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green tickPublished : May 25, 2021

Here’s a surprising statistic – inbound phone calls convert 10-15 times more than website leads! 

Phone calls are important!

As a marketer, if you are not tracking your phone calls, you may be losing out on up to 80% of conversions!

You need to stay at the top of your game and measure all vital metrics to boost the productivity of your call center. Tracking agent performance will go a long way in making sure your call center follows the best market practices.

Monitoring real-time calls is not a one-time process. Companies need to make call analytics a part of their long-term business strategy. Want to know more?

Let’s dive deeper and get a clear picture of how call automation can increase customer satisfaction and streamline all business communication processes.

Key Highlights

  •  Analytics matter – invest in telephone systems with automation tools.
  • Measure metrics to boost agent performance.
  • Analytic call parameters to know what is not working and improve training efficacy.
  • Monitor IVR and voicemail metrics to personalize customer experiences

What Is Call Analytics And How It Increases Conversions

Call analytics is an advanced technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to store important data from inbound calls. It is a smart tool that enables you to measure agents’ efficiency and inbound call processes in lead conversion.

So how do you go about implementing call analytics?

The first step would be to invest in a credible business phone system equipped with call automation features. Here is how call analytics can help you increase all key  performance indicators in your call center:

1- Manage Agent Availability Through Intelligent Routing

Your agents are the ringmaster of your call center operations! 

Since call agents operate in different shifts, it becomes difficult to ensure their availability for customer calls. Call routing is a smart way to manage inbound calls and direct them to the most qualified available call agent.

Automatic call distribution and priority or skill-based routing are some common automation techniques followed by modern call centers. They make sure customers get connected in an instant and do not have to wait in long queues.

Call analytics also enables managers to view the real-time availability status of agents. Hence, you can check which agents are on duty, listen to their calls, and view when they logged in to track internal performance.

2-  Ensure Real-Time Call Monitoring For Effective Feedback

66% of businesses rely on call analytics to provide a better customer experience.

Most modern cloud-based business phone systems have top-of-the-line call monitoring features to increase operational efficiency. What exactly do we mean by call monitoring?

Simply put, it is the process of managers listening to agent calls in real-time to provide immediate feedback to improve performance. It includes techniques such as:

  • Call Listening: Managers can silently join live calls without the agents’ or customers’ knowledge. They can easily evaluate agent performance and guide them to provide better or personalized service.
  • Call Barging: With call barging, managers can hop on to ongoing calls and join the conversation to resolve a query effectively. It is extremely handy in situations where a call agent is not able to provide responsive service and is stuck in a tight spot.
  • Call Whispering: A much-needed automation feature, call whispering empowers managers to guide agents while they are on a call. It is helpful in handling priority customers as managers can provide instant verbal coaching to agents and elicit a positive call outcome.

3- Call Recording To Enhance Training Efficacy

Reality Check: It’s literally impossible to listen into every real-time inbound or outbound call for managers!

So, what’s the solution?

Call recording can come to your rescue. Most business phone systems enable you to record agent conversations and store them in a unified data repository. Managers can access previous call recordings anytime and anywhere as they remain securely stored on the cloud.

Wondering if this functionality is important? Here’s why:

  • You get to know if your call agents are following prescribed workflows and rules with prospects.
  • Managers can evaluate performance accurately and develop need-based training programs to improve results.
  • Recordings are a great coaching tool. Managers can play out conversations to demonstrate how to deal with different kinds of customers.

Call Recording To Enhance Training Efficacy

4- Enhance Visibility Through Visual Dashboard

Data is power.

What’s better?

Visualization of raw data through an organized dashboard – that’s the real key to success!

An intuitive and navigable reporting tool, dashboards are useful as they display key performance indicators in a structured manner. With unfathomable amounts of data being generated every day in call centers, it is vital to view all KPIs and metrics in one unified place at a glance.

The best part about call center dashboards is that they condense multiple reports and display information in an easily understandable way. Visual tools such as graphs, pie charts, and pivot tables help in showcasing important metrics and empower decision-makers to gain key insights.

Analytics is a non-negotiable feature when it comes to choosing the right business phone system provider! An interactive intuitive dashboard can result in making informed decisions and give you a bird’ eye view of the overall health of your call center

5- IVR And Voicemail Analytics

Interactive voice response and voicemail – undoubtedly the two pillar stones for successful call automation!

Do not ignore tracking your IVR and voicemail performance, as it could lead to disastrous results. A poor experience with your automated IVR could damage brand image and annoy customers. Monitor IVR call analytics to measure resolution rate, create better workflows, and build more functional IVR menus to deliver a stellar customer experience.

Voicemail is another lifesaver for call centers. How your customers utilize voicemail is an important indicator of how responsive they perceive your call center. Analytics can help you measure the total number of voicemails and how soon your agents get back after receiving voicemail messages.

Nobody wants to run an inefficient call center and have customers migrate to business rivals. It is time to leverage the power of advanced call analytics to create a personalized customer journey! Call automation enables you to view the length of calls, resolution rate, abandonment rate and understand what drives agent performance – a win-win situation for all stakeholders!

Wrapping Up

Call analytics is the future of modern business telephony!

Do not miss calls and put up with shoddy agent performance anymore. Get a sophisticated cloud-based business phone system to surge ahead of the competition and increase bottom-line results!

Do you believe call analytics can make a difference in your business communication? Share your views in the comments below and let us know how call automation has helped your organization.

Key Takeaways

  •     Harness call analytics to improve the customer experience
  •     Visual dashboard = visibility and informed decision making
  •     Call monitoring is vital to push up agent on-the-job performance

Updated : April 29, 2022

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