There was a time when the payphone was just a thing, and people didn’t have unlimited plans. Toll-free phone numbers came to the rescue then. It was first introduced by AT&T in 1967, beginning with the prefix 800.

The fact that toll-free phone numbers are free made people interact with businesses more often than ever. 

Today, almost every business has deployed a toll-free number for their customer service support. It has given a tough competition to the new entrants and has still saved its space in the tech world.

Why are toll-free business phone systems so popular? 

To begin with, a toll-free number allows your customers to call your business at absolutely no cost. It increases the chances of them calling to express grievances or ask for any assistance. 

Besides, it allows businesses to expand their business operations overseas with virtual phone system without setting up a new office or hiring staff. You can create your presence in any country or city as it supports the International call forwarding feature and the time and date schedule at no extra cost. 

Depending on your settings, you can forward the call to any other department or devices. 

Let’s say if you have a well-established business in Chicago and now plan to expand it to France, the best way to reach out to your new customer base would be to either uses a toll-free phone number or a virtual mobile phone system

It makes them feel valued that you are concerned about their needs. Plus, it gives your business a professional outlook. This directly impacts the trust factor that you are trying to build with your customers. 

Different ways to forward your toll-free or virtual phone number

The toll-free number call forwarding works through a network of virtual phone numbers that forward your number to a single centralized toll-free number or regular business phone number. With a robust call forwarding system, you can start growing your business on a global scale.

Make Call Forwarding Quick and Easy Using a Toll-Free Number

Here are a few ways you can redirect your toll-free numbers —

Forward your calls to a single number

Route all your business calls to a single office phone system or a virtual phone system. The toll-free phone numbers are a great way to run your business in the most professional way possible by improving customer engagement

Forward your calls to multiple numbers

Not just one number, you can forward the calls to multiple phone numbers if need be. You can connect to all your callers and devices under a unified platform.

Ring phones in sequence

If you are routing your calls to multiple phones, you can choose the order in which the phone will ring along with the duration before it transfers the call to another phone. 

Ring them all at once

If you want to ring all your phones at once, the virtual phone system can help. 

With a toll-free call forwarding service, you can specify a maximum hold time for your callers along with an alternative destination for the unanswered call.

Schedule their call forwarding

You can set the date and time when you want to receive the calls to your phones. Not only this, you can even create custom schedules and apply it to different devices. This means your phones will now ring only when you want them to.

Uses of a toll-free number call forwarding service

Make Call Forwarding Quick and Easy Using a Toll-Free Number

Here are some of the benefits of using a toll-free call forwarding services for your business

1. It makes you sound professional 

If you are a solo entrepreneur running a new business, it’s possible that you only have a single phone. In such cases, you can easily direct your calls from the central business line to your personal cell phone. Thus, it makes it easy to handle all calls from a single device. 

Besides, a better option is to route callers to a route menu or a custom greeting before they get connected with you. The advantage is that it will make you sound professional and legitimate. 

2. Forward calls to voicemail or an alternative destination

You can monitor the calls as they come in, and if you don’t want to answer it, you can forward it to voicemail or the call menu (if it’s enabled).

3. Forwards your calls to call menu

A call menu, also known as auto-attendant, gives your callers an option to reach the appropriate department and individual. 

For instance, you can customize the call menu in a way that when a caller presses ‘1,’ they will be redirected to the sales department. Similarly, you can use ‘2’ to direct the call to the customer service department. 

In other words, you can add the phone numbers to specific menu options so that a caller is immediately redirected to the concerned department. 

The call menu makes your business sound professional and improves operational efficiency by ensuring that each call gets to the right place. You can disable the call menu system whenever you want. 

Wrap up 

If you have a toll-free call forwarding service, then it doesn’t matter where you are located. Your customer doesn’t need to know whether you are sitting at your office desk or answering their calls from your home.

It gives you the opportunity to be physically absent from the office, operate from anywhere across the globe and like this toll-free numbers help you in improving customer experience. You don’t have to miss another call anymore.

Furthermore, your customers will have no concern about the cost. And with International ringtones, your customers will see you as locals that will help you gain their trust. 

Set up your call forwarding numbers today, and start transferring all your calls to as many numbers you want.

Updated : July 28, 2021


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