Technological advancements have changed the way customers interact with companies through self-service processes on a large scale. More often than not, it becomes a challenge for receptionists to attend every call and ensure that each customer gets satisfactory service. This can lead to losing valued customers at a rapid pace.

However, this situation is no more common sight as companies have started using a variety of communication channels that include voice platforms as well as web and social media, thereby abandoning their traditional office phone system. The easiest way to interact with customers in a voice process is to have an IVR system installed rather than the traditional office phone system, thereby automating the entire process.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response is the expansion of an IVR. This system generates automated customer interaction during calls. These systems can be used for effective customer support regarding queries or complaints, and more. An IVR system will provide the clients with either pre-recorded or generated audio, thereby assisting customers with getting help regarding their queries and complaints. This efficiently reduces the need for human presence for a conversation, reduces operating costs, and increases productivity. Thus, IVR simultaneously increases the quality of customer service. Customers can communicate either with the help of speech recognition or a dial pad.

Types of IVR systems

Different companies and businesses require different types of Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS). There are two types of IVR systems present in the current market.

Hosted Systems

In this type, a hosted platform is used in order to facilitate the installation of an IVR system. This enables a business firm to obtain the application through the web. This means that it can provide services to customers despite the office hours being over. This enhances your image among your customers.

Agent-assisted systems

In agent-assisted IVR systems, an agent plays a crucial role. There are times when callers would be frustrated due to technicalities and issues during the speech recognition process of the service. During these times, agents who take care of the  IVR systems a thorough evaluation of the whole scenario in a minimal amount of time. Agents ensure that the automated system is directed towards meeting the caller’s expectations, and your callers will not be made aware of the involvement of an agent in the process.

Why should you use IVR?

Besides being a great option for businesses that have a high call volume, there are various other reasons why your receptionist should go virtual and why you should move away from the traditional office phone system. IVR systems are used on a large scale in multiple industries, patient care industries, and clinical business firms. It acts as a great tool to enhance sales and also gives customers a satisfactory experience on multiple platforms across various channels.

Easy setup

The IVR system is most famous for its easy setup and seamless usage. It only requires an internet connection, and no extra hardware is needed. Moreover, the maintenance for this system is minimal or none at all.

The Interactive Voice Response system is user-friendly and has a simple configuration, making real-time management of the system an easy task. It allows user-designed automated procedures and can route calls based on voice commands or dial pad inputs by the customers.

Budget control

Besides being easy to set up, Interactive Voice Response systems cut down on your costs of hiring tele calling, inside sales, or customer service representatives. It ensures that you do not need an individual to monitor these calls, thereby efficiently reducing the need for an additional workforce.

You can also use the budget that you saved on other activities that you think are necessary for business development and growth.


Track business leads

Regardless of the time, each call is crucial. A call when the office is closed down could be from a prospective loyal customer, and customer retention is one of the biggest challenges for businesses these days.

With the installation of an IVR system, you can get a list of all the customers who have called you. This information is stored in the customer database, and you can always approach them in the future to attract them to your services. This way, with the help of an IVR, you can convert more leads by taking calls regardless of the time and place.

Never miss important calls

The significant advantage of having an Interactive Voice Response system is that it never lets you miss an important call. Whether you are on a holiday or business meeting, you will always get calls routed to your mobile phone or the numbers that you have provided. This ensures ultimate customer satisfaction as they do not have to wait in line to reach out to you at any time.

You can also set up announcements or urgent messages for your customers that can be played for them to listen to before they talk to you. You can also use it as an advertising strategy, offering promotional messages that a customer listens to at the beginning of a call.


Businesses no longer need a receptionist to attend to incoming phone calls and to solve the queries and complaints raised by customers one by one. By using an IVR system, you can eliminate the need for human interaction with the customer, which is a slow process. Instead, you can put to use an interactive voice response that includes an automated attendant.

Time-saving is a major benefit when it comes to the installation of IVRs, for both the employees and businesses. Moreover, it handles calls automatically and efficiently. This reduces the waiting time for callers and helps you in getting more conversions in a shorter period of time.

Professional image

An IVR system can be automated to greet your customer on call in a professional manner, which helps build the image of your company. It will also enhance the professionalism you act on as a company among your customers, thereby steadily increasing sales.

The IVR system allows a customer to talk to active representatives from different departments by routing their calls to the next available agent. It also facilitates conference calls and other features that you can use for Global business growth by having numbers rooted in different cities such as France’s phone number and multiple cities rather than just domestic. 

Marketing determination

Marketing has now become a core function of any business or company. The IVR system is being used in this scenario as a tool for personal branding as more and more organizations utilize it to promote their business. When a customer calls you, they hear a message that has to reflect your brand personality, encouraging you to build a good brand image.

Some Interactive Voice Response systems give you the option of tracking numbers and have a local number for different cities such as Frances’s phone number and others, making it seem like you’re rooted in multiple cities at once. This feature aims at boosting your brand image and increasing the brand’s popularity among customers and clients.

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is set up with an aim to greet its callers and guide them through the customer service process. This also works on a cloud-based system. The best thing about an IVR is that it can be used by large businesses, as well as small businesses for greetings and calls, without having to stretch their budget beyond what is possible. When setting up the right way, an IVR system can serve customers the same, and sometimes much better than live calls can. You do not have to miss calls anymore or fret about scheduling appointments.

Besides saving time, you can also cut down on the expenses incurred by the company for the voice calling process. Ensure that you approach a reputed company that can provide you with the best IVR system customized as per your needs.

Updated : April 20, 2022

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