Why Providing Multilingual Customer Service is Pivotal to the Success of a Small Business?

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Supriya Bajaj

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green tickPublished : May 14, 2019

Technological headways are continuously transforming how businesses function. However, this is also forcing businesses to adapt to changing requirements. Advancements in technology have allowed organizations to expand their businesses beyond borders and make the world more accessible.

Administrations around the world have woken up to the benefits of international trade and are continuously streamlining policies to encourage such form of commerce. In this age of change, it is highly important for businesses to develop their strategies around serving multicultural audiences.

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The expanding reach of businesses can be fathomed by figures released in a recent report by the UN which suggest that globalization has been instrumental in increasing the world GDP from 50 trillion USD in 2000 to 75 trillion USD in 2016. Such developments are proof of how globalization has managed to make the whole world an accessible market for enterprises. Thus, it has become absolutely essential for businesses to use 1800, 800, and 888 phone numbers to maintain transparent and fluent communication with their clientele around the world.

With competition increasing at an incredible pace, retaining and acquiring customers has become central to the success of a business. Therefore, effective communication is key to surviving in the ever-so-competitive global market. We have compiled a list of reasons why it has become absolutely necessary for small and mid-sized businesses to be multilingual to survive in the race.


As mentioned earlier, substantial growth in collaboration between governments of countries and burgeoning disposable income has led to a proliferation in the rate of the number of people moving out to live in an altogether different country. This has created a need for businesses to cater to a multicultural audience despite not having a global reach.

So, apart from having a virtual phone system or online phone system for customers, providing multilingual customer service is critical to sell and market a product to customers. The streamlining of communication is not the only positive aspect of having multilingual speakers in your company. It is also a reflection of how valuable customers are to you and it eventually enhances the image of the enterprise. Further, it is not necessary for employees to have a deep understanding of different languages. Basic knowledge and speaking skills of languages other than English is enough to obtain dominance over the market and always stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Employing multilingual operators for your business will widen the scope of potential customers and also augment to the brand image of the business.

Extending Your Business Network

Technological breakthroughs and global economic stability are constantly opening new avenues for enterprises to cash on. Extending your business network across borders under such circumstances has become easy and promises to rope in significant profits for your business. Building a trusting and unique relationship with your clients is a priority in the modern business world. Having multilingual speakers in your organization is, therefore, crucial to overcome language barriers that could have otherwise come in the way of your profits.

Having a multilingual employee will also mean that you can be confident about winning over your clients when pitching an idea due to the prowess of crystal clear communication on your side. In addition, hiring people from different regions provides you with accessibility to potential clients and key contacts you can bank upon to expand your business in the area. When used in combination with 1800, 800, 888 phone numbers and virtual online phone numbers, multilingual speakers are a one-way pass to climbing the mountain of success for a small business.

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Deeper Cultural Understanding

Having a clear understanding of different cultures is paramount for businesses going international as it helps to identify the preferences of a potential client and avoid things that can be sensitive to a particular culture. A great example of how a linguistic error could prove disastrous was KFC’s marketing campaign in China during the 1980s. The company wrongly translated its marquee slogan “finger-licking good” to “eat your fingers off” in Chinese. Such errors are detrimental to budding businesses and often have led to fast-tracking the end of organizations even before they could establish themselves.

Additionally, hiring multilingual employees from different cultural backgrounds gives you a potentially unique point of entry into the market due to the leveraging of their knowledge to tailor targeted marketing campaigns, sales pitches, content, and infographic creation. This is pivotal to small businesses looking to span out internationally making them valuable assets to the company.

Added Value to the Company

Apart from the obvious benefits of having multilingual speakers in your workforce, the employees added more value to the company through their adaptability and superior executive functioning ability. Learning a different language substantially improves the problem-solving skills of an employee. In addition, multilingual employees help companies significantly save on costs that would have otherwise been used for hiring translators.

With a wider scope of customers to cater to and the prowess of multi linguistics by your side, it becomes necessary to have an infrastructure that can enable you to manage your clientele. This is why having a virtual phone system for business is essential for expanding your business and developing a brand image in the market. With 1800, 800, and 888 numbers you provide your clients with a channel to contact you easily without them incurring any additional costs on their part.

Additionally, bolstering technology has allowed us to streamline the whole process of maintaining a virtual phone system for your enterprise making it seamless and effective. Imperceptible delay, crystal clear audio, and a customized online phone system specifically for your business is sure to get praises and increase the bottom line of your business.

Combined with the multilingual capabilities online phone systems like CallHippo is helping businesses excel throughout the world and establish themselves as a leader in their respective industries. In addition, to maximize cost savings, online phone systems provide a professional appearance to budding businesses and help them compete at par with the already established giants in the market.

Updated : May 19, 2022

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