Managing a small contact center or new startup in today’s cut-throat competitive business world is certainly not an easy task. There are a million aspects that have to be efficiently handled to achieve success – communication is definitely on the top of the list!

Maintaining optimum and economical business communication practices is a critical task for call centers and small contact centers – it can influence their overall profit levels in a dynamic way. Since these organizations handle large volumes of calls on a daily basis, they are always on the lookout for a miraculous calling comprehensive platform.

Virtual phone numbers are the latest buzzword in the current corporate ecosystem and they have been adopted by multifarious industries across international borders. Businesses can reduce the expenses of international calling by over 90% by adopting a reliable VoIP provider, and enjoy a massive amount of cost-savings.

Well, There is no doubt that the ideal solution for small contact centers is a cloud-based virtual phone system – it can help them bring about a revolution of productivity and customer-centeredness that will have a far-reaching impact on the long term business objectives. Cloud-based virtual phone systems are definitely the future of communication technology, so it is high time to invest in a credible service provider such as CallHippo to get the best virtual phone number package for your company!

Why Your Small Contact Center Needs A Virtual Phone Number?

Call centers deal with a huge volume of inbound and outbound calls every day that puts tremendous pressure on the front desk, marketing, sales, and support staff in the organization. Business calls need to be routed efficiently and sometimes it is difficult to divert hundreds of calls at a simultaneous time.

Cloud-based virtual phone systems could help your contact center or startup to transform routine business operations by managing all your communication requirements in a seamless manner. Here are a few reasons why your organization needs to invest in world-class virtual phone numbers right now:

  • Cheap Calling Rates: Expensive and disrupted communication can bite a hole into your monthly revenues! Your contact center can witness amazing cost-savings of 50-75% per month by getting a cloud-based virtual phone system! Most national and international call rates are heavily reduced, so all your business communication can be conducted in a cost-effective way – this will translate into massive earnings for your organization and will not negatively influence your budget!
  • Auto-Attendant and IVR- Call centers to need to be accessible to business clients round the clock, so as to provide superior service and support. Virtual phone numbers have sophisticated features such as voice attendant and interactive voice response, which automate business communication to the highest level possible. There is no need to maintain a large workforce, as most calls can be automatically redirected – thereby bringing about a wave of productivity in the work environment!
  • Call Recording – Call recording is a very useful service for call centers and small contact centers as it can help managers review previous customer conversations at any time for constant improvement. Any type of performance gaps can be identified and staff members can be trained on the basis of these recorded conversations – your organization will definitely gain a huge competitive advantage by providing the best customer service in the industry and keeping your long term clients delighted!
  • Intelligent Call Routing – Call centers to get heavy traffic of customer calls at one time – routing them can be a real problem for the front-desk staff or receptionists. Virtual phone numbers ensure that your customers do not have to wait for endless hours in long telephonic lines, like call forwarding and call diverting facilities make sure that your valued clients are attended to in the shortest possible timekeeping communication smart and impactful!

Make sure that your startup needs contact center solutions to the power of virtual telephony – it is user-friendly, has no hidden costs, and is highly scalable for future business growth. CallHippo is the global leader in providing virtual phone numbers at the best prices – so make sure to take a careful decision and get a great cloud-based virtual phone system for your contact center to pump up your bottom line results to the zenith!

Updated : May 6, 2021


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