Most buyers today do not hesitate in spending extra as long as they are getting a satisfying experience. This goes beyond the quality of the purchase. Pre and post-sales support also play an essential role in driving home a satisfactory experience. The ability to offer your customers exceptional support service is a crucial pillar on which consistent and efficient business growth rests. Despite the fact that the concept of web-based customer support via chat and email is catching on, a majority of consumers still prefer reaching out to businesses over the phone. 

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The reason?

A personal point-of-contact is more reassuring than email software and chatbots. If you run a medium or small business, maintaining a large customer support team can pose a daunting financial burden. On the other hand, an inept support system can send your customer base spiraling downhill. According to a report, poor customer support can sway a whopping 68 percent of any patron to shift loyalties to competing businesses. 

You don’t have to be caught between the risk of an eroding customer base and the financial burden of maintaining a traditional customer service setup. Especially, when call center software or VoIP phone system presents a perfectly viable solution. Businesses are shifting to cloud-based systems providers for the efficiency and affordability of operating business from multiple locations across the world. This allows you to set up a call center in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and many more according to the requirement of your business. 

Why Improving Quality of Customer Support

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than not finding the answers they are seeking. Call center software can improve the quality of customer support by routing calls based on the nature of the query, product, or location, ensuring that it lands with a support executive best equipped to handle it. 

Also, since, there is no elaborate physical setup with a cloud phone system, it makes it easier to scale business operations up or down with minimal expenditure. Research also suggests that employees working with a VoIP phone system are more productive than those in a traditional setup, owing to an absolute lack of workload. Apart from this, installing good dialer software in your call center will make the process faster and also improves productivity.

How is cloud telephony needed for the food industry?

If there is one sector that hasn’t tapped into the full potential of the cloud phone system despite registering phenomenal growth in the recent past, it is the food and beverage industry. Every aspect of the food sector – grocery shopping, food delivery, restaurant reservations, to name a few – moving to the online space has resulted in a glaring gap in personalized customer support. 

A gap that can be plugged by solutions that optimize outreach. That’s where cloud-based phone systems providers and PBX Phone System providers come into play.

Personalize your cloud phone system with software!

Moving the entire customer support to a cloud phone system with the help of call center software brings in quality to your customer support services. Besides being able to provide specific inputs to address customer queries, streamlining the process of taking and delivering orders. VoIP Phone system also facilitates recording and tracking transactions in real time, without glitches or constraints. 

Call center software delivers a cloud phone system that can be customized to suit the requirements of the business model and tweaked to resonate with the demographics of the customer base. A VoIP phone system also reduces the lag time typically associated with IVR systems, allowing your customers’ ready access to having their queries resolved. 

Even if this speeds along the process by 10 seconds, it goes a long way in driving home a sense of value to the customer. 

As one of the leading cloud-based phone systems providers, CallHippo offers solutions that serve the interest of your business, callers as well as customer support executives. The virtual phone number can be integrated into your business’ internal system, facilitating access from anywhere, at any time. 

This not only routes calls effectively but also helps with tracking the customer support performance from time to time, using objective yardsticks such as credibility and quality of services provided. 


Here are some of the unique features of virtual phone number services that make it a solution you must consider for driving business growth and scalability: 

Intelligent Virtual Phone Number

Get an Online phone number to lend a professional touch to your business operations, even if you run a small setup. In addition to a virtual phone number, you also get the advantage of the toll-free number and number portability. 


Track factors such as tracking call volume, duration, and routing patterns that can come in handy in assessing how satisfied your customers are with your services and planning future marketing policies.

Versatile Calling Features

Packing a host of handy features is what makes us one of the leading cloud-based phone systems providers. From smart call forwarding to call recording, voice mail, on-hold music, call conference, and transfer abilities, your business phone number comes loaded with functionalities. 

Easy Integration

Your virtual phone number set up on the cloud is designed to integrate easily with CRM systems. All relevant information regarding conversations is recorded and easily accessible by executives at different levels. 

Handling Large Volumes of Calls

As PBX Phone System providers, we pride ourselves on offering a cloud-based system that is capable of handling a large influx of inbound calls seamlessly and efficiently. 

Efficient Monitoring

You get a business phone number setup designed for efficient monitoring from anywhere in the world. This enables managers to track executives’ performance in handling customer queries and providing inputs that improve the overall customer support experience.

As PBX Phone System provider, CallHippo is committed to setting up a cloud-based call center for customer support that drives call automation, database generation, and scaling up of operation. Partner with a cloud-based phone systems provider committed to reducing churn rate, driving up on-call order retention, and quick call back services. Bulk should never correspond with compromised quality, and as, well-rounded PBX phone system providers, CallHippo is committed to delivering on that promise. 

Updated : April 20, 2022

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