Is your company or start-up enterprise planning to grow its business in the US market? Or maybe your global business enterprise wants to reach out to American citizens with innovative products or services? Having an efficient communication system is critical for any US based business.

Enabled by the Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (or VoIP) technology, global enterprises are gradually switching over from traditional phone systems to the more innovative virtual phone number. Easy and fast to set up, a virtual phone number is one of the most convenient ways for your customers to communicate with your business. But now you don’t need to worry because CallHippo will help you get the best phone solutions available in the USA for your business.

Among the leading VoIP Providers in over 50 countries, CallHippo provides a variety of virtual phone numbers that are suited to your business needs. With advanced features, the CallHippo virtual phone platform is a convenient mode of reaching out to local and global customers without the need for physical office space in the US market. So if you need to get a US phone number for your business try CallHippo

The US phone number from CallHippo allows you to grow your business in any US city (for example, New York) using the local area code for the place. This makes it convenient for domestic customers (for example, customers in New York) to dial up your business number without incurring any long-distance charges.

Therefore, a US virtual phone number is as the name says, the virtual phone number that allows you to have a local presence in the US without actually having your physical offices in the US all through the use of a VoIP.

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers from CallHippo

CallHippo can provide the following 3 types of virtual phone numbers that you can select according to your business requirements:

Local phone number : A US phone number with a local phone number (with area code) is typically used to establish or grow a US business based in a particular city or state. A local phone number makes it very convenient for your local customers to dial up with any complaints or inquiries. For example, your business can reach out to customers based in Philadelphia through a local phone number starting with the Philadelphia area code, which is +1 215.

Additionally, your marketing or customer service agents can reach out to local customers by searching them based on a city name or the area code. Call-receiving customers are also more likely to respond to local calls than an international number.

You can access any local number of any area code in the US with Callhippo. Listed below are the local area codes of some of the popular business destinations in the US:

  • 929 and 646 (for New York City)
  • 312 (for Chicago)
  • 415 (for San Francisco)
  • 617 (for Boston)
  • 305 (for Miami)

Toll-free number : Your US business can benefit a lot by providing a toll-free virtual phone number to its clients. Being completely free for customers, toll-free numbers (or +1800 numbers) is a great business tool for improving customer satisfaction and overall marketing. Along with efficient communication, toll-free numbers provide an increase in market credibility for your US business.

Online phone number : Also known as the cloud-based phone system, an online phone number allows your business to make or receive calls in US from any other country on your Internet-connected devices like mobile phones and tablets. Online phone numbers are also instrumental in providing 24×7 service to your US customers and improving external communication with global customers. 

How can your US virtual phone number provide business benefits for your US based business? Let’s now look at the various benefits.

US virtual phone number-CallHippo

How a US virtual phone number from CallHippo can benefit your US business

The US virtual phone number from CallHippo has multiple features that are critical for the communication needs of your US based business. This includes:

  • Call forwarding : With the increasing number of remote workers and work-from-home employees in the US thanks to call forwarding, you don’t have to share your mobile number with your American contacts or customers. This ensures that your virtual phone number does the bulk of the communication work.
  • Call conferencing : Designed for organizing virtual meetings among remote or global teams, a call conferencing facility makes it easy to add a third person to an incoming customer call.
  • Get local phone numbers : Want to expand your business to multiple US states? CallHippo provides you with local phone numbers in over 50 countries including the US With this facility; your business can reach out to potential clients in a particular US state and build a local presence (even if your company does not have a regional office in that state).
  • Team collaboration : You can now manage all your US clients and employees (located in different areas) from a centralized location, thus enhancing team management and collaboration.
  • Call Analytics : Call Analytics allows you to get the data on how many calls you received, on which CallHippo number, how many were incoming, outgoing, missed, etc.
  • Call Quality : CallHippo provides the best VoIP call quality in US and ensures that you never have to lose important clients and lead due to audio delay and poor voice quality.

How to get a US virtual phone number from CallHippo

Here is how you can buy a US phone number from CallHippo in the following easy steps:

  1. Register with CallHippo with details such as name, company name, and work e-mail address.
  2. Sign in to the CallHippo dashboard page.
  3. Select “USA” as the country followed by the desired state (or city) for your virtual phone number.
  4. Select either “local” or “toll-free” to choose the type of virtual phone number for your business.
  5. Get a US phone number and start making calls.

The right virtual phone number for your US business

A CallHippo Virtual phone system can be a significant boon for establishing and growing your US business. Thanks to its advanced features and affordability. CallHippo can improve your customer engagement and communications in your industry thus help you in achieving your dream business goals. So It’s definitely the right time for our organization to get a US Virtual Phone Number.

Easy to start, you can sign up now with CallHippo and start making or receiving local or international calls.

Updated : August 6, 2021


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