Do you remember the time when people used to go to public phone booths and having a toll free number was considered fancier than owning a Porsche car? 

The customer could call the company for free that owned a toll-free number. Instead, the owner of the phone number was responsible for paying the receiving call cost.

Cut to the present situation where most of the population has a free calling plan given by the service provider. If not that, then they surely have a calling application for the same purpose. 

Then why is it that toll-free number is still so popular and essential in today’s time. 

Having a startup or a big organization is not just about being under the limelight. It is predominantly about creating new things, innovating, and handling all the disruptions effectively. It is as tricky as it sounds but not impossible. If correct services and smart techniques are served, then there is no stopping.

What does a toll-free number mean?

Phone numbers used by businesses that have 800, 888, 844, 833, and so on as a prefix are toll-free. The term toll-free coined because here the customers can call the company without having to pay a dime. Instead, the company itself will pay for that call. 

What do the statistics state?

A survey stated that 52% of people across the globe believe that companies need to take care of the feedback provided by the customers regularly. Also, 67% of people feel that customer service as a whole is developing due to the presence of toll-free numbers.

Are 800 numbers easily available?

CallHippo gives you a variety of toll-free number series. For example, 888 numbers, 833 numbers, 800 numbers, 855 numbers, and the newly launched 844 numbers. Toll-free numbers will allow you to send Business SMS on both local numbers as well as toll-free numbers. There are five different variants 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, 1-855 and 1-844. Although 1-800 toll-free number is the actual 800 number still the rest also work just the same. CallHippo will sign you up with the best suitable toll-free number in three minutes, and you are free to receive and make calls. 

The costing of a toll-free number is an amalgamation of the toll-free service provider, the plan company will choose and the total amount of minutes used per cycle.

Although usage of toll-free numbers is not restricted to large organization anymore, its benefits are massive and applicable to any national or international targeting company.

Do you want to know how you can exponentially grow your business by using 800 phone number?

You can port the number whenever and wherever you need:

Is your business shifting abroad but you fear that you will lose your lucky charm number that drew all the leads? Don’t worry, tool-free numbers are easily portable if you wish to move your business from one place to another. Not just toll-free numbers but you can also transfer your virtual phone numbers from one place to another including from one telephone provider company to other.

Use 800 Toll-Free Number and get instant leads

Do not worry about committing to one service provider and stay driven towards your work. The best part about having these numbers is that no matter where you go you can easily be answerable to the queries of the customers and have cordial relation with them. You can get virtual numbers and toll-free numbers in any part of the world. For example, a Brazil virtual number, a France virtual number, or South Africa virtual number. Isn’t this every company’s dream? Make it true with CallHippo. 

Have Incredible Business Relations With Customers

According to a survey, 81% of Americans state that after using toll-free numbers, either their business commitments were fulfilled or were exceeding the expectations. It is evident that the usage of these numbers has improved customer and business relationship to a whole new level. Companies should understand if a tentative customer is unable to get in touch with you quickly, then why would he want to commit for a longer run or wish to do any business at all. 

In today’s time where everyone is savvy when you buy a product and find even the smallest flaw, you immediately wish to connect with the concerned customer care and resolve the issue. No one has the patience to wait for an entire week and revisit the store and get it checked. Everything nowadays happens in a fraction of seconds. Having a toll free number builds customer loyalty for the company. For example, if a customer gets a solution to their issue the moment they call on your number. Customer will think that your products and the company itself are legitimate. This will result in trust and long bonding with the company, and eventually, the customer will do free word of mouth advertising for you. It is simple- the more comfortable your service makes the customer feel, the more likely he will engage with the company and its services.

Out of sight is out of mind

There is a reason they say go big or go home. When customers have a fantastic impression of your company, they never forget you. The customer only remembers a company in two cases. One if they bought a product which had a technical issue and got no help from the company’s end. Another example where the product had some defect, but your customer support was vigilant and spontaneous in solving the issue. It is just a matter of an impression that you put on the customer, which eventually forms a loyal customer base like Apple or Google.

You can track your marketing strategy

When you launch a new marketing strategy, it is essential to get feedback. And what better way than hearing it from the ones you started it for. Having a toll free number helps you track your marketing efforts in a straightforward manner. The best part is you can easily create an extension which is dedicated to monitoring your advertising campaign, the phone book, or any website. Gone are the days when it was impossible to know which customer called from where and when. Once the campaign has run for a good while you can go back and check how many leads you have got from each dedicated extension. This can answer many questions that are related to your business. Were more people calling because they searched for you online? Or did this campaign spark the interest in the customer and they wanted to know more about your product and services. All of this can be done in a fraction of seconds just by a mere look at the account management page. 

What type of business needs an 1800 toll-free number 

As explained many a time having an 1800 toll-free number that is easy to remember and simple to dial, gives your business an edge. It is also essential for companies who have a nationwide customer base. On the same side, having a dedicated phone line for sales, customer support, and feedback will lure the customer evermore. Most importantly if you have a local target business like real estate office or a restaurant, then it is best to have an 1800 toll-free number. Before you opt for a local number, do keep in mind that you get the area code and prefix that is of the same city as you are serving in. 

Having listed so many real benefits of using a toll-free number business across Brazil, France, South Africa, or even the USA have used them for years. And due to the availability of great packages and deals provided by CallHippo toll-free numbers are readily available than they ever were.


Updated : May 6, 2021


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