phone System?

Most organizations are hesitant to switch from traditional wired phone systems to virtual telephony. They have many preconceived notions about cloud phone systems. Managers often feel that it is very expensive, requires tons of maintenance, and is a complicated system. That is however far from the truth. In reality, virtual phone numbers could prove to be the most transformational decision for organizations ever.

Any kind of organization like education institute, Health, Retail sector, and so on be it a budding start-up or a multinational giant corporation can benefit from virtual phone systems. It helps in the optimization of resources at the workplace. Business phone numbers ensure seamless communication practices at a cost-effective rate. They are the best way for companies to build up a local presence in a foreign land. Cloud-based phone systems can help clients build a positive brand image for organizations. Local customers develop a strong rapport with staff members through virtual phone systems. They are highly convenient as they make sure that employees can make or receive calls anywhere they go.

Buying a business phone number is a necessity in the current hyper-digital era. It can help companies grow at a fast pace without investing too many resources on a communication structure. Here are some useful benefits that organizations can instantly accrue by investing in an office phone system:

  • Provide A Professional Appearance: Start-ups and small businesses can undergo a lot of routine chaos in daily operations. Lack of proper communication can lead to inefficiencies and loss of resources. Business phone numbers enable organizations to develop a strong professional appearance. Managers can record personal greetings for clients to strengthen customer relationships.

Customizable messages and music give customers a better calling experience with a personal touch. Virtual phone systems lend an air of credibility to smaller companies. It ensures a flawless communication structure that promotes smooth task flow management.

  • Productivity On The Move: Business phone numbers facilitate high employee engagement in organizations. They increase accessibility as all workers need to remain connected is a high-speed internet connection. They can log on to the system through their mobile phones, laptops or personal computers – just through the click of a button!

Employees do not need to remain at the physical office premises to make calls, even if they are on visits or field trips they can easily stay connected. Virtual phone platforms make sure that clients, workers, vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders can communicate round the clock. It is an intelligent communication technology that can make a world of positive difference by boosting accessibility levels.

  • High-Cost Savings: Money is the most precious commodity for any business. In order to make profits rise up, organizations need to make a conscious effort to save money wherever possible. Communication expenses can be reduced to a large extent by implementing virtual phone systems. In fact, VoIP phone systems can help businesses achieve 50-75% cost savings.

Most vendors provide attractive packages that are tailor-made to suit business requirements. Cheap incoming and outgoing call rates are perfect for companies that experience heavy call traffic on a daily basis. It can facilitate business communication within a fixed financial budget and ensure that companies utilize the saved funds for more strategic purposes. A virtual phone number is a holistic solution that is sure to enhance profitability and revenues through its economical pricing plans.

  • Scalability and Hassle-Free Installation: All organizations need a communication network that can grow with business requirements. Business phone numbers are highly scalable in nature. Companies can opt to buy specific modules, and purchase extra business features as and when required. Most vendors even curate specific packages for organizations with long term provisions for scaling up or down.

Another great aspect of the best office phone systems is that they do not need any expensive infrastructure or hardware/software components. Installation is a simple procedure that generally takes a couple of minutes. Reliable virtual phone service vendors provide after-sales maintenance and it is a stress-free convenient solution.

  • Novel Business Features: Virtual phone platforms go a long way in increasing the overall work output, and make the office environment more collaborative. They are highly user-friendly and come power-packed with a number of impressive features. Voicemail, call forwarding, call recording, planner, and personalized greeting messages are some useful features that enhance routine functionality.

Business phone numbers also automate communication in a seamless manner. They give customers the option to self-direct to the required department number or extension through interactive voice response menus. This leads to a reduction of full-time staff members and saves time, money, and effort in the long run.

  • Give A Better Customer Experience: Customer is king and it is important to take extra steps to give them a delightful experience. Business phone numbers facilitate seamless two-way communication between staff members and clients at any time of the day. Clients do not need to follow any rigid timings or office hours- they can call at any time of their convenience.

Virtual phone platforms also make sure that calls are forwarded to available support representatives instantly. Customers do not have to wait for long hours and waste their time. Office phone systems can increase satisfaction levels by speedily solving all issues, queries, and problems for customers. It is indeed a powerful tool that can make sure that customers remain loyal to your organization and do not shift towards industry rivals.

Having virtual phone numbers is a must-have asset that can bring about a transformation at modern workplaces. They ensure quick real-time data sharing, and call analytics give detailed insights to managers. The reports and statistics analyzed through recording call conversations can help managers make smarter business decisions that aid in achieving corporate goals.

It is time to move over from traditional wired phone networks. Invest in a cloud-based phone system to enjoy streamlined communication processes. Your organization will not only save money but will also benefit from an engaged and collaborative workforce. Virtual phone systems will get your organization on the path to commercial success – higher profits, revenues, customer satisfaction, and a positive brand reputation.

Updated : August 11, 2021


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