The current marketplace is fast, digital, and super competitive. In the never-ending quest to stay a few steps ahead of business rivals, you need to use innovative techniques. One aspect where you certainly don’t want to lag behind is your communication structure.

Effective communication can make or break businesses. Productivity improves by a whopping 25% in organizations that have connected employees. If you don’t have multiple channels of two-way communication to talk to partners, clients, vendors, or external stakeholders, your business will surely get left behind in the race to the top.

So, is there any magical solution to your communication problems? Is there any way that you can fix up a seamlessly integrated system that understands your business needs? The answer is a resounding yes! You surely must have heard of virtual telephony – after all, it’s the latest business trend and everyone is talking about leveraging the power of virtual phone systems.

What is A Virtual Phone System?

Virtual phone systems are the future of telecommunication. Virtual phone numbers are an integral part of cloud telephony and function through the internet rather than traditional copper wired lines.

It is possible to purchase virtual phone numbers for any country, which makes them a good choice for companies that have a global customer base scattered in different countries. For example, if you have just expanded business operations to the United States, you can easily invest in a US virtual phone number with a local area code of any prominent city. This will help your organization forge a genuine rapport with local clients, build a credible brand reputation and remain accessible to customers all-round the day.

6 Ways To Use Your Virtual Phone System Effectively:

Virtual phone number services are a highly cost-effective way of managing your entire business communication. They do not have any overhead charges as the installation is a quick simple process. It does not need any complicated hardware or software components, and the system is extremely user-friendly.

A Competitive Edge- Virtual phone system

While many companies are adopting virtual phone systems by using international phone numbers, it is sometimes difficult to convince top management to make the switch to VoIP technology. It is important for managers to understand the various ways that they can use virtual phone solutions to make a positive difference in their work environment. So here is a compiled list of six amazing things that you can do with your virtual phone number to enhance your communication practices:

Make Calls: Many organizations need to make a heavy volume of daily phone calls to their customers. They may be cold calling, or promoting a product, or giving information about a marketing campaign. Using a virtual phone number is a perfect solution for outgoing calls. You can set up an outbound call center that will surely help your support representatives in making outgoing calls to clients in a structured manner. Since most credible virtual phone service providers also customize VoIP packages, you will surely benefit through subsidized calling rates too. This will surely lead to higher business revenues and profitability in the long run.

Receive Calls: All businesses frequently get calls from their clients for support, maintenance, and after-sales issues. Responsible organizations always attend these calls to provide timely customer support. Investing in a virtual phone system is a great way to ensure that your support representatives remain completely accessible to your customer base. If your company receives many customer calls, it is a smart move to open an inbound call center with multiple phone lines. With facilities such as call queueing and interactive voice assistant, VoIP phone platforms will make sure that your customers have a fabulous experience and receive top-of-the-line service from call agents.

Send And Receive Text Messages: Sending instant messages is a very effective way of communication with your customers. Many times, when you cannot talk to them directly on the phone, you can use a text message to give them information on offers, additional features or promotions. Most virtual phone numbers allow users to send text messages at an economical cost. It is possible for your team members to store and organize text messages. Most modern VoIP service providers ensure that businesses can use their platform as a potent marketing tool by providing essential information in a jiffy. This is very helpful in communicating with mass customers – it saves a large amount of time and delivers multiple messages at the same time.

Transfer To Other Carriers: Users have the right to retain their phone number and can transfer it at any time to any other phone carrier. Portability is a useful advantage of virtual phone numbers that ensures that businesses always retain their phone number, which is their permanent identity in the corporate world. Hence, you can easily port your phone number to any other service carrier – a useful feature if you are constantly shifting base to different geographical cities around the world. Users can be rest assured that they will not need to distribute a new phone number to contacts, and can retain all their old clients.

Add Multiple Extensions: No business can function on a single phone line. Adding extensions is an important function of virtual phone systems as it ensures that different people in your organization have a medium to communicate. Users can assign extension numbers to various departments and technicians. This enables clients to use automated menus, and self-direct themselves to the required extension number. It is a useful feature that accelerates productivity and increases the accessibility of your staff members to a great extent.

Set Up A Virtual Assistant: Artificial intelligence has entered all fields – virtual telephony is no different! Users of VoIP phone systems can create automated menus and auto-attendants. so that your callers can just press a few numbers and get connected to the required person. You can also set up chatbots to undertake common customer queries and frequently asked questions. Chatbots can either give out answers to customers themselves or can redirect them to the required department. It reduces the dependency of maintaining a huge staff strength as a lot of manual work gets automated in an efficient manner.

Communication is one of the biggest concerns for managers as it can have a long-lasting impact on output, team morale, and work culture. Everyone is striving to improve their business communication, and the best places to work maintain transparent dialogue between organizational stakeholders.

A virtual phone system can transform your office environment by enhancing accessibility and encouraging employee mobility. It is a diverse platform with multiple functions. One of the biggest advantages of Virtual phone systems is that your employees will not remain stuck to the physical office premises, rather they can communicate on the move. Whether your team members are traveling for a work conference, on a sales visit, or simply working from home, virtual phone numbers allow them to stay connected and receive calls.

Virtual phone systems are an asset that you surely need for your organization! It is the best way to provide great customer support. Your clients do not have to wait for working hours or call only during specific times – they can connect to call agents at any time of the day to resolve their complaints or issues. VoIP phone tools are highly customization, hence you can even record greeting messages or play on-hold music for your valued customers.

Do not miss out on an opportunity to invest in a virtual phone system. It has an impressive range of features and will also ensure that you save some major money by reducing your communication budget. All these innovative and novel features will definitely help your organization increase bottom line profits and carve a distinct identity in the competitive marketplace!

Updated : December 10, 2021


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