Are you finding ways to multiply your business growth and wondering how it is possible? Then this article will surely help you.

Multiple growths, sales, revenue, and customer experience are something that every business wants. If you are also dreaming about this, you are on the right path as it signifies your zeal to move forward and strengthen your market presence. However, doing so is not that easy. It takes tons of effort and intelligent resource planning. 

Well, thanks to technology, now we have one business tool that makes every necessary resource or feature available for you and helps the business succeed in one go. The Virtual phone system, we call it.

This revolutionary tool, the Virtual Phone System integrates the power of cloud computing, the internet, and powerful business features in the right proportion and also Virtual phone system enables businesses to meet the needs of the digital age and the world and overcome seen and unforeseen hurdles easily.  

By setting you free from device dependency, cloud telephony opens up new growth opportunities, lets you explore your true potential exponentially, and break barriers that have hindered your growth. To have better clarity of how it happens here is our detailed insight.

No more data-lacked decision  

In today’s world, data is the stepping stone to success. The more detailed and accurate would be your business data, the better would be your growth. However, collecting such type of success integrating data is not an easy job. Traditional way collection methods like door-to-door surveys lack credibility big time and have lost viability in today’s digital world.

With a powerful business VoIP automation system, cloud telephony improves the data quality and offers you data collection ways methods that are advanced and reliable. Let’s understand it through an example related to the same.

You are using a virtual phone number from CallHippo for your internal and external communication. Now, it will record the call conversation automatically. As the recording would be real-time with no possibilities of tempering it or foul play, the data extracted from it would be highly dependable.

This way, all the CallHippo users can get hold of business data that is 100% dependable.

Commendable CRM management

CRM or Customer Relation Management is the second success-integrating factor that demands your constant attention if you want to grow exponentially. Customers are like God for businesses as without them to whom they will sell their services/products. That’s why a business must learn to please its customers.

However, it’s one of the toughest nuts to crack that a business can encounter while handling operations. Reason?

Better CRM management demands a detailed and full view of all your enterprise data gathered and stored at different locations. As a business, you must learn to link all of this data seamlessly at a single place.

Well, you are a user of the cloud telephony service offered by CallHippo then doing this is easier than ever. Their virtual phone number comes with powerful CRM integration. Its CRM integration has been architected in such a way that every touchpoint comes on your fingertips. You can enjoy all kinds of CRM integrations like email, sales, calendar, social media and marketing integration under one roof. 

This makes a huge difference when it comes to timely and comprehensive CRM management.


Overcome from the investment crunch issue

Do you know that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year? Yes, it is shocking but true.

Though many reasons contribute to the failure of small businesses, one of the key reasons is the lack of investment or improper use of allotted capital. Proper capital management is a major aspect of business operations. 

You should out ways to reduce IT overheads, keep operational costs as low as possible, and take resources on boards that don’t many expenses on training and development.

Nothing can beat the relevance of cloud telephony & business phone numbers in this regard. Cloud telephony comes with the easiest user-friendly interface. Anyone having minimal data-driven operating knowledge can use it. Along with this, it helps you save a fortune on your call incurring charges.  

Calls made on landline phones come with hefty monthly bills. Also, you have to spend a huge part of your investment in hardware deployment and maintenance. Cloud telephony brings big-time relief at this front. With its advanced on-cloud deployment facility, you are not going to burn a huge investment chunk on hardware/software installation.

Cloud telephony service providers like CallHippo go the extra mile to make things easier than ever for their customers by providing annual system maintenance and regular version updates facility. Per-minute call charges are way too less than what you pay with PSTN-based telephony.  

The packages also come with great flexibility. Features can be dropped and added as per the need of the hour. In short, you are not squandering away your limited investments and going steps away from the downfall.

Integrate success with the intelligent virtual phone system

We guess all these reasons are more than enough to get convinced with the idea that an intelligent virtual phone system is what all you need to grow without any limitations and hurdles. The cherry on the cake is that it is way too pocket-friendly. Unlike traditional telephony, cloud telephony doesn’t consume a major chunk of your limited investments.

Cloud telephony is indeed a futuristic business tool that can’t be ignored. So, don’t wait anymore. Upgrade your business phone number and migrate it over the cloud telephony service of CallHippo today. This single step can change your business for good.

Updated : July 23, 2021


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