Vacations bring a happy feeling in our heart. We think that this year we won’t indulge in any activity related to Business after Christmas, but we break this rule like any other New Year resolution. We plan for refreshing holidays, quality time with family, fun activities and a lot more. But in the end, mobile phones and changed working style ruins it all.

Is it happening with you too during these Christmas Vacations?

Well, you can put a hold on it with some good tips to enjoy New Year in the U.S and a few awesome features of CallHippo. In this article, we will explain why and how.


The Phone takes a large part of our lives

Christmas holidays and long Weekends are our chance to enjoy a few moments of happiness with your family, but your evil mobile phone won’t allow it. Mobile phones keep us busy by sending regular notifications, emails, messages, etc. As we are habitual of serving the customer immediately or seeing the notifications quickly, these phones succeed in disturbing us almost every time.

In short, phones are consuming a big pie of time from our lives. Though we now that you cannot switch off your phone and cut off from the digital world, but you need to put the business on hold for the holidays at least.

If you are thinking about all these important calls, emails and messages you may miss by getting disconnected from your phone during the holidays, don’t worry at all. CallHippo Phone Numbers have all the features to help you with this.

We’ll talk about those features of the CallHippo’s VoIP Phone System later in this article because we’ve some facts to tell you before that:

  • On average, adults in the US are spending approximately 3 hours on their mobile phones these days.
  • 83% of people own one or more mobile phones (of any sort).
  • Shockingly, 29% of people believe in switching off their mobile phones to stop using it. Phones are habit-forming. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

Vacation = Me Time

You have seen how mobile phones are literally eating our time. And after hectic work schedule alongside giving so much of our time of mobile phones, we hardly have any time left for self. So for a change, make these vacations your ‘me time’ and eliminate phones from your lives.

If you are still not convinced, we are giving you some reasons for following our ‘No phone during Vacations’ idea:

  • You won’t miss any important business connection, message or call. [How? Check the next section about CallHippo phone numbers in this article.]
  • You will learn to live with real people, make actual friends and have real entertainment.
  • You will get a lot of time to travel to new places and get amused by the surrounding.
  • While traveling, you will be able to focus on the beautiful sceneries and landscapes because you are not busy on your phone.
  • It will prove a good break from work and digital gadgets, which will later boost your productivity.
  • Your frustration with work will reduce.

CH during vacations - CallHippo

How to disconnect with CallHippo?

Got enough reasons to switch off your cell phone during Christmas Vacations in the previous section? Now let’s come back to the practical work environment and tell you how to achieve this goal of living mobile-free holidays.

In a normal situation, staying away from your phone or not picking business calls may harm your business but not with CallHippo. Our VoIP phone system makes it easy for you to disconnect from business easily and without causing troubles.

Here are a few features of CallHippo, which will help you happily celebrate New Year in the U.S:

  • Voicemail

Your customers or clients may have queries even when you are holidaying. If they will call and nobody will pick up, they may get frustrated. This results in an increased rate of customer dissatisfaction. With the voicemail feature of CallHippo, you can avoid such situations.

Our state-of-art phone system allows you to record hundreds of calls through the voice mail facility.

To impress your customers and tell them that you are on vacation, you can play a customized message. This greeting message will be played when a user calls. As nicely you will personalize this message, the more your customers will feel good about it.

Later on, you can access these recorded voice messages from anywhere. All thanks to Cloud Technology!

  • Call Forwarding

Is it just you who are holidaying or everyone in your team?

If you have some people from your team who are working during Christmas Vacations too, call forwarding feature can come in handy.

Using a Call forwarding feature, you can redirect all the incoming calls to those who can help your customers during this time. An Advanced system of CallHippo lets you transfer or forward calls to any number in the world, be it a landline number, cell phone number, or even a satellite phone.

  • On Hold Music

All businesses have different working models. Some may need to record customers’ queries while others may just want to tell their customers that they will resume business after Christmas and New Year. For the latter case, on-hold music feature of CallHippo is the best solution.

On-hold music feature lets you play music or recorded message for your customers. So during holidays or long weekends, you can upload a message for your customers and tell them you will be back very soon. So you can improve your sales with the VoIP system’s on-hold feature and improve your customer experience as well by keeping your customer informed about your availability.

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This whole article can be summarized as a list of two suggestions:

  • Limit the use of mobile phones.
  • Enable CallHippo Phone Number(s) during your absence so that your business does not suffer.

These are the 2 most important things you should do for now. 

In case you still have some confusion left in your mind about any features, advantages, or disadvantages of VoIP or about anything else, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Updated : July 27, 2021


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