It is also regarded as Virtual Phone Systems, or also as a broadband phone because it substitutes your phone line with a high-speed internet connection. Traditional telephone service compresses the transferred voice into a frequency on a wire but the VoIP or Virtual phone system compresses the sound of the voice into data packets. These compressed data packets are then transmitted over the medium of Internet. When the data is received at the final destination, it is transformed back to sound.

Virtual Phone System providers supply a web interface that permits you to set up and control the mechanism of Call Forwarding, Directories, Extensions, Voicemails and many other features. It can direct incoming calls to your cell phone or landline phones. A virtual phone system enables small business and enterprise to use the internet for calling purposes either domestically or globally. The Virtual Phone System is just appropriate in terms of connectivity and usability.

Instead of using the outdated copper wires implemented by landlines, VoIP phone systems utilize the same internet connection that a company is previously using. VoIP systems even offer options through which distant or offshore employees can directly access the Organization’s central system from their mobile device.

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Features of Virtual Phone Systems:

1.   Auto Attendant: Auto Attendant is a feature that eliminates the requirement for a Receptionist. This feature allows callers to be transferred to an extension without the interference of a manual operator or receptionist. It provides a `facility for transfer to extension and transfer to voicemail.

2.   Extension Dialling: VoIP extension dialing feature offers flexibility, allows cost savings and allows employees in the small business to contact each other irrespective of their location. Today even a small business can have employees distributed across multiple locations or operating from home. This feature allows you to call anyone just by dialing their extension number and this is possible even if they operate from different locations.

3.   Set Up An Awesome Phone Support Easily:

  • VoIP allows you to get local or toll-free numbers quickly either in your native country or in any other country in which you work. It provides instant numbers in more than 50 countries.
  • You can be fully flexible while choosing ‘Opening Hours’, i.e you can set the time when each of your numbers is open to receive calls.
  • You can click to call wherein you can include a call button on your website, allowing visitors to your website to make calls directly from their website-surfing device.
  • The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature empowers you to activate IVR on your number so that the callers can connect to the right department or the right person.
  • The feature of Call Queuing allows you to keep your callers on hold until the required teammate becomes available.
  • Features such as Call History, Performance Reports, and Call Recording will enable you to keep a track of the performance of your Customer Support Executives.
  • No need of any kind of hardware devices as you can use the Desktop or Smartphone as your Virtual Phone System. You can make or receive calls from your Pc or smartphone and use this virtual phone system as customer support software/platform.

4.   Makes It Simple To Handle Calls:

  • VoIP provides the feature of forwarding calls to cell phones. Each user can choose whether to forward calls to one phone or many phones.
  • It provides Desktop notification feature in which you are notified on your PC whenever there is an incoming call even though the App is not visible on your desktop.
  • If you are busy testing or checking something, you can put callers on hold with a music or a greeting message to keep them on the line.
  • You can set the working hours by implementing a fixed time slot for each user during which he/she will be able to make and receive calls.
  • The Call Transfer feature under which you can transfer a call to any of your team members. This feature will also enable you to know who among your team members is available and who is not before transferring the call.

5.   ‘Find Me’:

  • This feature ensures that you certainly do not miss any call as it allows you to customize your ‘Favourites’ such that the calls are directed to your preferred phone numbers.
  • The virtual phone system also enables you to direct calls to your workplace first, then to your cell phone, followed by your home number or alternate number. If you are not available at any of your numbers, the VoIP then directs the customer to the Voicemail.

6.   Plug And Play With What You Already Have:

  • You can use the Virtual Phone System or VoIP from devices you already have such as PC, Smartphone, or even desk phones without the need of any extra hardware.
  • The “Google Import” feature will enable you to import contacts directly from Google Apps. You can also share the contacts with your team members if you want.

7.   Handle Calls As A Team:

  • Easy call distribution to distribute calls throughout the team in a pre-set sequence.
  • Shared Call Inbox in which you can share a team vision of every call that needs follow-up. This feature lets you archive a call whose follow-up has been done and your whole team can perceive it.
  • You can assign calls to a precise team-mate with a ‘comment’ that pops-up on your team-mate’s ‘To Do’ list. You also have the flexibility to add the description along with a comment if you want.
  • A feature of shared contacts under which you can share contacts you with your Team, so that every team-mate can recognize who is calling. You are also allowed to keep certain contacts private if you want.
  • You can limitlessly make and accept as many concurrent calls as you want on your numbers.
  • The Call Recording feature lets you record the calls on every number so that you can easily monitor the work and performance of the whole Team.
  • You can easily track your phone support performance. The Analytics feature logs the required statistics such as the amount of missed calls in percentage, call load of all team-mates, etc.
  • The Extension feature enables you to redirect the calls to any teammate at any instant by just dialing his/her extension code.
  • The Virtual Phone Systems go more than simply supporting Conference Calls; they allow users to direct files, chat messages, cooperate on calendars, and even share presentations.

How Virtual Phone Systems Are Beneficial For Small Businesses:

When operating a small business, there are many considerations to be taken into account while selecting a phone system. Nowadays, a majority of small business owners begin with a sleek corporate office and a full bank account. For most of the small business entrepreneurs, every hour is devoted to growing their company and every dollar earned is invested. There is no room for wastage of time and money on luxurious resources. This is the reason why a majority of small business owners are increasingly adopting virtual phone systems so that they can stay relevant and survive in today’s cut-throat competitive marketplace.

The revenue in small businesses depends on employee productivity as well as customer service. Virtual Phone Systems serve both of these purposes with superior results. With virtual phone systems, small business employees can work from anywhere, anytime because they can access business and customer calls even from their handheld mobile device! What’s more, you can effortlessly set up your system and ask for customization according to your business requirements.

The Bottom Line:

VoIP based Virtual Phone System carries a number of features and advantages which can be used with Call Center Management Software, Phone Support, Chat Support, Help Desk Software, Integration with 3rd party Apps and much more. It can prove to be very useful for many sectors and industries such as Human Resource, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, BPO etc. All these, if applied in your small business, is sure to take your business to greater heights!